Deploying and Managing Linux on Azure

Length: 4 Days

Type: Hands-On

This course is designed for Microsoft professionals who want to learn enough about Linux to manage and deploy it in Azure cloud. It also targets Linux professionals who want get familiar with Azure and how to deploy and manage Linux in Azure environments.

No previous experience with Azure is required - this course is accessible to Linux professionals as well as Microsoft professionals and therefore does not have specific requirements regarding Microsoft knowledge.


This course is designed to help Microsoft Professionals get up to speed on deploying Linux on Azure. It contains a thorough introduction to Essential Linux System Administration, as well as discussing containers and virtualization. It goes into depth on administering Linux on Azure and use of the important tools required to maintain deployment.

In this course you'll learn how to deploy and manage Linux in Azure environments. Some topics covered include:


  1. Linux operating system essentials ( 0.5 day)
  1. Getting Started with Azure
  2. Deploying a Linux instance on Azure
  3. Linux and Open Source fundamentals
  4. Linux fundamentals: about distributions and working with bash
  5. Linux system administration: working with users and permissions
  6. Configuring sudo
  7. Managing Software in Linux

  1. Advanced Linux administration ( 0.5 day)
  1. Managing Linux storage: understanding LVM and partitions
  2. Managing the Btrfs file system
  3. Using swap in a cloud environment
  4. Linux Log File Management
  5. Securing Linux with Mandatory Access Control
  6. Managing Linux Networking
  7. Working with Systemd
  8. Integrating Linux with AD
  9. Configuring FreeIPA

  1. Working with Linux Containers (0.75 days)
  1. Understanding Container ingredients: chroot, name spaces and security
  2. Docker/Moby and other container technologies overview
  3. Container orchestration: an introduction to Kubernetes and swarm
  4. Docker/Moby VM Extension
  5. Docker/Moby Compose
  6. Working with Docker images and containers
  7. Docker/Moby Machine
  8. Understanding OpenShift

  1. Deploying Linux and containers in Azure Cloud (0.5 days)
  1. Working with Azure Agent on Linux
  2. Managing Azure VM Extensions
  3. Working with cloud-init
  4. Working with Azure Resource Manager
  5. Capturing an Image of Linux VMs
  6. Working with cloud-init
  7. Managing Azure Container Service
  8. Managing Azure App Services

  1. Linux Configuration Management (1 day)
  1. Configuration Management Solutions Overview
  2. An introduction to Puppet
  3. An introduction to Ansible
  4. An introduction to Chef
  5. An introduction to Saltstack

  1. Linux Monitoring and troubleshooting (0.75 days)
  1. Common Linux troubleshooting scenarios
  2. An introduction to Nagios
  3. An introduction to Zabbix
  4. Monitoring Linux with Configuration Management Tools
  5. Oscap security and vulnerability scanner