Alejandro Solano



Weekly Reflection #10

For this week’s reflection, I decided to take a picture of our backstage. I decided to take this picture because I wanted to show how much all of us have prepared for Festival del Sol. For my sketch, we had to have our props in place to make the scene as great as possible. Turns out many people laughed at our sketch so it turned out to be a success! I especially liked acting in “Boys Will Be Boys” mainly because of the dedication that I put into the sketch trying to get it to be good. It’s amazing to see a sketch that goes well and is funny but it’s not as good as acting and making people laugh. On the other hand, “Who’s A Good Boy?” was another amazing sketch due to my group putting 100% of their practice into it. In the end, it was a great experience for people and the actors to be in that room.

Knowing how good it feels to achieve something that you worked hard on would be something I would bring into class to help me out. I am very excited to dive into genetics one spring break is over since I have always been interested in it. I hope we can do a project so that I can apply my sketch/psa knowledge to it. Besides that, I will try my best going back into class after spring break!