We are happy to use the Makerble Service and abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Makerble’s Impact Tracker is a premium feature with pricing as outlined on our Impact Tracker pricing page
  2. Your data is private.
  3. The Impact Tracker features may be used for a limited amount of time for free so that you can trial the feature and decide whether you wish to start paying for it
  4. Unless otherwise stated, you may cancel your usage of Makerble Impact Tracker at any time and Makerble may cancel your usage of lmpact Tracker at any given time.
  5. Makerble Impact Tracker is a collaborative product which means that you are able to use the impact frameworks within our system such as outcomes, outputs, indicators, theories of change. Any impact frameworks which we create on your behalf or which you create on Makerble will be available to other users to use.
  6. Makerble will track your usage of the Impact Tracker in order to improve the product.
  7. Makerble may use anonymised data to improve or promote the product.
  8. Makerble is not responsible for any viruses or damage to your devices or software as a result of you using Makerble
  9. Makerble also operates a donation service (the Marketplace) where people can discover and donate to projects. You may opt tcan opt-in to have your projects listed on the marketplace and in that circumstance you agree to the following

  1. That Make Worldwide has offered to feature the charitable activities of our charity on its platform, Makerble (“Makerble.com”), with a view to helping to raise funds for our charity.
  2. That your charity shall engage Make Worldwide to solicit money or other property for the benefit of us (the “Donations”).
  3. That you shall pay Make Worldwide a 4% levy and cover the Stripe.com transaction costs of 1.9% + 20p. Therefore in total per transaction 5.9% + 20p is taken from the gross donations.
  4. That the money received may only be used for the purposes of the project you have detailed on Makerble.
  5. That you will alert Makerble by email or letter of any proposed departure from the original purposes.
  6. That the money you receive will only be used for legally charitable purposes.
  7. That a public story about the progress of your project is published twice a month.