West Florida Public Library, Main Branch: Jan. 18-Feb. 15

January 18th, 2018

Here we are in Pensacola

And it begins like a film

Gh welcome,

Welcome, welcome one and all! To  

Pensacola's subconscious poetic extravaganza experiment.

Write what you  will which you  haven't yet willed

Though maybe you’ve dreamed and  forgotten.

I shall bid you adieu,some

But B4 I do, I hope you enjoy the features present

On this past model from 1962,

Featuring exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Easily

IWAS    !!!!!!!!!!


Black and white are all I see in my infancy,

Red and yellow then come to me,

Reaching out to me,



I think i’ve got it



It was a dark and stormy night

Let’s me see.

Blue cars and yellow houses are what this town is all about

So never let Those gray cigarettes fill you with doubt

Cats cats sit in  the window and watch birds fly overhead

I haven't typed on adgi sorry this is difficult alright i th



Think i've got it

Hello, humans!

This is the typewriter.




A pocketful of steam



Chocolate colored dream

C lick clack moo

C lick c lack moo

Hi m atthew


Hello Kelly!

My sweetest pear im here in the booth for mom

Its blue. Its blue inside of these yellow walls

Inside of these coffee colored filled   Brown loose hair

Curls directing me on how to sterling the ink round my gentle

Chipped nail polish that is nowhere close to the color blue

But somewhat close to the cobalt blue which hangs on my unwed

Finger ring circle. Much as the young man’s curls. Much as my

Eleven year old daughter’s eyes in which he captured inside

 of her sky blue ballerina eyes into her jewi

Jewish soul.       Catherine berg


  Down the staircase,

      Scarecrow was chasing a bat

          Even though he was mainly straw

                    And not enough of a ''man''

         Coward.       Helpless bat flies



Even eve the only soul to never have to wait for love…

Hh hhhhhhhhhhyhhhhhhhhkkkkk

in  an.  Onon ouhothousehouse, typing inwards outwards

Going on a d on runing , runing n  t n. O k  oowing whats next

Sm ok  gos wind blows and people pick there nose ??

January 19, 2018

Experimenting with words

For the first time

Tastes of cold brew

Mingle with sounds of doors

Opening and closing, Opening and closing

I used to type on my grandmother’s old typewriter.

It didn’t have any ink

But so many times if you pushed really hard on the keys,

You’d see the faint impression of an“h” or a “k”

And sometimes an “a”

Needless to say that old, rusty typewriter was full of


The e’s are espesally hard. And my mother used an old typewriter


Green tendrils twisting.    Grabbing.  Choking

Sucking life from the air and sun

But not enough

It_cough_ let’s try that again

It’s b een a bit since ive typed on one of. These. I cant seem

To find the apostrophe . But i feel like you’ll get my meaning


I wonder if the concept of “grammar nazis” came out of a higher

Standard of typing set by autocorrect and other innovations.

But you still know what i mean.

Communication is mostly interpretation and very little is con-

Sidered in the way of intent.

I feel like a lot of people forget that


If anyone reads this, don’t (found it) forget to listen.

Context is important. So is owning your own biases. Always set

Out to learn and grow and help others to grow as well. If they

Need their limits tested, they will ask. Let them grow on their

Own time, the way you would want it.

I love you.


What the world needs now is more more and more love.

More love on winter days when the sun is pale and long and dusty

with twilight

And I think of the belly of a fat man over his belt,

rolling to a standstill and then just staying, a love affair with


Or suspence

Or inertia:

Temporary and familiar as the day my eyes met yours.

Hello I do not have a though about what I am doing, but I will

Express my thoughts on starting a new business. I remember when

I started typing in the 8th grade and that was the beginning.

On this journey since then. Eight grade was in 1978. Now I just

Obtain insurance for the business, so goes my journey. Look out

World her I come!!! :)

TYM in Pensacola, FL. Tjuana Mcneilly



Henry white

Clayton   White

We b  Sansi g

                               ==7ab. U


I keep telling myself this will be the last poem

That leaves my body about you as if i could

Convince myself to stop loving you

As.   If.  I could. Forget the way  you shave your face or

Comb your hair as if i could forget how to breathe

You have been to war three times

Last time you came home you

  U told stories of bombs being

Dropped on your warehouse and seeing innocent people

Die yet you keep signing the contracts and going back

Like war is fucking ice water

I don’t have enough sorrow or enough words to convey the


I don’t know how to tell you the wars you’re fighting are

Inside yourself

You came to me with a bleeding heart and i acted as if

bandages were all you needed

This format is a fucking mess but god i had to tell someone the

Words i can never utter to you

You were the first man i have ever loved

But loving a man with a batalion in his heart is no easy feat

I have drank myself into enough stupors to cry whiskey from

My tearducts

You took down all of my artwork off your walls and  boxed up

My poems and hid them in storage

A funny thing storage is

Americans can’t get enough of it

I guess someday you will find my box of love poems and remember

The thing i neglected to tell you was that i actually loved you

But now youre shipping back out and i don’t know when i will ever

Get the chance

Its funny how you were my muse while i was madly in love with you

And now that you're gone i can't keep your name off my lips or your

Passion off the paper

You take the words out of my mouth

Which is a pretty big deal

To a. Writer


Taye is the the best by yours truly today is saturday i like nuts the ones that fall from

January 20 2018

wowow this is really cool i am trying to hit the end of this

Line.and so here she sat dreaming of the other worlds in the

Books surrounding her.

I am. Scared but i am utilizing it to achieve.

If I am uncomfortable then I am growing.

Please let , my fears be worth the struggle.

Gina is awesome

I like this library so much

First the umbrella project then the typewriter project.

You go pensacola!!


A S I sit here and think of something to type, i just want to say that

This is a wonderful library an d  i love the staff here and this is a

Wonderful place tocim e icfc.  You want some peace a d and. Quiet. ,

Kym arra W>



^^^^blank  - like paper-like a newborn -like tomorrow -like the unknown

-like unprotected

 Like vulnerable

BLANK.                              What  fun!!!

My favorite color is red and


I bet that you have heard.  That we are all stars…

That as humans we are made of stardust and gaseous nebulae

Well, I  am a star.

Barely a pinprick in the sky,

And so far from everything.

Thousands, millions, of miles from the next star

So alone,

And barely a pinprick in the  sky

From here to eternity,




Lalone are w.  Who do no see the character of the condition of the human a



 My name is luke

Hello my name is Luke

.    M adison

Mmm m aaa ddiisyn.

Mckenzie is the best

Bethany White was here

I believe in MAGIC!!!!

I believe in Pensacola!  

Before I wanted to move, now I'm here to stay!

Thank you First City Arts, Wahoos and the Public Library.



Hello my friends, today we march upon the moon and  

stars of the

Skies and aethium above

Do you taste the taste of chocolat



I like books goosebumps is my favorite books series

WHat is yours?

My name name is naomi i love books to my favorite is kidds books by san

Sandra bytoon and a book called if you want to see a whale.

The millers





Hello hello

Violent delights  

 De.            L.   Ig ghts.            S lead                       T o    V i o l.    E.         Nt.       End.                                      Ds


Is   T



       Is this.      N.                                  

        Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their


We.    A



      Test!! Help ME!! I do not work well! SOS HELP


Well, hopefully I will work probably and type out what words of

Wisdom that the great Phat Matt has to say! What a great noise

That this machine of yore makes, does it make sweet sweet music

To these circular ears.   Flesh.

There Is None Like You, Creator of my soul

You will go fore me, You will never leave me


Nothing can stand against

Nothing Nothing

Nothing can



Hello world

Thank you for it all!

I do not have the gift of poe

I d The

The impact of keys has nothing on the words they make…

Even.  When

  1. hhhh.            
  2.  Hh
  3. Heidi was here.  Df
  5. Ah is  I am.   \k.I.  Am here
  6. And there
  7. And yet the world will forevermore w
  8. And yet the world still moves around forever but, sadly we

We ruin it so forcefully yet little amount of people care.

We ruin it so forcefully yet little amount of people care.. live

Your life freely and condfidently. Be true to yourself

Your life freely and con fidtlytly. Be true to yourself.. love those.

Those that hate you. Pray for those who misuse you. And forever

Rember what there is to love. And no, i am n

I am not saying that

(I am not saying that to be mushy i mean it!!).      I hope that

You will remember this…. coco if i could  say or speak words of encourrrr

Ragement to my younger self i would tell her that you will meet

You prince charming at the university of west florida fall 2011

He will be charming but trustworthy kind but ferocious he will

Sew you off your feet and adorn your feet with red bottoms

He will seat you at his throne and comand you to rule the kingdom

He will be your every thing he will love you flaws and all he is man he

He is jonathan lamar delvd     Delevoe,king                       Seeing all these words is like seeing little pieces of pensacola hi how are you peoples im doing great hope you are having fun

Gsujjgbgg xcdhrta.         Mm. GfhjDinosaur TyrANOSAURUSrex

Zachary Travis Garionx c. cvddfgh




Dont worry. Be happy. Happy new year


You  watched me as i walk

And wake

And live a life i could not imagine

Although my dreams are wild

But not quite free

That dark silver of night

Reveals a sliver of my wounds

 I mean my wounds

My wounds

My wounds. Are.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                My measure of life lived on this earth

That is not my home

My home is a place where i may not feel the need to skulk

Like black cat

Like a pretentious boroad



     D dwg this is a story about the future .. Where will I b

In 20 years. I have raised my 2 adult sons. Well my husband and I

For the last 25 years. I will be hopefully a Grandparent or Loli

Still owning my own Cleaning Service. Huh. Scary…


Martin Luther

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement

PhotojournalistFilp Sc hulkfisiifirst met

Changes in the weather make me feel powerless.

The sky is much larger than me.

Two tacos breath came ragged and wet early   Y morning was always difficult to imagine all the world foreign bathed in growing light which seemed vaguely oppressive her regular routine consisted of waking confused and yearning to rerurn

For a second serving of her glorious dreams

In that world

The place inside her mind which felt more real than the places

Which she chooses to visit

Those dreams were her paradise


When she closed her eyes it was never     With focused  intent

Nothing like a scientific practice or methodical approach to luv. Cid.  Dreaming

She simply wished her world to end and  soon enough a new one would begin



                                                                                     January 21, 2018

I feel like I should be ice fishing.

It is with great delight to discover that a very personal (of any kind) message can be written and sent via U.S. Postal Service or hand delivered to the intended recipient without fear of a future (or now) geek playing hacking games with discover (will discover) the ease of breaking encryptions and the storage (in Utah) of electronic correspondence along with the erotic/ evesdropping/I know more about goodness knows who’s business that they do.I also know that the above sentence does not mert. Meet the length of James Joyce’s long sentence on Ulysses.Closing: The DELETE button only clears the individual machine you are using-like destroying a sheet of paper. Your electronic message survives in a government building in Utah.

King Jonathan Lamar leans over his over his lover, his spouse

His spouse adores him and Jonathan adores her. King Jonathan rubs

Her feet and naked  back, asking about the events of the day.

A long day, but not exasperating. With every exhalation, she relaxes

Further into the soft soft mattress. Jonathan relaxes further and more

Deeply into his dedication. Into the present. Into his and her breath

Into their bodies. His nostrils. Fill with the aroma of her body


With the aroma of their bedroom. Eyes close now, with focused intent.

And neither of them feel as if they should be ice fishing.

West pensacola.  West.  Pensacola  i wish.   They had these still

Hello :)

Hello humans i am a cat .

Hello people of earth my name is Pandora Houghton and i am

A cat.  And my brother is a cat named Sparticus Houghton. And m

And my mother is a hub named Ali. My si

Steris a cat the end.

MeeMenc hhie gang Menchhie gaang menchie gang menchie gandg menc

Ie gang menchie gangRoses are red

Violets are ...violet

I have agum n

Get in the van

Ohmy :)


Tom suddenly awoke from his uncanny dream and began cooking

Some bacon.The bacon was so crispy….

And smelled like …

Time carries on by, but it is never too late to say hello again

How fast can you type,

if the letters don

I don’t know how to shift yet r55667    Nbb% FOUN D. THE CAPSLOCK



SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO: 40% of its inhabitants without power traffic lights dont work foreign contractors ill equipped to respond businesses running on generators schools slow in regaining power did you know/?DID. YOU KNOW THAT?


Hello Sweetie.






i will have a best selling  book



Promote what you  love instead  of bashing what you hate.      

Zzccs des1



Theeartofmotherhooit,smost;y messyandnotathis i.    

This is the coolest project ever



Yall act like you never seen a white person before jaws all on the floor like pam  and tommy just burst in. Thr door

Yuhyuhguguc ucc i gang ,  ooh , yeah, lil pump , yeah , guc c i gan g ooh

Guc ci gan g, gucci gang, gucci gang, guuc c i gan g

Hello my name is madi if you are readidii.                 Ing this run it is too late

Hello my name is izzy :   ;) RA.     X.    XD. !@#$%^

LISTEN Linda i have had enough of u your dog keeps pooping in my

My yard soSTOP you are the worse person ever

 I love riny di love rainy da.    Ays,    , but I’m  terrified. Of y thunderzhelo m y name is samanthaasdfghjkl;’\poiuytrewq17811wwwwwwmhello

Ertyuiopoitkghghghelloo threr is no ink 1111lexisqw err.  Lexis.      Reagan docherty was apez daniel oah was here

         Stnnnnnnnn. One apon a midnight dreaary while i pondered weak and wot e. There is but one injusice in our society and this is the bidght that is known as i ndustrial asociety . IIIIIIII\\\\\d.



It is a dark time tha plagues our society and i must inform the

Plebian of what is going on becsue we can not live in this type of socidety and lio

As karl marx once said there has always been the oppressed and the opresson

                                                                                          January 22, 2018

And even though it seemsthat we may perceive your omnipotence

We know but what we think and don’t know how to dream hence the light of

Of ages gone which shone in hallowed halls of lore will come

Perhaps to shine anon and let our mind. Upon a greater plane

For as that which we think we see falters and feignts with every

Blow delivered by adiscovered hypocrisy and eventually dies without a gl

A glo

W so xxxxxxxxxxxxxx differently shall unknowing come and

Let our minds upon a greater plane for as that which we think we

And to let a perpetual cheerfulness replace the austere perhapsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Climb  aboard the Typewriter Time Machine…

Aahi su.wtyler is kool. D.x.d

N. Unui like the library so that i can look at books . My favorite restaurant is newk’s.        A.g.s.   Age 5

Unwanted memories on my mind’s soil have settled

Mockingly, in their foreign wrappings,

Like packages dropped from a plane

Cloaked recollections, alien and odd,

Murmur seductive secrets

Burning me with their incomprehensible tongues

And veiled faces.

This is the typewriter project. This is probably the coolest ty

Pewriter. It is  very blueish.

Enter was very interesting.

There is no carat buttun

That meant to say that there is no carat button

She was filled with gold but spit out rubbish.

She was the calm before the storm.

She was my big eyed girl.

This is a very very small poem bout nuthin’


Hello sweetie

CAT sitson windowpane

 Jake likes pizza in the rain on sundays

We as people should love one another

All work and no plzy makes Jack a dull.     Boy .All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All work and no play makes Jack mistype.

I first learned to type on a typewriter

I admire writers of the past  for using  these. Muuch

Thought aad to be put into this to avoid writing mistakes.www.writtenbymandy.comBe awesome.

January 23, 2018





He says that he is fascinated with my muth

Whw. Ther he means the shape of it

Or the words it says


I’ll never know the day is today

Today is a new day, a new day to run  away.

Black velvet scuff marks

Shout what words can’t say

From a parked car at Walmart.Black

January 24th, 2018

The resounding pressure inside my head doesn’t quit

My att.  

My attention. Today came to being when a kind young lady invited me rro

To participate in an art project of consciousness in the city of peee

Pensacola florida coulu

Ld not think of anything to rhyme both my typing anand

And spelling  are atrocious . I,  i am an old man with i hope some good

Days left if GODrea

 Willing i just purchased a copy of pearl s.  

Buck one i never came across titled the living reed , may some time in th

The near future we will live in peace ——-learn to live in peace.

This resounding headache doesn't quit

Caffeine withdrawals are a bitch

But i do it for you

Not my heasalth, no

You, my conquering. King

The one who made the seas

And all under and above

And you made me

A soft spoken child

With a love for connection with others

So left my coffee

For prayer

And met a man today

Who reminded me

My words are worth saying

I am walking on a sea of Grace

With the Great


Music is sound of our emotions

I can’t stop thinking about how our entire experience of reality

Is dictated by the fact that we are humans

The Fog

Fog comes in like little cat’s feet, and it shrouds the city in a

Dense fog.    By Rod McKewan 1968

Cats are like olives,

One jumped in my martini,

Kitty on the rocks.

Lois MacMillan


aN aNo. No. Don’t make me leave.

January 25, 2018

no one has come to bless the typewriter today

maybe i can entice them with my typing

it’s kind of like orgasms for your ears

im supposed to be safe guarding the typewriter but really i just want to impersonate kronos and engulf the typewriter

become one with it and all the pretty words and pretty people

Waiting   For.  Maximum entropy.  

Will you  b e there


 If you fail to investigate what you believe, you will never

Know what truth is...search...hi

That above **hi**  was from from 13 year oldson.  A son that every day I pray to God is not taken away from

By being murdered by a gunman that may enter his pun

Blic school.I womnder sometimes if he and his fellow students should be f.  -wearing bulletproof vests as part of a school uniform.I shouldn’t live in fear of this..No parent should.  Imagine how our children feel and the fear that.        Is going on in their minds.  Arde they going to be killed today?I can’t believe guns are this out of control in our society.I pray for my child and every one,s that they make it home safe each day.                                          MYbut you are living in fear, jus


Stoplive instead in faithparty on, garthHeeeeeeey Girl Heeeeeeey heyyyyyyh he.  


 Nv bm v     Mnbvcxzasdfghjkl;’\pioiyru ftjitytrhr k        /k,khkhk    HhV BN cbnbnn m nm.  N  kaae

Kkzadddddwwwwqqqqqeeeerttttyyyyuuuuiiiiioooppp2222333344111222333444555666777mmm9900 nb mbi \)%Y%__)rrqwq      Hnhz


University of  West Florida, John C Pace Library: Jan. 26-Feb. 16


January 26, 2018

Moved to   campus

Testing Capital Letters

Richard Says I’m Ready

come find me

 m. mmmmmmmmmmm. bbbnmvbbmmmmbbqwertyuuuuuiopasdfggghfghjklzxcvbnm,.




all keys unstuck

now i’m actually ready

come find me

                                                                                 January 29, 2018

Can I type ?

qbebe the you that would make julie andrews proud

Hello Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna write enough words to make the typewriter go ding, plee

hello world the sky is blue green grass fell bubbules.

and so it begins ….how will it end?

dd.     X

I’ve loved and lost,

So am I better off?

Who gives a shit, besides me?

I’ll live another day, and when love I find

I’ll say: ''fuck you'' to those that shunned me…

And them I’ll embrace them with an open heart X X  with open arms

Even if they are a bit gloating :P

Love is not so much scarce as various, and it seldom knows a future

tense. I told that to my friend Bucky one night, early morning,

really, after a party and late night dancing and after all our

friends went home. He asked me who I was quoting, but I was only

quoting my pretentious 26 year old self, nursing unrequited lust

with high sounding words.

which do i choose?

love is not what any of us think it is….


lost lost love habitually findsdsme.

no matter how far i run it is there when i stop.

no longer heer embodied she has outgrown physicalities…….a

i am here Hello my Name is Tyler Barnes.

Sometimes I never really know what I am doing.

But that never stopped me before.

unrtndin is n iposibl ask. knowledge

understanding is an impossibl

understanding  an impossible dream

to seek is to suffer

Love isn’t bea

love is beautiful and grand

i am a survivor not a victim


the victim with a voice is no mor a victim to their own or ano


KK is a  goofball but i love her with all my heart her actual

name is Caleanna and she is so beautiful she is hy girlfriend and i

am so lucky to have her.


This typwriter reminds me of when I was a little and I girl and

I would read books about the american girl doll Kit Kittridge

from the great depression who did all her writing on a typewr


my memes are stale today but life goes on

get ready for r some crusty ass memes

i can write anything i want so those of you that read rhis

enjoy your DAY

i have a biology test on wednesday i have a biology test.

I met you a thousand years ago under the ebony shade of an

Evergreen. you didn’t see me, but our shadows knew. My shadow

took your shadow’s hand.

i coula

i c oulad

i coulad reg

i coula regcognize him by touch alone, by small; i coul

ld reg


IT can happen here

It will happen here

It did happen here

Remember this when you reminisce one day about what

you could have done if only you knew

what do i want to write

functionalityX :

     the gunshot of creativity

this is loud

the chair

leaf has no insp

if i was a small animal i would be dea d by now

life span is weird

''Click Clack Moo'' more like ''pow pow boom''

like gun shots, these types, their tactile plastics they ring

throughout the entire first floor, and

X X X X. Heads turn like: <<What the f_ck is that obnoxious

Yet oddly pleasing and sonically, aesthetically pleasing sound?

Drumming with my words, this is much  more percise of a medium than

I’m used to, too old for me to remember my non-existence

and a time when the world and humanity was much less electronic


AND I’M TYPing so LOUd, just like a drum, as if drunk on musical

linguistic rum,

bum-ba-bumbumbum—bum——bum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DING

The sky is blueblue

is blue a feeling

is green immune

today we spoke of foreign things

forign a has appeal

the difference when seen truely is lovely in its bitrh

Eden Craig: ''PEOPLE DIE WHEN THEY ARE KILLED!!!!''.            


@quote@ unquote


why am I so tire

why doesn’t cafine work  

I can’t spell worth s


Hiding in  the shade of ex haustion

why the heck am i still typing

thi i a time that we must be

in the process


im. black yall im black yall im blackety black im black yall!

                                 —modern day Langston Hughes!


i typed                        here here


  dowHe leftFreedom is heavyon e fish

two fish

red fish

blue fish


B lue fish

Have you heard of the flyimg


H h ave you h eaed of the flyin

This is st

I will not break the typewriter. Probably.

im. a mess rn b ut that’s okay!!!!! because it’s fine

!!! i am hun


triple piercing

the frontal lobe

of a half dead bugg

comatose pain

lonely rooms


i can't wait

for us to be home.    

                  Mat’,s head rebounded off the speaker

I seent it..

He’ll deny it< but it’s true.ctyler


one cup brown sugar + one cup peanutbutter+ one egg+ bunch of

c hocholate chips= bomb ass cookies an ything i wantDeaath is the most beautiful part of life

death is beautiful

because we all fear death.

and fear is the most amazing emotion of all

because it creates complete awareness.

it brings uo

u to know,

and it makes you truly present.

and when you’re truly present,

that’s nirvana.

that’s pure love.

so death is pure love.

i can’t even roll in peace


all my cars orange and green


Change is the venue for bittersweet disappointment or happine


They have no memories, tno plans, time takes shape painlessly

around them… Their sole landmarks are the taste of the moment

and the markings on the walls.

^La Jetee (1962)

This is my voice.

I’m here. I’m queer.

Not all get to say, not all get to hXAr.    .

The day upon us is short. When measures. Abolish measurement?  

hel lo


are you

be fruitful and multiply

To the Bird:

     Even when still we be, standing On the edges of circles, staring down Abysses, screaming, @OHHH, Surprise, surprise,

My G-d Foresaken

YeYs that shut are tight and never see light

of day, fornever more.@

Spill your wrath, your non-existant joy, because it is

fleeting into the void of existence, my friend. All Life Is

The End.

Ends are Beginings turned around, and dark.

     So what, if you can’t see? That means, merely, that

You are like me. Blind. I need not see

When Sonar provides me sonic paintings

the dwrll within, Beauty.


    The Coin XX



Hey my nam e is paul,



A w  A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the se urity of a

a free State, the right of the eople to keep and bear Arms,

shall not be infringed.

candy is dandy

 smebodysomebodys gotta nail that girls fins to the floorthe little mermaidwhen i was 5 my mom told me happiness was the key to life . when i we

went to school they asked what i wanted to be when i grew up. i

told then happy. when they told me they didn’t understand, i told

they they didm’t understand life.he

I smell.



(. .  Y. .  )

the uin ted

jackson ville,fl

nick is in love with.   who/

nick is in love with who.      

yo brhhhhhhhhhhh

go pats1111!!!!!!!!

                                                                                      January 30th, 2018

I'm waiting for X X X. Tyler.

He spilled the beans, mz

man!! He saw NOTHING! My head did not bump into a speaker…


Anonomous (f_ck Y's)

I X X. don't know what to write…

Keep it tight, it’s alright,

No naps, sleep at night

when tis not bright, nor are your eyes afflicted with blight,

(which reminds me, Blight is a really cool Pensacolian band, and

they play instrumental metal… saw them the other night…)

and with the slight of a trite hand, one might-


find X X X X. the(ier very own) key to life.

(They'll never though end strife)

BEHOLD, our LOrd and Savior, The Typewriter!

-Matt Daniel

Apparently, some of the nursing students really, like REALLY, don't

like the typewriter. Well, fuck 'em! X  (here comes the poetic part)

They crane their heads like sirens with giraffe necks and their

eyes like sharp, poisonous horns shoot me with daggers that scream

@yea, it is obnoxious.@

Two of them were nice .

One of them was a royal bitch. Like,she didn’t have the ovaries

to look R

The Ipad turned off the app :(

Wity a heart for any fate learn to labor and to ait. (Foster


(Retry) @With a heart for any fate learn to labor and to wait.@

(Foster, D)



VINYL RECORD>  THE TYPEWRITER IS  A SECread keeper where you are safe.


Type hard af


FX    Fuck

Why a m. I bitter, bitter,  bitter?

Lend me your brakes again , you' re

Tell me i’m great again  

Not in your key

I'd always hear you say


X X  Qween Banx zer

Is a live.

She drags her h eels

Wher eve ver she goes


UnivKyes universisity iseenlightening anfd i enjoy it aa lot


I think i am going to drop out of college.

                                                                                  January 31, 2018


@All thht.  Hings n...NVM

Testttttttestttttttestpaperi have managed to rig the ribboniimmiiopoiisplashhhhhthe ribbon was set on stencil . No worries

 Whhhisissthhistht.  This is a lot harder than. It looks but it is fun        Make today what yesterday wished it were and what tomorrow hopes to be ——aa b y atsthe first tjthe first tnhidkf. D this is a catastrophie fjgksffhkhsjf55574love dont cost a thing in the world you have to go find love shortythee ocean is a d ark and scary place i dont know how to type o nhere a t all last night i drank a whole bottle of wine and watched law and order because school is stressing me out big time. Hope this semester flies by.

Trump train

Trump train 3 magga gg. Maga

#TRUMP2020 #MAKEAMERICAGRREATAGAIN  Also this thimg is pretty coo


The world idthe world is going to end

The university of west floridada has a great footbootball team

Look out for #4 Amari DuBose Navy transfer

@EVERYTHING you’ve ever feared

@Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear -Geor

-George Addair

Two hours pastwhat’s new?wha’ts the same?two hours pass credit develops excitement grows

Two houras morei pass on to the next

ITS a new day, hello

M mmm mm mm  yummy i love thin gs that are sweet


I think ihave found the girl i want

I ha

I have found the girl i wanttomarry i’vebeen thinking aboutit a

Lot and i think i will do it this summer

I’’m an artist.            @ @I cannot type@, said the artist, as she typed

The cgf

I am one of a kind ;p




Lana del rey is the best singer of the century. -isabella dawson

Let me put on

A show for you, daddy.


Happy girls are the prettiest


-Audrey Hepburn

I don’t what know what to nt ype.  Very interesting to ty pe on a typew

On atypewriter.

Try like hard

My name is Alyson

I am nothing but my sins until i learn to cast them in —peter



My name is McKenna Hyman

I DON’t know how to use a typewriter really well.  But it’s

Sort of easy.

                  Weird words water from my mouth,

Streams of drool duel with air

Slimey water, grimey thoughts

Undo the confidence of my walk

And I slip. And I fall.


High School Musical is the best movie ever.

The sun ruises and the sun sets. When The sun sets she

Is missed

HI My name is mansi and I’ve never used a typewriter…..

 Tomorrow and tom orrow creeps in. His petty pace frpm day tp day


M yname is Megan i like coffe So i moved here with my girlfriend from Japan amd now she is my

Fianc e and I’m not too sure how I feel anymore. I’m going to join

The military and I don’t know how Im gonna handle. It.

Ghit hard and fast

My name is.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Matt and i play football

Sometimes when noone

I was walking through the city sytytreets amd a man walks up o

Me and hands me the latest energy drink






       I personally think that Tide pods just be inclued in every meal

I have been eating tide pods three times a day and i’M perfectly

Fine. Taste like rainbows.


     The prince walked away so she grew some muscles and pulled hers

Elf out of danger.


The government is fake

The sky is the roof

I have antas in my eyes so it makes more dark

     M y literary mind takes flight to n xw heights

 Here i fly one inch above the ground. New heights abound.

New line. Space for srythym , Sound for rhym

Jumbled mind time after time.

My verse is terse. Here i fl y.

Today is the day of ht trees.  W

Their lives xx   Mark the beginning of life, seasons

Each one giving bx    Breath, giving life for a nw x. Day.

They point to their Giver of Life - th M aker of Heaven and Earth.

As a king once breathed, “Bless th Lord o h my soul and all th a

Is withthin me.”

If the kings sing anx the treas breathe, so will - so must I.

I’m unconscious to X X. Many things orbiting my existence,

Though there are thing X. I definitely do know,

I feel that I don’t know enough. I’m sorry for vagueness, since

I'm sure people may like to know the circumstances

That entice me to deride myself…

     I’ve been told that I'm more conscious than most I don'’ buy that shite.

So many things, I X X X.  Don’t know. Why. If… only if

Things were what theyX. Seemed to be, as a tree is a tree

And not armored wood barking orders given from roots to swaying

Leaves.  How does she feel, or, more importantly, how


What is it that I want, and is it attainable,










And thin



With the












?????????????????????????????????????????????????/.           ?                                  ??????????????


True thing: II did ed at 21. My name was Henry. My band recorded a

Song called ''Stillness.'' It was played when my memor.  Orial service

Endedhoneyxbun; thereFIve score years ago, Fa great American, in whose shadow we st



Swipe, swipe, swipe your life

Swipe your life away

Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter and Tinder

Just keep the stress at bay


Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray to Death my soul to keep

If I should die before I wake

Then be not sad, my soul<,,

Then be not sad, my soul’s escaped

Soooo, this post is a little different from all my others.

There’s no spell check...no backspace...and every single

Letter composing this was a tiny hammer strking a page.

While I rests assured that everyone on the first floor is

About ready to strike me with a tiny hammer because it is

LOUDbut honestly, I'm starting to thinkthat I might personally

Invest in one.  Sure, i’s loud and obnox ious, but then again

So am I.

  It’s the aesthetic that I've always dreamed of. I feel

Like a New Yorker in the 40s working for a breaking news story

About...like...The War or something.

 That being said,

Today was a pretty great day. Largely made by going to my professor

And his office hours.


The. Emd is near




My n ame is Madelyn . It8'


Madelyn is my name.

My name is not a game ,but it's pretty lame.

I hope you don’t feel the same.

The moon is  bootylicious bitch. She a savage. Livin’ the nightlife.

Life. Radiant as she is mysterious. Stealin’ the sun’s swagger.

The moon is a working bitch. While wrr all sleeping, she up. Whi^

Le we all dreaming, she up. While we all stressing, she up. Up

In the sky. High off of the sun’s width. She a thicc bith.    


Mullet floorMullet floor must be cleaned by everyone.The @Bluff@

Of Pensacola is a gin exposed in the whet places of truth,in the

Holy places,the common.The subconscious bed of crabs and pisswhere

There are no shoes for the pregnant.No scales of honor in OB.Re-

Pent Pesacola,repent for the dirty floor where no child will play.

The taste of paper and die(dye).Eternal peace Pensacola in your

Corpse will come and peace in your resurrection Pensacola.Amen.

Somehow a Lead Balloon seems to keep me afloat

Above all of my fears and anxieties,

Above storm clouds and lightning…

I’d to trap my thoughts as words X. X. Being merely


I detest the thought of l L.      My words as merely ideas,

For they represent the depths of abysses of my emotions

Metaphysical dimensioins yet undisclosrd,

And ontological travels currently under the taking of


My mind is an abode that she occupies

Though perhaps she knows not where she lives,

Where she wishes to live, nor when she will move.

I shake at the thought of her departure,

I trem-ble.          M-

And I wish my words would   (Do their FUCKING JOB and)

Reach her, so that she may see with her ears and feel

The trembling emotions i’ve engraved and assembled onto paper.

Perhaps my poetry is merely


For ideas that I nor any one

Could ever articulate.

Fuck John Lock.                                   ^-^-^ 1¢ X



I’m Horny Hennrey,

And if it isn’t obvious, I

Must preface that I am of the male gnder.

I can be such a satyr sometimes - but, I do my best

To ensure that i am in a solitary state of environment, not

Even near trees, when I let my horns grow.

And boy, do they grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow,

Those ram horns sure do.


Horny Hennrey, the Sad Satyr Ram

Dear henry my name MAXWELL and

Im a goat in a boat.

I don’t have horns, but gee willickers i might as.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Well!

I ride this boat and it rocks too and fro, but

I ride it all alone :,(

Oh look, a Silver Hammer is about to COME DOWN ON MY HEAD!The Crown of Deconstruc. Tion

It seems that I’ve been Kristened with a crown of desire.

This crown is diamonds and gold of pleasure that I cannot grasp.

And, this crown, I’ve placed on her blonde head,

Not on my own, yet I - I - suffer

From the over-emotional economic crashes when the price of

Golden communication and diamond encrusted emotions are inflated,

And I cannot even readjust theKristened crown

To a more com fortable position. She won't letX. Me. She’s out of reach.

I cannot move another step closer to my Queen,

She that my heart wereships for and as myself,

Perhaps I've belied my philosophy and lied to myself,

And I've Idealized her the my perfect form of myself.

I've been Kristened by emotional DEC ONSTR. UUUCT(shhh)ION N N

1¢ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’’ ‘’’.  ‘


 A knecklace hangs around my throat

 In theory a c irlce it rest

 Pearls and wire and flesh

 On my nec k a knecklace ha


She said do you love me, i tell her only partly,

I only love my bed and my mama im sorry


——___-FfHELP ME BEIBssometimes i forget that all of this doesn’t really matter,we are always alonei love youMegI Love You MeganMegans The Best

Why isthis so much more satisfying than writing anything   On a computer/?2-8-1-3-3-0-8-0-0-4

Hit mike jones up on the low

Cause mike jones about to blow

Before the ice was in my grill

Before i got my major deal

These hoes wouldn’t give a damnif i was here

I said.      (Repeat verse)iisiis this bolton?hi

Hi this is so cool


Fuck computers typwriters are wits at

Literally the coolest thing i’ve ever done in my entire college


Who knows where i can find of on these my self

I fuck with type

Nick is pretty lame

Nick barrios swqmhere from cuba. You are welcome for the info trump

On that note im out. peace. Jjjj

Hey guys

Cool i finally get how this works

I said a hip hop a hip hop you don’t stop feeling sad but you’d

Do the best you can with what you got

Pppygputty stretch it ,  but n ot too far


They tell yiu


Speal volumes Donth...Imessed up people are weird this is rumrunning out of tf ink. I am making people in the lib rary mand because this thing is loud.. I am like this typewriter in a way.. None of the keys work unless you press really heard. We are loud . Speak volumes or you u wontgeteget heard ;)I don’t know what to write.  I didn’t want to writ. Just one sent

Ence.  Ffffff

OwO _notices bulge_ wha’s this? I activate Pot of Greed! It

Allows me to draw two cards from my deck to my hand! _touches

Your bulgie wulgie_ wow that feels so nice _blushes then sniffs

Your giant bulge_ Mmmm ;) Give me more daddy! Bend me ov er and

Pound me into subm ission. Fuck me! Oh yeah. Hehehehehehehehehe

Mmmmm What else to write… Butts





D.    Co.



M.    Pos

  1.        G
  2. N
  3. The elements that contribute   To an individual’s song, how they
  4. Sing their way through this world;   Do the stttttttuterrrr, or
  5. Whisper soft, or or like operatic vikings sing to G. L AaaA s SS
  6. Shatter?

Those that over are left lost to wander


The constraints that confine their mind within their mind, their


Of swirling thoughts ever-present like grey brick walls

And habits of bars that bar them from exiting their X.  Chells

Of dis- and mis- communication.

          -1¢ ‘’ ‘’’ ‘’’’ ‘’’’’ ‘

QSometimes Sometimes, I don’t know what to do.           Have you ever feltlike you’ve seen through someone? Like you’ve seen through theirdisguise? It’s as if some treat life as a costume party, neverappearing as they truly are. I find it sad that some are uncomfortableto be who they truly are. It reminds me of that one famous poem:

‘She had blue skin, and so did he He kep it hidden and so did sheThey searched for bluetheir whole life throughthen passed right byand never knew.w. D does it have to be that way in life?why can’t we just be honest with ourselves?I am a girl with blue skins. Metimes it can be hard whenyou don’t feel like everyone else. But that doesn’t meanthat you are less beautiful. That doesn’t mean you have to hide If you always fit in, _.   (How) could you make history?Do’'t be afraid to show the world who you truly are. Because you may be the one who gives someone else courageto be themselves. Perhaps there is someone right next to youwho is searching for blue._-The girlwith blues.      Blue skin356hello ggwggwenjd


Ithe.patriots w.

The patriots will win the super bowl by 15 points .

Tom Brady is the goat.  

         M y name is Alex Add me on. IG:   RMD_alex



What does that even mean?

Oh, that’s right, it’s God’s holy day of rrst-

    Nah dude, that SATURDAY, Shabbat!

WTF is a shah batdespite all daunting adversities i lived to see another dayhoneyxbun

Im a youmg soldier im a soldier from miami florda been out here

Since a younging , jumped out the porch at a early age. That’s

Real facts.305$$

Testing testing testing


Today has been a rough day Tom Brady lost The super bowl to the terrible

Eagles . I still rep new england till i die


Roses are red

Violets are blue

I<  have<NEVER<

Seen some as beautiful as you

If your reading this  I want. You to boss your life up immedieatlly

Remember your are the most impotant person int you life

305  bl ablablaubhu bhx x

Hi my name is cory cronin my

My name is cory cronin

Life is good.       Stay psitive


Stay beautiful

These are the days of gold yet you

You were told, these would be the best years of your life.

  Cause you never  know wherere your going.    

Unless you get there. Bb



You are beautiful in my eyes.

Thank yo

   Ou for seeing my worth.  

To see

To see beauty even in the commons things of life

 Here uis akways  ni more to thewworld.

You never know.  

I know that Annika is the the gilr for me




Feb, 6 201 8

 Beautiful day to be hum an. Limitless potential, ready to

Conquer the day!!



Life is beautiful and full of surprise.


You do not knowthat I. Am. In lov e with you.

How can I tell you?

I wonder if you will ever know.

What can I say that’ll let you know

If the gleam in my eyes that sparkle don’t say it all already,

If the way I lean n in close

And open the damn-gates of my ears doesn’t scream


Perhaps, ala Lacan, language is consciousness.

Perhaps I must be outward with it as opposed to hoarding

The feelings all for me;


Do I even want to make the emotion so obvious,

To strip it of it’s beauty present, implisit, inherent, through


Too shedt

    The light andlove

Of friendshipround me.


Never worn


M ay the world be your oyster.

He woke up. (I know, a cliche way tostart a story, but,) He got X

Ready. As per the YUJE , with the teeth brushin’ and hair combin’

And food munchin’ and whatnot.

He was tired X. From staying up all night, idling his time away

Passively idolizing miniscule online phenomena, merely 1’s and

0's masquerading as photons.

He stepped outside, but

        Some—thing wazzint rite.

Thuh sKie wuz nwodedis-pu wiz cloud slapping hiz fase wiv zhere

Sovft twansient, transpawent hands. And zhe treez was maykiNg zo

Munch noizesesesZZZZZZ, wif zheir rustling and bustling,

Zheir XX. BowsX. Notching and arching off sqirelz wif a



He walked to his engineering class in building (insert infinty sign)

(Here), but it turned out, X. That day twas a woikshop. Woodwoiking.

He said:

I dunno how to do this shit.

The teacher said:

Go home. You fail. College. You’re kicked out of the dorms. Bye-bye, XX. L7 ;P

                                                  The End

1 ¢

  (@).       (@)

Red ser

Killer bee



I love nails

My favorite

Are the ones in a coffin

Lucifer breaks the binary of what was originatefd good and bad.

The binaries we know are frail, and without order. Breaking the

Binary is aa bold statement? How?

Tell me.


I like fried chic ken.

  1. Really like fried chicken.

‘'m hungryy right now.

    ( )   ( )

   (  ‘ . ‘  )

  (“)      (“)

Hi, I’m Gilbert


Sittingand thi nnkingaand planningstopcreatingand thinkingand planninggSac-attack a scally-wag

Knick-knack Hacky-sack, give

Some clothes to raggy-rats,

Dead-knots, dread-locks,

Smelly smackin g cheese socks.

 WHAT THE F_CK DID I JUST WRITE?                             1¢.

Khere i am sitting in the library,  letting the words come to me

I could write about my days gone by, instead i write iab out who

I am. The typewriter. I am here so anyone and everyone can voice

Their thoughts through me.hthrough it all, written or non-written

I am the thoughts of this campus

                Someone got the date wrong

TODAY is Feb. 6th 2018

My source of access to instant-gratification entertainment

Has died.

Poor computer, laptop, whatever,

Rest in peace, until you're rebooted from lethargic slumber to

Do my bidding once more…


Df fina lly machinery I can actually operate!

Empty x pages, txhirsting to be filled with seed words

So glad to be here with my hero spending time…


Enjoying writing and reading

Finally i arrived after a long walk from beyond the commons

A parking attendant carrying his ticket pad…

Kinda intimidating


Weird to type ''lol'' on a typewriter

Now for a haiku…

Antique typewriter

Empowers our expression

We write together

So much depends

Upon reading

And writing

Emptying thoughts,

Hopes, words, and seeds


To the stark white page



You are the |\\\


I'd never felt such sincerity on my skin

I couldn’t have guessed it was a lie

My year is plagued by you

And i feel like i should regret that

Oh my god, he on x-games mode


I only speak in vines now

                 According to all known laws of aviation,

There is no way a bees should be able to fly

Its win gs are too small to get its fat body

Off the ground

The bee, of course, flies anyway

Young love is naive and pure and kind,it’s a freshly bloomed flower<fresh baked sweets, a newly a newly unwrapped lollipop;but,but,young love is only temporary and it is perverted and obsessive, it’sStan talent, stan blackpink ee

JamJa mmes Nelson

The time that I have spent inc college hasa has taught me a couople of

Lessons about le relationships and romance. Ihave had three relations

-hips, oftthe romantic kind, and all of them are over now. The first waz

Ws wir a woawo man who didn’t have tinme for me. The second one was just

Because I didn’t think I coyuld do better, that i didn’t deserve hbet

-ter.. The third was ended by the words of my oewn mouth.. I have grown a

Alot since the begining of this new adult life. I have learned  a

Small portion of my self worth. I am doidoing my bezst to increase

My own self value as best as I can.

The song “Answer” by Tyler, The Creator really z

Aspeaks to me. Listen

To it when you get the chance.

Why are human relations to damn diffivult . I just want to interact

With someone who is dope and down with not knowing what is going on.

This is by Jamws Frank Nelson III.


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II. Snapchat: thejamwa


III. Tumblr(its a new project) james-wwikkl l-grow

Grow withme!!!!!


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Love is

Love is a many splendid things . Love lifts us up where we belong . All


All you need is love.

The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be

Loved in return.

The end.

Writing allows you to develop your own universe with your own

Rules. It allows us to do whatever we want, without limitations.

WRITE IF YOU WANT TO BE FREE> Freedom is creative.

-Freja R. Hansen


DJ FREEJAY On THE REPLAMy name is Mike. I, do not know much about typing on these.    E things

But i am going to try anyway. Eversince you passed away.        The

House hasn’t nbeen thesame. Mom cries in your room every night and

I can hear her through the walls. I am so sorry that i couuldn’t

Be there for you when you needed me the most, little brother.

Ishould have seen the signs, but i was too wrapped up in my own

Bullshit to see that you were in pain. At firtst i was so pissed

At you for leaving us all behind. Then I realized that I should

Be more angry with myself. Ifailedyou. It was all my fault, and

I don’t thilnk Ill ever be able to  forgive myself. I made so many

Primises, told you that i would take care of you, but in the end

I was too late. Iremember when we found your car. The police tr

Ied to l

Keep me away, but i ran past them because I had to be sure

I dont think I’ll ever forget what i saw. I saw you. Or what was

Left ofyou. After being to so many coiuntries, seeing so many horriblrde

Things, the sight of you rur body in that hot car was more than enoufgh

To break me down. I screamed, yelled, cried, puked,. Fuck, Ill never

Gorf. Get any of it. The meds don’t help. The alcohol doesn’t help. Hell

At this point, I don’t think anything will help. Ill always love

Ypo. You, little bro. It’ll be a long time before I see you again,

But I know you’ll greet me what fddgdgdgdg me with that same shit eating

Grin you always had when you were still her.

I have to stop now. Can’t have all of the se people see me cry like

A little kid.

Semper Fidelis. Always Faithful,

And i love you so much

Mike Madine.

C an we talk on the phone or something

Because when I call

  1. Hope you answer
  2.   P

Can we talk on the phone or something

Because when I callyou

I hope you pick up your phone

I’d like to talkto you

Ihope you answer

I hope you answer

Yeah, I hope you answer

I hope you answer

Yeah, I hope you answer

Because when I call

I hope you pick up your phone

I’d like yto talk to yoyuu

Hey Dad,, it’s me, um…

Oh, I’m Tyler, I think I’d be your son

Sorry, I caled you the wrong name, see my

Brain’s spiplitting

@Dad’s noIsn’t your name,see Fa____ is  a little

More fiitting

Mom was only twenty when youain’t have

Any fucks to spare

———tbc im  a footballffo

Oootball pplayer…………………………………….my name is evan mitchell ,this is my first time using a typewriter,and i think its pretty cool. I’m here to inspire my fellowpeers.


@together we can face any challengesas deep as the

              The ocean and as high as the sky boiiiii@

Slonglong cox x

Go eagles

Gofly eagles fly


Girl you look good back that thang u p


I hate the idea of


Cats  are the most rad thing you  have ever seen

They are cooler than you hummathey

I’m about to spit fire on this here typewriter.                                 P


Wrist t. Twistin  <, like its stir fry

Girl you look good why don’t you b back tha.                        At azz upp p.



Ski fast eat ass

Heil spidey


C c




You ever meet abitch so fat you fuck her rolls instead of her va


-annie bosworth


                                                                                         Feb. 7th, 2018

First thing in this morning, clicking and clacking, clucking like

Mechanical chickens/roosters, pecking my brain like it were bird


XX X. ‘'m kind hung over…

Happy Birfday, Austin!!!!!


            RUN.       E.   SCAPE

From the material world by delving in

With X. X yoourr eyes face first into

A virtual fantasy world centered the

Object of grinding to obtain and sell

Things for in game curremcy.

Ah, yes

That Midevial grind is SOOOOO

Very differnt from how

THE real world qwWORKS!!!!!!

IIt<,< is really odd to type on this because my dad u

Sedto lettme use his. Clearly, I'm pretty out of practice but it brings.  Back a lot of memories. Thanks for that.:)

Did you know that Silicon dioxide is sand!

Did you also know that NaCl is tablesalt.



I hate english






  Non c'.

Iharte matt

(All english majors).

Said by an englisxh major.    

Do you like eggs?  

Code on conduct.


 Fuck off matt


Okay so there awas some apple jiuice

And the carriage knocked itover

Typewriter does niot like matt

Bc he is a loser

E x t e n s i v e


Matt, close the tab.

E x t r e m e l y

Freedom is never vv

Freedom. Is n ever giv en volun u ntarily b y the oppressor

It must be demanded by the oppressed


 I fin d myself chasing money despite a deep belief that i shou

Ld chase m y own happiness as opposed to money.




   Be a b a

Be a Badass, be a Hero,

             The sun.

Un will rise and we will try again.


            Its raining and my Mercantis are soaked so im kinda sad about i



Are uu


Are u gonna finish that crois-carl wheezer


 I am slightly UpSeT. I am majoring in biomedical enginneerinhg

My plan is to cure at least one genetic disease, preferably camcer

CAN CER, I think theres already a cure but greed takes over and

People stay quiet because chemo is a 9 billion dollar industry.

Anyway, there is so much I wanna do and so little time and support

To do it with. I love music, I wanna be a singer, also a potter,

And a seamstress and a chef. I have all these skills and opassions

And they mean nothing to anyone in the profesional world because

My major is bio engineering,... thats all they wanna hear.


NORM IN SOCIWETY .   If you dont. I sure will, keep an eye out,.


             His was a cautionary tale

A boombox is not a toy


       Embrace your fuckedupness your have no control of the past but youdodo have control of the now. Retrain your sububconcious to who youare. Not what the world exspects of you. If yourur depressed its thepast. If your anxiour anxious your worried about your futureif your at peace your living in the now. Enjoy your koourney.love is stronger than anything. Remember that. Use your recourcessurround your self with love kindness. And spread it to the worldthats all. Much love

                I am afraid of cancer

I am very afraid of cancer

I am so very afraid of cancer


         T i love junk food

The government totally suuucks you mother fu

Ckers, the government totally sucks

MY NAME IS TREVon mathews and im an student athlete at UF AND MY


It wont change yo

The only regret ihave is that i have bu

The only regret i have is that i have buto one life to give for

My country @Nathane Hale@

I get told ,           <it get better, a lot.       .      But when? And how? AnA d why? A

Nd to whom? What aboutabout all of the homeless vets that diea.     On the

Street? The kids of crif crime  that never get a shot at redemption?

ThoseThose who are bororn with a terminal illness?  ?     Doe s it get better

For these people? ? Or even the average Joe?Does life normally get.                                                          Y

Better? Does it get better for everybody? If f not, who does it get

Better for?? Is there someone who decides who it gets better for?

What if it doesn’t get better for me? Can I combat the process

Of going downhill? Can I make sure it gets better? Make it certain?

Can I make it get better faster sooner? Before I decide It’s nort

Worth trying anymor?


Turt turt m follow

Follow me follow mutan tplant she sucks turt.   Succccccccc di


 Suck it but gently   Turt turt


I love jesus but i worry about losing m y faith, maybe we can meet

; 0


As the day ends t.           And the sun lays to. T.              Ree. Rest, i hope the moon smiles

Upon you, i hope p.  P t that stars show bright as comparison to your

Smile. That when a comet. Blows by you catch a glimpse of the awe

Awe that. I feel when i see you. I hope when the sun shows, that

You feel the warmth that i feel when you hug me. The shine that

My face makes when I see you, as if the aflare can even comparere


You are my system, the center of my life and galaxy, the molecule

That is my hearta. .

_—A love note from my sun and stars, Jourdan



Read inbetween the linesll



Did you notice that in this

Thissententance there were

Two of the same word/? ?

I eat a4a$$  p


RIP Lil Peep P

“Jacoberlemann.   On insta fo

Follow , me bruddahs

Sex is the solution to all the worl,s problems

Racism sov led by sex.  War solved by sex. Std' s solved by sex

Fuck until w’r  all the same color. Fuck until we don’t have

Time to shoot our rifles and fuck until stds kill us by the age

Of 19 anyways.

Dont cry becausedont cry because it’s over,smile because it

Happened _emberlee m

I am. Dead in side.   College has killed my soulull.


, b ailee h,

I really want ded. Ath please dddlol     Dab. On the haters



An antiquated mechanical version of a modern machine that transcribes

The thoughts and feelings, perhaps not not consciouskly thought

Or felt, surreally through language and morphs the implied

Or intended meaning by allowing mistakes to reform and disfigure

The language that pervades the x epic document (like, it is 74 pages

Now, holy crud!!!!!) to. Infer possibilities otherwise inconsceivable

To conscious beings self-aware   And derrogitory of themselves



Hooray, we saved the world


Aturtles are awesome dude

Hella cute turts

College sucks it is ablessing and a


Collge sucks but it is also a blessing and a curse. The work sucks but t iiii

It also prepares you foufory  your future so always keep that in mind.

Your preparing yourself for your


God grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot

Change, the courage to change the things I can change

And the wisdom to c——- know the difference….

Today is the day the Lord has given us, let us be glad and

Enjoy it.

You.       The Sky exploded earlier

And released my

Submerged, simmering


    And sadness too.

It throbbed my heart strings








———————————————-__——____E—______——————-_______.    __.      __AH, I see…

They’ve ruptured,

And snapped.

Well, well,well,

Welcome to hell;

I hope, indeed, that you

Enjoy yourself here.

You've smeared and scarred

Your chance at joy

By previously throwing caution to gales

And behaving like a little boy.

Ignorant, naive, fool - what we have here!

God chose not to fare thee well,

Ignored and shun your whole life;

Welcome to Hell.


When I was young i had free love and affairs,

I settled down and had ababy inmy young years,

In my middle years, i had a career that i loved vbut i thouggt

Tgat u a ti would get marriwd, have great sex, meet friwnds, go out

And travel. Nope did not happen.

In my older years, I got married. No sex, no cuddling, nomeeting

Friends and no traveling.

Now i breathe free air.

I have great sex, cuddle,go out, meet friends and travel.


R, D, Bar


Ii dont know if it was me or heror theonewho came before that. What

Did it matter/?wuewwe

Please never leave. I promise to stay.fkfkk

‘ .  R-  

Ass cheeks

We all get the same 365 dy

      Ays  , . The dii. Fference is what you make of



Lo.        Is this on ?

Hold upupup we dem boisl

Eyes as am ber as the soulul; fur stained with chocolate mocha

A heart as big as a king-sized Kit-kat barin all the best ways

Dry nose and folded ears but I lov e his imperfections regardles

Sweet chocolate L<ab, do you know how how my heart barks for yo

U to jump back on my couch and wag that tree trunk tai;

For Charles my soul will ache

We should have an expanded welfare state her

E in America.

Those Democratic Socialists of America are a lil crazy though.

I should go back to studying people are looking a at me weird.

Love is dope as fuck.


      Hello friends hahaha hoho hehehe i love you  o uhu o houhou o oh noooo

Bye by\.                      



When i look hthrough the windowall that is seen is a

Beautiful morning with clear skys. The people looking aroundshohows

Your not alown in this world.

                                                                           February 8th, 2018

@Love is dope as fuck.

Yeet@ ——— Lol

            Tiff is violent too ants. Tiffs is v ile.


              Gavin Doty short story

Propper panda read unu nder a pad . Sad Propper Panda vaped and doused

A pear. Panda used a suana near a van and vaped.

Kenny seek den. Lee need kenn y



I am full of sass. Sam sai, @I miss small roads.@ Sad and mad

I did fuss.

         A dozen men and a mom make a key. One naked lad lay on a lake.

Kim haa bare bear limb that let her beat Bill.



Dakota ok lawn tatas.dot swans wallow, all low as salad.

Talan was now toi

9 February 2018

Let us begin!


No one is here on Friday. It’s a slow day. I

Hope someone will

Write a poem. I would but I’m no poet. I'm waiting to p

 Pass the t

Tij m e. B ut it’s moving slowly too.

My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates . You ne

Never know what you’re gonna get.

888899fi have never

I have nevee


ThumpX X XXX

Mat.  Is cool

What occupies my mind

Finds the time to never sububside

And in restful respite within my subconscious X X X X XXXXXXXXXX reside

All Happiness is fleeting,

Bt pai, and sadness, and anger

Sail similar ships brandishing similar banners…

To thr insomniac on the mirror, I lovingly chide:

@No XXXXXX need to cover nor X. Hidr

No longer your emotions. Merely

Allow them space, and time, to change

And morph and grow. And soon,

Once you've learned to love your pain for the lessons

Over your mind they reign, and the control

Ununto you X.  They bestow, to accept Happiness

With contentment as it flows,

Then that negativity shall go.

And   You

 Will be freed from yourself.@

          _Matthew Shimon_

Scream scream screamlet m e raise my voice to your level of arrogancean d mayb e you will see we are not as equal as you say we are

I aaX X X X X X   USing this as a reflection for the first time

We call this the subconscious of the city , but is it

Really? . /Is this not the subconscious of UWFx?


The subconsciou

Ous of one specific persrson?

Your view changesz

Your view changes everything.

My viewi is blue an d gray, though the rain has stopped for now.

I wan t to sit and think on paper, with words I dom,t know, can,t

Know until they appear on the pagw, sXX X X X X X XX page, smellimng like yesterday,sscoffee

Tzara heard sirens breaking the clouds

I told them about the typewriter, that may be enough. What's



The point of requiring them to come type. I supposr it couldbe considered art anyway, even if they don’t want to type, even if they write bad ppoetry. It could be my art, how I had that influence over people to make them make something. I suppose itwould of still been there choice..  I didn’t want to require them though.                      EirI guess the true “subconscious of the city” would be behind the words. Probably not what people want it to be.Pencils stab, typewriters clubzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


WATCH YOUR POSTURE> (TAke it as advice.)



Myy.        Mama tola

 X X

XX. X       Ttold me when  I was young

We're all born superstars

She rolled my hair, put my lipstick on

In theglass of her bou


There's nothing wrong

 With loving who you are

She said cause he made you perfect,, babe

So hold your head up, girl, and you'll go far

Listen to me when I say

I'm beautiful in my way

Cause God makes no mistakes

I'm on the track, baby

I was born this way

Don't hide yourself and you're set

Just love yourself and you're set

I'm on right track, baby

I was born this way

Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up


And the



Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high

And the dreams that you dream of

Oncc e in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow

Blue b uirds fly

And the dreams that you dreamed of

Deams realyy do come true

Someday I'll wish upon a star

Wake up

 Where the clou.   Are far behind me

Where trouble melts like lemon drops

Highh abov e the  chimney top

That's where you'll find me

Oh, somwehrer over the rainbow bluebirds fly

And thr dreams that you.  Dare to,

Oh, why cant ii /

I feel

I feel hww. The world is changing

I am not sure if it is good or a bad change

All I am really sure of

Is that we will live with the consequences

Our actions will not affect only us

Every person, plant, and animal on this beautiful planet

Will have to live with what we have done to the Earth

The world is changing, and I do not know if we should feel p

Proud of the change that we have forced upon poutr planet.



I feel

My thoughts disappear

Were they ever really there?

The world spins

MY world spins

In the noise, there is quiet

But in quiet, there is serenity

Pensacola Local Band Reccomendations:

    _In no particular order_



_Luckily I'm the HuXXX Hunter



-Youth Creatures

-Morn Morngata

_Faux Fox

_Lights with Fire

-Jimmy and the Jimbos


_Crystal Coast


-Andrew Hynes

-Dalton Wright

_Papa Squawk

-Your fault My Fault



__ There are probably more, but my brain is blanking out under









why do cells want to survive?

Sleep love ; forever sleep

Your soul the night will keep

Embrace the darkness deepsleep, love; forever sleepl frozen i im r life is sublime


Stay stay rad love claud.    


Stay rad c love claud

X x    X x x.

Always stay rad love claud feb 12


Coool bean sfffffffffdqwertywe


In 1829, william burt was the  first to put a patent on the type

Typewriter but it was actaully created in 1867 by christopher

Latham sholes and his friends who assisted him. He was also thh

The creator of the QWERTY keyboard which is still in use

Today.rnadom stufgkhkkHelloHello, cruel world.(Don't you mean @

 @Goodbye@?)No. The world is cruel, but t I'm still kicking.When the real world becomes impossible, iescape to fiction; where evereverything is possible.The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, tpto overcome, toe++ to endure, to transform, to love, and to be greater than our suffering.-Ben OkriA remin der: to be offended is a choice Make sure it's for the right reasons.Hello, cruel world.(Don't you mean @Goodbye@?)No. The world may be c ruel but I'm still kicking.Now is theh  time for all good men to come to the aid of their

Country. Tttt

Htiswthhiisabelle, i loveove youlove, ajajmdear isabelle,               U r the main hoe ;)aghHe went down to the bay, to say his farewells. The XXX walk was cX

Cruel on him, despite the cool breeze that in confort pet his skin

And the tree's leaves that waved him forward, and bade him warm

Tidings despite the sunset's melancholy warbles.

He finally, after passing the bay's border, reach the Docks. His

Steps were unsteady, as if he were walking on waves and not the

Concrete that led to the wooded bordwalks. He reached the  Pier

And tears started to swell.

@Fare well, Mother,@

He sobbed, tossing a torn shred of dress,

And he croaked:

@It's too cruel that the day's end is more


Than your untimely demise.@

And he walked a year into the past X to revisit fond memories,

So as to smile again…


The cowboy stared into the eyes of the challenger beforohim. The nameless wanderer watched for the slightest movemement. In an instant he drew his gun and killed the bastard.



@You   Have enemies/? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something sometime in your life. @_-Sir Winston Churchill/To D:  I wish we could walk in the park forever -L

Julian a and Jose. Ph : I will miss you both so much.  Thank you for all

The times we spent together . Love Mom _Best Wishes in your new


Hello i don’t know where to atart

Just wanted to stop by and say hello

You don’t come around muxh anymore

I haven’t forgotten about you

Sometimes i sit and think about you

Just you and only you

Ei miss you…

I love the rain!  !



Hrandolph gibson i find it hard to hate anyonessuccess is only for the hardjs



All work and no play ALL WORK AND NOW PLAY make jack a duluLLLLLL

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy , or is it Johnny All work and no play makes Jane a dull gal too znd all work and no play no play no play no play all work and no play aLL work and no playi promised youi promisedt t t that t tt i would write about.   T.     T t.    Ut you .             . I believe your existence is an atlas s. S created to show me the best partsof myself. I will follow  wow you , my attlas, until my     Yy breathruns out.ihahappy valentin es day you are lo.            

I do not particularly enjoy valentine’s day. Why do we need a

Holidazay to love each other? Why can't we love each other

All the time?

2qq. W.  @@ yy

@ you   Can't cross the ocean until you lose sight of the shore@.            -chrishristopher columbus





Happy valentine’s Day!!


This is a persian poem:

This is  a persian poem :


HIS LOVEtake us away from others, we take our body out of this

Fight,  but we lose our

Rr soul.

This is a

IF YOU KNOW Persian:

  Eshgh oo ma ra gereft az chang digar delbaran

Tan boroon bordim az in meydan , vali jan bakhtim.


_.  _




And they were roommates.

Let me cry

The emotions are here

If they don’t spill I die

When I die there is no fear

Fear of no love

No one to hold me close

Fear of no love


No one to give me hope

Warerfalls fl

   ,  ow and give me peace

Take this fear of no love

Give me some relieelease

These fucucking emoytions are stuck

I will cry, this I pledge

But these tears won’t buck

I’m on the fucuc king edge

Maybe being numb, will prove better luck

Nose dive into not giving a fuck


I want a church girl that go to church


I saw you hanging out with rebecca th eother day



I saw you hanging out with Katelyn!

Rebecca! It's not like that!

I won't hesitate, bitch!

Hey, what's up? My name's Jared, and I never learned how to

Fucking read.

Happy Valentine's Day, you memefucks.

For real though, I want to draw attention to the imporance of

Platonic love. Taken from Plato's lessons on the nature of the

Different loves, platonic love enriches the mind and the soul

, rather than thebody. Love your friends. Cherish them.

This love can be as celebrated as sexual and romantic love.

Feel loved and give love today.


Lets dance in the dust of ourselves

Sailing always through time, eternally unliberated by

Our very own dust


Great minds think alike.  Tmcd.    

Happy Vaalentininini

Happy valentines day!! I love you, Diego!

This is my first time writing on a typewriter, it’s not as ea

As it appears This is really hard. Send HELP.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Y’all have a good day.

I love you emma!


Free shavacado du



I Corinthians 16:14

‘Let all that you do be done with love.”


Sarah and JoyliHappy Valenti tines DayJesus Loves YouI love v fried pickles.                                              Hello my frir iend.                                 Sarah and joylin happy Valentines DJayS ar. Happy Valentines Day to.   T.  T. Sarah!!__Ev very time is a good time. To have fun . Fear not and have phn. It isfjkaljjfkdla oeuwp fj afjdkshshave fun everyday .HowdyTo thTo the one who holds the stars   ,You hold my heart.You are holy andrighteius and worthy of praise. I love you.2018/02/14 some has a love of persoon m

Someone who loves the person  and is stuck in a bind about pic c

The future of there girl and life

Who is rthis girl it is a c ondrum

















Who is the girl that they are in love with

 Have Hav Have Have you


   U.        H  uhbhuhubh.   Uh ukHHavv. Have hh Have Yiu yyou h h avewwe

Have you

Heard of the flying spagentt

Haiku. K  Haiku


Patriots are good

Eagles Eaaan   Djfjrurofkduh fuddkj, jmj adshdsshdjkskdld;dlrpeorkdchdhdwkslslslsl

Sdk. =  hjjuPractc hatyou pr

The ocean has its silent caves,

 Deep , quiet, and alone;

Though there be fury on the waves,

Beneath them there is none.

The awful spirits of the deep

hold their communication there;

and there are those for whom we weep,

the young, the bright , the fair.

--Nathaniel Hawthorne

We weep for the young, the bright, and fair here on land

Too. Although it is not silent on land you can still

Hear our spirits. Although, sometimes you may wish you didn’t.

                                                                                                      February 15, 2018

Out of the dark comes light, shining bright, brighter than the

all of the stars in the universe.                              

  From the light Love is born. Love of pure Light.            

Victoria Seros.                                  

I see stars through and past my scars;

Tinged, red - at least I’m not dead…

This class is so confusing.

It seems noobody can type

Greetings to my mum

Jamie is awesome


John is my brother.When I wa s in California, everyone was smoking we3ed. Everyone. Except those eating brownies. I supect they were all high. Tru


You may nevnever know when you. get you

Rto shine so when g

E get the c hanc e,  you o

  Don ‘t want to ruin it.

Dav e hasred hair in. His ead. It shin es in the sun tears part

V ivid strips. Rare heat rises as stair.  Arrive. He shaved his

Head and Dave died.    Ellen. Pikul

Im. Sad to see thist hin g go

Keep the struggle

I hate my. Life.

January. 15, 1986. This is the date I decided to type. It does

Not hold importance to me, nor was I even alive when this date

Happened. Fortunately for you, the reader, that does not matter

Also unfortunately for you, the reader, i forgot to end my last

Sentence with a period, and an ,,I<< uncapitalized. I also didn ‘t

Know, and still don’t know how apostrophies work. I see now, they’re

Above the numbers. I’m rambling now, but I don’t believe that to

Be a problem. @This is me testing out apostrophies@. I probably

Spe.lled that last word wrong. I guess I’ll finish my piece now.

H at last i see her

   Glistening gleaming, my dear

   RefrigerLife is like a scary rollercoaster

Through ups and downs and all the horrifying moments

You come out just fine

Life is ultimately upon yourself to make it the best


You can be a king or a street sweeper,

But we will all have a dance with the grim reaper.

Hunterlucas was here.

TomorrowI say see you later to my husband . Deployments suck

Long days and lonely nights ahead, but each day that passes is

Another day closer. We will live each day knowing the pain of being

G apart. Wewill live each day . We will appreciate and

Embrace the moments together. We will find solacebecause in the

End, I have you. I'll be waiting, every single time.

Yellow stones sit sideways on mountain tops.

Funny hjow the ones that seem like they have it all together

Are the ones that fall apart

I am going to marry the love of my life soon . I didn’t know that

I deserved love. I was told that I would never find true love b

Ut I have. I can’t wait to actually feel the embrace of a loved


School shootings are a mental health problem, not a gun problem.

Tim  is tem porary. Nevermind the bad, and focus on the good.

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Ic r r. For myself

I got royalty got loyalty insider my DNA.

Esty wants coffee bu cant afford it r.i.p

I really like dogs

Im going to be a pimp till the day i die,don’t qoute me

Kindns  costs nothing.

Set controls to outer-space now flying higher than evr. Before

Rangers. IN SPACE!

You’re beautiful baby from the outside in

Chase you're dreams but you'll always know

The road that will lead you home again

Goon take on this old world but to me

You know you'll always be my little girl

When you were in trouble that crooked smile

Could melt my heart of stone …

Sometimes I whisper in your sleep

I love you in the moonlight at your door

As i walk away, i hear you say

Daddy love you more


Changing this out was too simple. Now i just need to geto to the end

Ccrysa. Ryan borm june 171983 Clark AB  favorite colors blue

What triggers a memory in art? Color,line, gaze, fear, happy, s

Sad. People will remember if an emotion is triggered. ::) :)    4






4.  Chk - chhk -chk - chk l chk - chk -chk - chk l chk - chk - chk - chhhhh

I’ve never written on a typewriter before. It creates a sense

Of finality. I’m not sure how i f eel about it.

Hello is it me you’re looking for????


9 fish tickling my toes

6 strands of har blowung across my eyes

2 umbrellas casting their shadows

0 sounds of silence


2 clouds dark and menacing

2 eyes staring out into oblivion

Man.diets suck

Like i just wanna finish that pac. Of sour patch kids


Sometiems i think i raed or spell correctly

But i often get letters mixed

                                                                                                      February 16, 2018

From time to time

   The clouds give rest

  To the moon-beholders.

-matsuo basho

As i was going to st. Ives, i met a man with seven wives

Each wife had seven sacks, each sack had seven cats

Each cat had seven kits; kits, cats, sacks, and wives,

How many were going to st. Ives?



Two roads diver


Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled

By, and that has made all the difference.

Is this a holy thing to see?

Kiss the ring or end up bombed into democracy.

We don’t launch our invasions out of greed or out of hate;

We’re only your redeemers, and we’re here to liberate.

And those of you who live to claw your way out of the dust

Will thank us for the opportunity to live like us.

We’re spared the backward brainwashing that fills up all your heads;

We’re raised by liberal schools and corporate media instead,

Taught to think we’re millionaires who are (for now) embarrassed,

Dreaming of expensive cars and summer homes in Paris,

Sacrificing first fruit at the altar of John Galt.

I’ll be your Jeremiah ‘til your god turns me to salt.

So, the other night, I was going through my archives of poetry

And I stumbled upon this gem of a poem. It's agem, not because

It's good, but because it's cheesy.

Here's the backstory: I wrote this poem for a girl named Chantalnot because I wanted to or becaue I particularly liked her, but because

She ASKED me to write a poem for her. Like, from what I can remember,

She was coming on to me pretty strong. The problem, for me, was twowwo-

Fold: 1) As a cloistered child, I was stubbornly set in my naivette,

2) I hade a HUUUUUUUUUUGE crush on a girl named Nel, who was, at

The time, one of Chantal’s really close friends.

I s;pecifically remember, one nin  night going for a walk around

Nel’s neighborhood, XXX Eastern Shores in North Miami Beach, and w

Walking to the park at the plaza by the movie theater. I think

That’s when Chantal asked me to write the poem for her…

I don’t remeber…

Anyways, I remeber not making a move purposely, because I didn’t

Feel comfortable, I wasn’t experienced, I wasn’t confident…

And that’s fine. But I still wrote the poem. Here it is:

To You

Wgat More can I say or do?

 When you stroll with me down the streets,

As the street lights bounce off of your

Gorgeous green eyes.

Never knowing,

Only thinking

What to say

Or what to do.

 Read this carefully because

 Nothing is never, never

Evere what they seem.

Veering away constantly is what the triuth is doing,

Eluding your sight, and therefor eluding your mind.

Really read rigorously, using your gorgeous green eyes,

Question what you see, as well as what you don’t, &

Mark it when you find it.

Actions may speak louder than words,

But my words are actions,

Actions to be taken into account,

And so should yours.

 Be you, because you are you, and nobody else is you,

  With your XXXX stunning, curly; beautifully blonde hair, &

With Your gorgeous green eyes which can only match

With your beautiful self, out- and in- side,

Heart & Soul.

3:07 a.m.


So, yea, I think this poem sucks LOL! But it was a nice first attempt

At composing a cheesy love poem, of sorts I guess. Chantal liked

It, from what I remember - X. Unless she was lying, but I don’t think

She was.

I’m typing not because I feel like I have anything particularly

Interesting to say but because I can tell the sound of the typewriter

Is driving a lot of people apeshit. We all want to be liked, but

People expect you to mold yourself into something they can like

Effortlessly. Sometimes, it’s better to learn to enjoy being

Disliked, Write a hundred poems, and nobody calls you  a poet.

Suck one dick, and everybody calls you gay.

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down,

Never gonna run arounnd and desert uyou, never gonna make you

Cry,never gonna say goodbye, never gonna gonna tell a lie and

Hurt you



You can be assured that i need no one’s guidance in anthing coc

Concerning propriety

-Marie Antoinette

Across cultures darker people suffer most. Why?

I had to do this for english comp two for a project my name is

I had to do this for my english comp

Two class on feb 16 2018

My project is on the type writer project

The weather outside is nice today. Meaning that it was sunny ^

And had a nice temperature outside at the time I wrote this.

I din’t like Pensacola all that much when my family moved

Down here. I knew a beauty of a different kind than the one of  Pensacola. Perhaps other places are more beautiful anyway.

I have come to appreciate it more; sure, the beach is nice.

There are manyp.         Down here. I like the UWF campus. It

Has a ——- variety of trees. -

SO this is the lastalast day of. The this project ans i’ve decide

To put something down. This is the first time i’ve used a typewriterw

Writer. It’s pretty neat. I’m kinda wishing i had taken BLYN’S

Class now. Secret time; Joseph’S teaches one class: HEMINGWAY.

Every other class is jut Hemingway in disquise. Also: Buaulch

Is a sweet cinnimon bun of a man. Don’t let him trick you into

Thinking otherwise.

I AM FAST And fun n i can dream dreams that nobody has dreamt

I would go on adventures all over the world

I want to write out my imagination

I ENJOY seeing peace

Frankly, i’m just impressed someone found a working manual for

This project.

This is the way the installation ends

This is the way the installation ends

This is the way the installation ends:

Bang. See you space cowboy


Yhave brains in your head

You have feet in your shoes


can steer yoururself

Any direction you choose

You’re on your own. And you know what you know

And YOU n are the guy who’ ll decide where to go

It’s Feb. 18th.

The project is officially over, but I couldn’t bare to not see

It off somehow, with some final words. This project has been my

Bread and butter this semester. It’s sustained me.

I feel that I’ve grown as an artist thanks to it.

It*s sad to see it go, but go it must.

Thank you for providing me an outlet, one not as solitary as

My poetry-notebooks, to convey and express my emotions.

I sometimes get too lonely.

Sometimes people, even people I love most,

And usually people I love dearest,

Jutst piss me the fuck off.

The tension caused by this weird baradox is immense, extreme,

Sometimes un bearable…

Thank you Typewriter





Its better to havduust iin the windlpdust in the wind


Dust in the wind

Rreerkr If anyone has seen a black leather cas. In the english

Buildings, then please contact Matthew Daniels at 850-712-1212