Bonneville Joint School District 93

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2016-17 Calendar and Agendas

The Foundation Board meets on the first Wednesday of each month.  Live meetings (6 times each year) are held at 7:00 PM at the Hillcrest Board Room.  Four electronic meetings are held on the first Wednesday.  In July and August the foundation only meets electronically and only as needed.

Board of Directors: Julie Staley  Camille Giauque  Shan Perry  Lynda Fennern

 Shelley Andrus  Wes Jones  Guy Wangsgard  

Board Members: Lynne Morgan  Travis Argyle  Jennifer Williams  Blayne Anderson  Chanin Thompson  Michelle Watson
Renee Cook
 Mark Hagedorn Mandi Cook  Marie Black  Sonia Barney  Terressa Thornock  Jennifer Picket  Coco Kraning
Jennifer Beck
 Amanda VanOrden