Committee: 3rd GA-SOCHUM

Topic Area: Preventing violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Country: Hungary

Delegate Name: Anna Papakonstantinou


Our society doesn't always accept things different from what they are used to. They discriminate against people with different beliefs and sexual orientation or may even go as far as acting violently. This happens even in our days worldwide. The LGBD community faces these problems in an everyday basis because of the lack of education and widespread anti-discrimination laws. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights claims in the first and second paragraph that „each individual is entitled to all the rights and freedoms, without distinction of any kind“ and that violent actions or discrimination against someone because of his sexual orientation or gender identity are disapproved.


In the Constitution of Hungary is suported that everyone has the right to express their mind but if they have the intention to disrespect the human dignity of others they can be sued. Also „everyone shall be equal before the law and have legal capacity“ ; Article 15.1 & 2. Hungary advocates the accomplishment of equality of oportunity and social inclusion; (Article 15.4) They try to treat everyone equaly and reduce the descrimination against one another. Today the LGBT people can not get married or adopt a child but except from these laws there are none laws against them.

Being attracted to the same gender or having different prefferations from other people is not a sin or a crime and homosexuality is not just a phase. It is unbelievable that even in our days there are people that discriminate someone or go as far as to act violent just because of someone's gender identity. The LGBT people face many problems and they are even scared for their lives and that can also affect them psycologically.

The delegation of Hungary believes that these problems must be solved immediately. To do so some movements must be enforced. Firstly education is the key. Children and in general the society must be informed about the human rights and specialy about the LGBT rights. Having active converrsations in schools will help the kids to understand things more. To combate prejudice organisations or campaignes should have public speeches. Strict laws must be enacted and include homophobia as a bothering factor in laws against hate crime and hate speech.

To conclude, violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is a serious issue all over the world that must be solved and can be solved if everyone would show some understanding or even report violent incidents. We must stop avoiding this problem and ignore those people and finally help them.