Bowie Spirit Items for Sale


Location(s) to purchase

BBAW Camo T-Shirt (short sleeve)


Ms. Barber:

Room 704

Vols Baseball Cap


Ms. Barber:

Room 704

 Class of 2020 T-Shirts

10$ Short Sleeve

15$ Long Sleeve

Ms. Powell

Room 1003

Orange Out T-Shirt (short sleeve)


Ms. Powell

Room 1003

Sophomore Class


Ms. Carrasco

Room 502

                                       Class of 2022 T-Shirts (short sleeve)


Taking Pre-orders from 10/15 - 11/9

Available both lunches, or buy from Mrs. Hereth (Rm 402) or Ms. Gordon (Rm 806)


 Coach Carruthers or Coach Vestal


Hats can be bought at Baseball concession stand during any home games for $20.00

Coach Danser

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