Mr. Joyce’s World History Honors Course Overview

Teacher(s) Michael Joyce


Phone Number: (856) 848-8200 ext. 621

Google Classroom Code: All students will be required to join the Honors World History google classroom. The code to join the class: Period # 3 :  l87bur            Period #5  :eq7qxcf


Course Description: This course fulfills the graduation requirement for history and is a prerequisite for all major universities. The focus of this two-semester course is on the major turning points in World History from 1450 to the present. Students will learn important social study skills, the importance of citizenship, and make personal connections to history.


Pre-AP Program: Gateway was one of only 2 public high schools in New Jersey to be chosen to implement a Pre AP program in partnership with the College Board. More information about the program can be found at


Career Readiness: Each unit will have a career-based theme(s) that encourages students to explore potential future careers and presents them with opportunities to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Students may earn micro credentials that help them articulate what skills they have developed.


Course Expectations and Assessments

Resources: College Board will be providing online teaching materials that will be supplemented when needed.

Textbook: Modern World History by McDougal Littell.

The textbook will be used as a reference tool. Any student may check out a book if it meets their learning style. Please do not take World History books outside of the classroom without having it recorded.


Materials Required:

1. Chrome books must be brought to class every day fully charged at the start of the day.

2. A writing instrument (pencil/pen) to be brought to class daily.


Submitting work/ Emailing Assignments: Work should be turned in through the google classroom through the provided Gateway student email only. Newly created documents should be shared with the teacher(s) at . To ensure academic honesty, instructor should be able to see revision history. Assignments may be submitted early but must be turn in work by the class period on the day the assignment is due.  Emailed assignments or shared documents after the class period it is due will be considered late.


Test Retake Policy: In order to qualify for a retake of a unit test, students must follow the school policy, which includes completing a reflection sheet and parent approval. Students will need to complete related classwork and homework relating to that unit (scavenger hunt, scenarios, small projects) and conference with the instructor before retaking test. Students needing to make-up or retake a test will arrange a mutually agreed upon time with the teacher outside of class.



                Students may set up an appointment for extra help, make up or test retakes after school Tuesday-Thursdays in Room 410. From November through January Mock Trial practice will also meet during this time.


Grading Policies: The class is divided into units with the point values for each assignment clearly labeled on the unit overview sheet posted in the google classroom at the beginning of each unit. In accordance with department policy, grades are posted by category as follows:


Support Assignments worth 10% of their final grade

Secondary Assignments worth 30% of their final grade

Primary Assignments worth 60% of their final grade


Support assignments generally includes designated in class assignments (maps, readings, or graded homework)


Secondary assignments generally include quizzes, role playing exercises, film reflection questions, small group projects etc.


Primary assignments generally include document-based questions, major projects and unit tests, benchmarks and final exam/project.


Grade Scale for Translating Points to Letter Grades

100-93 A        92-85 B          84-73 C         72-65 D          64-0 F


Units of Study                                                   Major Assignments

First Semester                                                  

Geography and Review of Early Modern Era (Sept-Oct) Pre AP Quizzes/ Research Task

Scientific Revolution/ Enlightenment ( Oct)           Mock Trial, DBQ  

Age of Revolutions (Oct)                                 French Rev Quiz, Research Project, Quiz            

 Industrial Revolution (Oct-Nov)                       Problem Solving Scenarios, Quiz, Unit Test

Nationalism and Imperialism  (Nov-Dec)          Imperialism Media Assignment, Quiz, DBQ

World War I (Dec)                                                   Quizzes and Unit Test

Interwar Years/ Rise of Dictators   (Jan) Analogy Assignment, Rise of Isms Escape Room,

                                                                            Film Analysis, Quizzes and DBQ



Second Semester                                              Major Assignments

Genocide (Feb)                                                   Stages of Holocaust Assignment

Modern Genocide Research Project, Quiz

World War II (Feb-March)          Oral Debate and Argumentative Essay, Quizzes, Unit Test

Cold War (March-April)                           Cold War Map, Quizzes, Resume,DBQ, Unit Test

Global Economy (May)                     Problem Solving Scenarios, Research Task,Unit Test

Modern World Challenges (May-June)              Document Based Jigsaw

World Challenges PSA Video

 Sustainable Development Goals


Classroom Behavioral Expectations

1. Respect other people’s rights, person, and property.

2. Gateway Code of Conduct will be followed and enforced.

3. Cell phones should remain away unless given specific permission.

4. Do your own work! Copying a neighbor’s paper or allowing someone to copy yours will equal an automatic 0 on the assignment for both of you plus an hour of detention and notice to your counselor and parents.

Absences: You are responsible for the information presented in class even when you are absent including excused absences. Please discuss long-term absences (family vacations, planned surgeries) ahead of time so work can be provided. Make a friend with someone in class who can help you catch up.


Tardies: Majority of employers report that need and expect workers to show up on time. Being on time is a crucial workplace requirement. Attendance is taken at the beginning of class; if you are not in your assigned seat when the bell rings you are late. Excessive tardies will lower your grade and result in detention time! In addition, pop quizzes may be given at the beginning of class and students who have unexcused lateness may not make up the quiz. Be on time!


Late work: All assignments for the unit are handed out at the beginning of the unit. Homework is checked at the beginning of class on day it is due. Late Projects will be reduced by 10 % per day and will not be accepted after that unit is completed.



Skills: The following skills will be taught during units throughout the year.

Analyze historical documents                         Write an argumentative essay

Analyze political cartoons/propaganda.             Create a bibliography

Use library databases to conduct research          Create an outline             

Design their own game (board/video)                 Create a resume

Create a video/public service announcement  Plan a conference            

Publish a newspaper or social media page          Design an escape room

Analyze political map                                        Give an oral presentation to the class.




Possible Films shown: The following films or clips from films may be shown in class.

If you or your parents have an objection to any of these films, substitute assignments will be made available.          

1. Oliver Twist (Industrial Revolution)               6. Hotel Rwanda (Genocide)

2. Cry Freedom (Imperialism: South Africa)   7. Enemy at the Gates (WWII)

3. Legends of the Fall/Gallipoli (WWI)               8. The Day After (Cold War)

4. Swing Kids (Rise of Dictators)                       9. Pay it Forward (World Challenges)