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[2020 SST] Guidelines for Daily Journal and Prophecy Preparation
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Prophesying is very important for Gods purpose because it fulfills the Lords word in Matthew 16:18: I will build My church.  The apostle Paul told us that He who prophesies speaks building up and encouragement and consolation to menhe who prophesies builds up the church.  1 Cor. 14:3-4.  Prophesying is to speak for the Lord and to speak forth the Lord into one another.  It is very normal to prophesy, but it takes practice to speak something of the Lord into one another.  SST provides an incredible opportunity to practice.

To prepare your prophecy, please do the following:

  1. Love and be loved: Tell the Lord you love Him and give Him more space in your being to love you.  This is important because prophesying is a kind of overflow from His filling us.  Eventually, we feel we just have to let Him out!  The more you prophesy, the more you sense His love and the more you love Him.

  1. Pick your portion: During SST, the Lord as the Spirit is speaking to us through His Word, the ministry, prayer, pray-reading, calling on the Lord, singing, fellowshipping with the saints, and our exact circumstances.  Based on this, review the lessons from the day and consider what ministry portions, verses, songs and fellowship the Lord used to touch you the most.  Did that portion speak to you in your situation?  Did it enlighten or convict you?  Did it encourage or enliven you?  As you consider picking your portion, pray and fellowship for a few minutes with a serving one about this.  Make sure it is your top portion from the day.  Do not worry if someone else has chosen the same portion because re-speaking is very helpful to the saints.  Remember to carefully consider what the Lord has touched you with, even a little, during the day, and be careful not to randomly pick something at the last minute.  

  1. Write an outline of your portion:  During SST, all day long you have enjoyed His speaking to you in many ways. This is a kind of inhaling, or filling of the Spirit.  Prophesying is an exhaling of the Spirit that you have been filled up with.  Whatever you share, whether a ministry portion or even a song or experience, it should be something that touched you and something that is filled with light and life from the Word of God.  To help in your prophesying, you should write a brief outline of what you want to share.  For example, you might use 3 numbers or bullets, one for each part of your sharing: 1) main point, 2) supporting verse, and 3) application (experience).  Plan to use at least one verse from the Bible that clearly supports your point. A supporting testimony of your experience is encouraged, but plan for 1-2 minutes total. Your portion should not be too long or too short.  Although you can write out exactly what you want to share, it is better to practice writing an outline of the main points of your sharing so you can share more flowingly and with more divine inspiration and exercise of the spirit.  Ask the serving ones to help you.  

  1. Practice prophesying:  It is very important to practice sharing your prophecy to a serving one or another student at least once before your group prophesying.  This will help you: 1) Become more familiar with your sharing, see how it flows, and even consider if it is what you really want to share--You will probably find that you need to revise or improve your sharing because it didn’t come out quite as you had hoped. 2) Find out how long it really will take to share -- you may have to shorten or lengthen your sharing. 3) Develop a real feeling/burden for what you are sharing, so you can “speak forth the Lord” by sharing with an exercised spirit and inspiration of the Spirit--This may cause you to pray even more before your sharing.

  1. Prophesy:  When it is your turn to prophesy, be bold to stand up because now you are prepared and have words of life to build up His Body!  Remember that you are speaking for the Lord and speaking forth the Lord, so release the words and burden that you have, look up at the saints (find a friendly face!), speak loudly (enough) so those at the back of the room can enjoy your portion, and use your outline as needed.  It is fine if you find that you shared something a little different from your preparation (because of divine inspiration!), but you still need to limit your sharing to 1-2 minutes.  Smile during and after your sharing, because you have just imparted Christ into the saints and they enjoyed it!  After you prophesy, don’t over-analyze or worry about your sharing but relax and enjoy the others’ prophesying.  SST is a time to practice and learn, so thank the Lord for this unique opportunity!