Honor Roll of Contributors to Photo & Document Collection

Updated to September 10, 2017

The following is a list of individuals who have generously loaned or donated items to the Rib Lake Historical Society.  Wherever possible, the scan number has been added to those items scanned into the Society’s collection of photos and documents.  Contributors listed in alphabetical order.  

This list may very well not identify the total range of contributors’ donation or loaning of items.

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Amo, Faye

Dorchester, WI



An enthusiastic Rib Lake historian, Faye is the daughter of Edward Kelnhofer and the granddaughter of George J. Kelnhofer, the founder of Kelnhofer general store; the store has been in continuous operation since its construction in 1897, and in 2012 is Ed’s IGA.  Faye created two marvelous scrapbooks of Rib Lake history by organizing her father’s photographs and interviewing him and making detailed notes of his firsthand remembrances.

Anderson, David & Helen


Rib Lake, WI

In Oct. 2009, loaned postcards of Spirit & Rib Lake.  #16684 & 16685

Anderson, Peter & Kelly

W3643 Kapitz Rd

Rib Lake, WI  54470


On May 3, 2017, Peter and Bob Rusch searched for evidence of the steam hauler ice road north of Ritchie Lake. Peter generously loaned for scanning Doc. #20739 “Michigan log marks.”

Angelo, Richard  “Dick” & Vivyen,

N 8864 Leonard Lane, Westboro.  

715 427 5474

The Angelo home occupies part of the former Westboro Lumber Co. site.  They loaned their abstract of title which has been scanned.

Aszmann, Russ

Taylor County Forestry Dept.

224 S. Second St.

Medford, WI  54451


After many years of service as Assistant County Forester, Russ succeeded Brad Ruesch as Taylor County Forester in May, 2013.  Aszmann reported the discovery of historic logging artifacts to the Rib Lake Historical Society in 2012.  An inspection of the site by Bob Rusch & Russ showed where the actual site of RLLC Camp 13 and a previously unknown railroad ROW approximately one mile south.  Both have been photographed and added to the Photo & Document collection.  

Bailey, E. Michael

817 Charlene Ave.

Tomahawk, WI  54487


Mike obtained a degree in forestry from the UW-Stevens Point and began work for the Wis. Conservation Dept. at Tomahawk in the 1960’s.  He became a manager in the fire control headquarters there and began to study aerial photos.  This led to his creating a map of the 1933 fires in eastern Lincoln County that burned up to the uncut holdings of the RLLC.  He reports that his field examination would confirm the aerial photographs, specifically; popple was thriving in the burned areas and hardwood in the unburned areas. He also reported to Rusch that the evidence suggests that the huge fire of 1933 in the Town of Corning had a number of sources along CTH M in the Town of Corning. This would be consistent with anecdotal reports that fires attributable to berry pickers had started the blaze, i.e. people dropped cigarettes which accidentally caused the fire.  

Bailey’s letter of 2012, see Photo & Doc. Collection “The circled x’s (x) indicate ignition points. My understanding is that the one in section 2 [T 31 R 4 E], near the Copper River & Hwy M, is the original ignition point. The others …..”     “THE AREA COVERED BY THE FIRE IS, BY MY ESTIMATE, 5 TOWNSHIPS OR 115,200 ACRES.” (emphasis added)

Bamonte, Tony & Suzanne

1308 E. 29th Ave.

Spokane, WA 99203


Barnes, Daniel


Elwin McLeod bus. Card, #15062, c. 1939 “Freiberg & McLeod Agcy Insurance”

Barney, Christopher N. & Pamela

3913 Dory Ct.

Franklin, WI  53132-8298


Postal history contact

Baumgartner, Karen R.

165 Wyoming St.

Phillips, WI  54555



Becher, Thomas

717 S. 9th Ave.

Wausau, WI  54401



Interests: Union Leather Co, Knowlton, WI

Becker, Barbara

921 Second Ave. S

Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495


Barbara donated to the Rib Lake Public Library yearbooks of Westboro and Rib Lake High Schools in memory of Robert L. Becker.  The yearbooks include #14211, the 1947 Westboro High School yearbook “Trojan”

Becker, Ronald

N9286 Long Lake Rd.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Ron and his mother, Mary, live next to Long Lake Road and are long-time, dear friends.

#14835, Ron lent documents obtained by his late grandfather, Frank Becker, in his capacity as Rib Lake Village Clerk

Bergmann, Priscilla “Peachy”

a/k/a Mrs. Herbert Bergmann

N2422 State Hwy 97

Medford, WI  54451


Priscilla, known to friends by her nickname, “Peachy,” was born a Yorde and grew up at the Yorde homestead, utilizing former buildings of RLLC Camp 18 in the Town of Corning, Lincoln County, Wisconsin.  Her magnificent photo collection begins at 19982.

Peachy was married to Herbert Bergmann, chairman of Taylor County Board of Supervisors, who was contacted by the descendants of Ernst Gerstberger to log the former Gerstberger farm.  After Herb viewed the forest, he was so impressed by the beauty of the near-virgin forest conditions that he successfully headed an effort to preserve it as Gerstberger Pines County Park.

Blomberg, Kathy & Lyle

Kathy and Lyle are dear friends and took a leadership role in the construction of the Timms Hill Trail.  About 1995 at the site of the old Bass Lake beer bar they constructed, by hand, a delightful modern restaurant, resort and log cabin assembly room.  The resort is called High Point Village and the restaurant is the Hill O’ Beans.  Both have acted in a variety of dramas put on for the public, including “Don’t Hug Me I’m Pregnant,” which was filmed in October, 2014, by Wisconsin Public Radio.

Blomberg, Roger & Tammy

W2707 Hultman Lake Rd.

Ogema, WI  54459


Tammy is employed at the Rib Lake Public Library.  Roger loaned to the Society the spectacular oversized chain, which he found about 1980 in the woods near Spirit Lake.  

Bohte, Edward & Estelle

W2728 Wood Creek Ave.

Rib Lake, WI


The collection of Estelle & Edward Bohte begins at 14326 and ends at 14393.

This delightful couple live on their farm home that was once owned by Stephen Konz, and in the house that served as the Konz Post Office.

Bonde, Agnes

c/o Golden Living  Center

650 Pearl St.

Rib Lake, WI  54470



Brahmer, Chet

Aspirus Health & Rehab

Medford, WI  

Chet and his deceased wife were the long-time operators of Chet & Bernie’s Tap in downtown Interwald.  This delightful country tavern had a popular baseball field.

Chet advises that the late Harry Curran gave him a variety of historic photos presently in the possession of his children, Gerald, Duane and Greg Brahmer and Brenda Schreiner.  

Brahmer, Greg & Lorraine

N7494 Mielke Rd

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Greg Brahmer’s parents, Chet & Bernie, born Bernadine Scheithauer, operated a popular tavern and popular baseball field on County Highway M for over 50 years.  Chet had acquired the magnificent photographic collection made by Interwald pioneer and postmaster George Knower. Greg and the entire Brahmer family generously loaned this collection to the Society, making possible this spectacular photographic array beginning at image 19766.

Brehm, Qathryn



Qathryn Brehm is currently living on the west coast near San Francisco.  She contacted the Society on August 8, 2015 about six 35 mm negatives, which her father had purchased from Emma Voemastek, the widow of John J. Voemastek, long-time owner and editor of the Rib Lake Herald.  Each image is well composed and clear and has been numbered 19389-19393.  The images provide a previous, largely missing photo history of portions of Block A and D of McComb’s Racing Park Addition to the Village of Rib Lake. Qathryn also furnished a delightful photograph of George Knower’s “The Interwald Store” and post office about 1928, accession number 19393. The Society is very much indebted to Qathryn and looks forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Briggs, Diane

2056 W. Vista Circle

DePere, WI  54115

Diane is a retired schoolteacher who happened to teach children, whose mother was born in Rib Lake.  Diane generously donated the Sternhagen (Bleck) obituary, #17720.

Brunner, Joanne

W5253 Morner Rd.

Prentice, WI  54566-9570

Joanne is a retired teacher and a real role model; she is an active senior citizen, regularly participating in biking and snowshoe events. She contributed Doc. 14746, a photo of the Ruesch Bros. Cigar Factory of Medford, WI.

Brush, Frank

102 E. Kiowa

New Strawn, KS  66839



Frank’s great-grandpa=Aretis Brush, RLLC supt.   Obit. 13433 000009

Bucher, Fr. Otto, O.F.M. Cap.

St. Anthony Retreat Center

300 E. 4th St.

Marathon, WI  54498-9601



Fr. Bucher, in 2011, serves as the parish priest for Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Rib Lake.  He generously donated copies of church related documents.

Buksa, Betty

Buksa, George John

720 Holden Rd.

Rib Lake, WI 54470


This dear friend is sometimes called “George Buksa, Jr.” although his father was George Joseph Buksa.  A true lover of Rib Lake history, George tried to convince his father to buy and preserve the Rib Lake Lumber Co. railroad upon its abandonment in 1948.  His collection begins at 16510.

Butler, Jerry

N9396 Spirit Lake Rd

Rib Lake, WI  54470


About 2014 Jerry was appointed head of the Dept. of Public Works by the Village of Rib Lake.  He has proven to be a strong friend of the Society. For example, in the spring of 2017 he was cleaning out the old village hall and came across dozens of old rolled documents.  Before throwing them out, he invited Bob Rusch to examine the documents.  They included truly valuable old maps of the village and the construction blueprints of a “administration building” proposed to be built in the Village in the 1920’s, which was, in fact, never built.

Cahow, Adam & Esther

1511 Cty. Rd F

Eau Claire, WI  54703


Professor Adam Cahow for many years taught glacial geography at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  He has strong ties to Rib Lake.  About 1983, he was the first person to lay out the Ice Age Trail in Rib Lake and Taylor County. At that time there was both the Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation and, a separate organization, the Ice Age Trail Council.  He was paid by a private trail supporter, Congressman Henry Ruess of Milwaukee.  It is the intention of the Rib Lake Historical Society to attempt to scan in photos of his pioneering trail efforts.

Carlson, Gary L., The Honorable

Lake Esadore


Medford, WI    unlisted—see secure file,

Retired Circuit Court Judge Carlson generously donated a genuine Scribner decimal c scale stick.  It is the most commonly used device in Taylor County for calculating the board feet in trees and saw logs.  Doc. #15008

Clendenning, Gwen D

331 Almeron St

Evansville, WI  53536



Gwen is the daughter of Jeanette Clendenning, nee Curran, and granddaughter of Chester Curran and Augusta “Gusty” nee Pries. Her spectacular collection runs from 18871-18950.

Clendenning, Lee “Butch”

Rib Lake, WI

Son of Francis “Fran” Clendenning, nee Knop.  Loaned a spectacular collection of material to the Society, scanned with beginning number 18651.

On 9/20/2015, my good friend “Butch” loaned the Society additional photographs, 19416-19420.  When I interviewed him regarding growing up in a building on McComb Avenue just north of the drug store, he explained it was the former office of dentist Ray Mauch; Ray apparently disposed of teeth he has extracted by tossing them in the backyard since Butch found many of them scattered there.

Coleman, Ilene Becker

N9345 Long Lake Rd.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Ilene, daughter of Mary Becker, is a dear friend and current manager of the Rib Lake Bakery.  She loaned photos 19828-19831A showing buildings previously standing at or near the current Rib Lake Bakery.  The current bakery, built c. 2014, should not be confused with that long operated by John McRae; McRae’s bakery, in 2016, still stands approximately 200 feet north of the modern bakery.

Curran, Harold  A.

956 N. Front St.

Rib Lake, WI 54470


Loaned photos 14423 & 14424.

In 2011, Harold is a delightful 95 year old, who has returned to Rib Lake, the place of his birth.  He comes from one of Rib Lake’s oldest families.  His father was the long-time locomotive engineer for the RLLC, Chester Curran.

Curran, Tom

1305 E. 2nd St

Merrill, WI  54452


Tom is an avid Rib Lake local historian.  His hunting shack near Wood Lake features a spectacular collection of historic items collected by his father, Harry Curran.

Damm, Robert & Judith A

N3004 CTH E

Medford, WI  54451


Dba Damm Financial Tax & Accounting Services

202A S. Main St

Medford, WI  54451


Donated 1943 train wreck photos.

In 2016 Judy loaned photos of her grandparents, Frank & Ida Rudolf, aka Rudolph; image 19590 as well as a magnificent family album featuring the Damm Brothers sawmill at Stetsonville.

Daniels, Angela

N3487 River Dr.

Medford, WI  54451

Angela Daniels, nee Synol, aka Mrs. Bruce Daniels.  Her grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. William Niggemann, were long-time owners and operators of “Bill’s Fine Cheese”, which manufactured quality cheese in the Village using locally produced milk.  Doc. #16700ff

Desris, Joseph “Joe”

Box 400

1119 Kennedy St

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Assorted clippings from scrapbook, beginning at 14479.

Joe has also generously donated material from the “Soldiers of Christ,” a Rib Lake based organization founded by his father, John.  See image #20461 and following.

Dodge, Lynn L.

108 Bennington Dr.

Lynchburg, VA 24503



Retired Director of

Lynchburg Public Library

2315 Memorial Ave.

Lynchburg, VA  24501

Lynn Dodge contacted us after seeing our website and generously loaned a variety of photos from her collection, including Ole Peterson and Nettie Dodge, nee Peterson, materials.

Dorgan, Jason

10848 Blue Mountain Ave.

Blue Mounds, WI  53517

I first met Jason about 2005, when he ran the entire Ice Age National Scenic Trail – then approximately 1000 miles long.  Jason is a hardworking and effective member of the Board of Directors of the Ice Age Alliance and has furnished the Society a variety of photos and documents pertaining to the Ice Age Trail.  In December, 2013, he penned these beautiful words: “Though there are many beautiful places in the world, I believe we have a little ribbon through our state that provides as much wonder and joy as any place I have seen.”  I cannot think of a more concise and appropriate description of the Ice Age Trail.  –RPR

Dubois, Valorie

5017 261st Lane

Wyoming, MN  55092

Valorie has made several outstanding gifts to the Society.  She has the delightful, generous hobby of acquiring items in antique stores and reuniting the items with individuals or organizations that “should have them.”

Duffey, Patty


1735 Sebring Hills Dr.

Henderson, NV  89052



Patty is the daughter of Howard J. Rusch, who was the son of Oscar Rusch.  Patty generously gifted to RPR a number of wonderful Rusch family history items following the death of Howard in 2012.  The gifted items include the spectacular portrait of Herrmann Emanuel Rusch; as of 9/20/2014, the portrait remains framed and for that reason, unscanned.  The baptismal certificate of “Oscar Heinrich Rusch” in German and dated 9/28/1890 at St. Paulis Kirche at Fairchild, WI is image 16332.  Oscar H. Rusch’s German language confirmation certificate is image 16344.  I will be forever indebted to Patty for the gift of these spectacular items.

Dums, Irene

W4182 Brehm Ave,

Rib Lake 54470  


June, 2009 loaned extensive collection on Thums and Dums families and St. Anns
Church---12900ff.   In March 2013 she generously loaned more, # 16759ff.

Easton, Larry

Soo Line Historical & Technical Society, Inc.

1315 Green Acres Ln.

Neenah, WI  54956-4515

920-725-4160        mileposts@sbcglobal.net

Soo Line Historical photos

Eau Claire Area Research Center

William D. McIntyre Library

UW-Eau Claire

Eau Claire, WI  54702-5010



On Jan. 19, 2011, RPR had pleasant telephone contact with “Lark” at 715-836-2739.  The street address is 507 Garfield Ave.  You reach the library off of Claremont by going north on State Street, west one block to the UW Visitors Center. By calling at least one day ahead to the Visitors Center, 715-836-2544 or 2003 or 2002, one can obtain a free pass to use the Visitors Center parking lot.  The research center is 2 blocks from the Visitors Center.  

Enders, Robert “Bob” A.

4252 Weymouth Dr. SE

Grand Rapids, MI  49508




Bob loaned the Society a truly delightful, comprehensive collection featuring the Enders family, originally pioneer settlers at Wood Lake. Scanning begins with #17173.

My father, Herman A. Rusch, was a life-long friend of Bob’s uncle, Joseph Andrew “Joe” Enders.  My father had always told me that he and Joe served as cookees at RLLC Camp 14. About 1983 my father and I called Joe, who insisted that he and dad had served at Camp 18.  My father – to the best of my recollection – acquiesced.  On the other hand, my father told me the cute story about a warm, early spring day at camp; he and Joe Enders looked at a creek, which had just lost its ice; the one dared the other to jump in. They both did so.  A lumberjack shouted “get a camera, get a camera.”  Lemke Creek runs adjacent to Camp 14 where my father felt he worked with Joe Enders as cookee.

Bob has instructed me to return the originals of his material, following scanning to Ms. Peg Tuma, 258 Vincent Street, Medford, 715-748-2406.

Enyeart, Bernice

3086 E. 100 N

Huntington, IN  46750



Rib Lake vacation home:

1218 Church St.

Rib Lake, WI  54470

Nov. 4, 2010, donated package of material, including Doc. 14154 “An Account of the Ansorge Family”.  RPR is attempting to locate a better copy of this fascinating booklet.  She also donated copies of genealogical information on the Herman Carl Klemm family, a portion of which has been scanned in as Doc. 14156.

Ernst, Robert


Esselman, Timothy



Tim Esselman reports that the Esselman family had one of the first cottages on Big Spirit Lake – constructed in the 1900’s.

Ewoldt, Brad                                                  

1135 Church Street, Rib Lake, WI 54470    712 540 0340

Brad is son of M/M Randy Ewoldt nee Hebda.  He purchased a  former RLLC  home at 1135 Church  St and  while removing  linoleum from a second story room found  old  newspapers including  fragments of  old  Rib Lake  Heralds.  RPR photographed him and newspapers on site 7/9/2011; Brad also found a fragment of roll material showing the stenciled name “Henry Mathias”.  The material was shipped to RL c 1920 when Henry and Elizabeth Mathias owned the structure.

Located, inter alia, fragment of Rib Lake Herald, #15017, while removing linoleum in former Tom Hebda house—paper dated 8/15/1930 and exists in no other location.    The 2 pages of local news and ads   are scanned—see #15017.

Fifield, Lisa A., nee Rusch

1835 Pennsylvania Ave. So.

St. Louis Park, MN 55426

A niece of Robert P. Rusch and daughter of Everett A. Rusch.  After contracting Lupus and being unable to continue her normal work, she studied art & has become a nationally-known painter, specializing in Native American graphic art. An enrolled member of the Oneida Indian tribe of Wisconsin, her artwork is on display at a variety of public locations, including the Smithsonian Museum, Washington D.C. Three water-color paintings have been included within the photo & document collection by permission, see 16356-16358.  The scanned copies within the Society’s collection are greatly reduced in size from the original and fail to do them justice.

Finkler, Earl & Chris

434 Pine St.

Medford, WI  54451

First Lutheran Church

Attn: The Rev. Bob Giese


Copy of 2010 history of congregation, including photos and names of members.

 Also includes First Lutheran congregation of Ogema, Wisconsin.

Fleming, Steve

W14727 River St.

Gilman, WI  54433

Steve is a retired school teacher and in 2014 serves as the chair of the Town of Jump River, Taylor County, Wisconsin.  When I asked his assistance to get photographs of the Jump River area to include in the Arcadia Published book, “Taylor County,” he immediately and positively responded.  His photographs are numbered 17753-17756.

Fliehs, Harold

N4959 Hetland Ave.

Rib Lake, WI 54470


On 9-20-2012 with Linne Henrickson, Dan & Keith McCluskey joined in day-long field search location Camp 14, Camp 16 & Camp 17 of RLLC. See 16395ff.

Fliehs, Steven L.

N6406 Settlement Dr.

Medford, WI  54451




Steve and his wife are the owners of a spectacular collection of photographs taken by Cy Clausen.  Cy was a registered land surveyor and the owner of the Rib Lake Telephone Co. and a semi-professional photographer.

Forest History Association of Wisconsin, Inc.

PO Box 424

Two Rivers, WI  54241-0424

Frasher, Franklin

N624 Larson Dr.

Owen, WI  54460


Computer guru.  His wife is Dr. Terrie Flandermeyer.

Fredenburg, Barbara & Edward

9875 NE Meadow Loop

Newberg, OR  97132



Barbara’s extensive collection of the Kennedy family is #14045 through #14148. Barbara is the great-granddaughter of J.J. Kennedy and contacted RPR in May 2010 after she googled “J.J. Kennedy” and learned of the Rib Lake Historical Society. She reports that she and other family members possess other photos and documents of the Kennedy family, which she will share with the Society.  Barbara and her husband, Edward, visited Rib Lake and viewed the Kennedy sites on Oct. 7, 2010.  They were guests at the Rib Lake Community Club and Barbara was interviewed by Mark Berglund of The Star News.

Froehlich, Colette

6819 Blue Jay Ln

Rhinelander, WI  54501


Colette is a sister to Bernard “Ben” Kauer and the current Kauer family historian. The Kauer collection in the Document & Photo Collection contains family trees prepared and researched by Colette.

Fuchs, Dennis & Jill

N5758 Center Dr.

Medford, WI  54451


This outgoing married couple are the owners and operators of Foxy’s Cattail Tap.  Dennis, in 2014, serves on the county board and Rib Lake School Board.  They have provided a wealth of photos and information on the popular tavern at the junction of County Highway C & M.  See images beginning #18390.

Funk, Robert W & Jane S

W7694 Hackett Rd

Whitewater, WI  53190

0N768 Waverly Ct

Wheaton, IL  60187

In 2016 Bob is the president of the Ice Age Trail Alliance and played a leadership role in the spectacular creation of the new hiking trail for the Timms Hill Trail northward to Rustic Road 1.

Genisio, Joel & Nancy

N10052 South Fork Rd

Phillips, WI  54555-7031

This couple learned of the Rib Lake Historical Society through its Facebook page and inquired whether it would accept a donation of the 1954 and 1955 yearbook of the Westboro school system.  The Society enthusiastically responded with a yes.  This generous gift includes a wealth of information regarding the former Westboro High School.  

Cindy Sommer’s typing the names of the students and staff within the yearbook makes this information word searchable.  Ironically, within days of Cindy’s effort, her former mother-in-law, Sharon McNamar, nee Hollister, passed away.  Sharon Hollister’s picture and class information is contained within the 1955 yearbook.

Gibbons, Robert & Theresa

N3332 CTH Q

Medford, WI  54451


Loaned Camp Carter ad.

Giese, Jo

a/k/a Mrs. Robert J. Giese

W4946 STH 86

Ogema, WI  54459

Gilge, Brad

7906 Wood Pond Trail

Cross Plains, WI  53528



Brad’s great-grandmother was Martha Emilie Rusch, who married Julius Gilge. She was an aunt of RPR, but not to be confused with Martha Hedwig Rusch, nee Gebauer.  Brad is an accomplished historian and genealogist and has generously contributed material to the Document & Photo Collection.

Gilge, Jim & Gail

124 Robert St.

Schofield, WI  54476

Jim is a grandson of a Rib Lake pioneer family, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Gilge and Martha Emilie Gilge, nee Rusch.  They generously donated the Gilge family tree, #19981.

Gojmerac, Patricia A.

930 N. Front St.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Attn. Fr. Otto Bucher

513 State Rd.

Rib Lake


Copy of 1996 directory “Directory of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church,” #13262

The name of this congregation was changed following the closure of the parishes at Westboro & Chelsea.

Copy of 1996 directory “Directory of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church” The name of this congregation was changed following the closure of the parishes at Westboro & Chelsea. Scan #13262

Gordon, Phyllis

This delightful cousin was born a Knop. Loaned photos 13945ff.z

Grunewald, Atty. William

Grunewald Law Office

128 W. Division St.

Medford, WI  54451


Atty. William Grunewald has long practiced in Medford, WI, with the firm originally named Nikolay, Jensen and Scott.  He is an enthusiastic amateur historian, a dear personal friend, and a supporting friend of the Rib Lake Historical Society, having generously given the Society objects such as an historic Wisconsin Central Railroad map, and access to image 15982, the Hotel Winchester.

Haas, Colleen

H3273 Raspberry Rd.

Unity, WI  54480


Hall, Robert

d/b/a Railway Negative Exchange

1496 Los Rios Dr.

San Jose, CA 95120

This gentleman bent over backwards to provide the Society with spectacular 1947 photos of RLLC Locomotive 101.  Thanks Bob!

Hanke, Allan & Dorothy

W2704 Bear Ave.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Loaned copy of “The Hanke History Book”, image 13271ff.

Hanke, Steven

1957 Wilderness Ave

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Steve has an impressive Rib Lake heritage. Here is a list of his paternal genealogy: Greg, Vernon, George and Herman. Herman Hanke worked at the Matt McGillis Pine Camp for J.J. Kennedy in the 1880’s.

In 2017 Steve purchased from Paul Hohl the Little Bohemia Bar & Bowling Alley on McComb Avenue.  He is working with the Society to display their historic photos and documents. He has loaned to the Society, for scanning into its collection, original documents drafted by “Police Justice” George A. Clark, including affidavits for and arrest warrants where individuals absconded without paying their Rib Lake hotel bill of $1.00.  See image #20844.

Harding, Rich

N7237 Nehrbass Rd.

Athens, WI  54411



Harvey, Hollie

525 Lake St

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Hollie is the daughter of Jerry Heindl.  The Heindl’s operated the Clover Farm Store and adjacent gas station from c. 1940 until its closure in 1968. The store occupied the building that had been the original town hall prior to the incorporation of the village.  Later the building was a municipal power plant where a gas engine turned a dynamo generating electricity used in those buildings of the village whose owner wanted it and were willing to pay the fees.  The building stood in the SE corner of State Road and Railroad Street.

Hollie reported that Herbert Curran at one time leased the Clover Farm Store and operated the nearby gas station.

Hollie further reported that the Heindl’s purchased the store from a Mr. Goodman.  The store featured groceries, meats and vegetables and was razed about 1972.

Hebda, Stanley, Jr.  & Judy

718 Fayette Ave.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Heier, Darlene

W5663 Gravel Rd.

Medford, WI  54451


Darlene did one of those important jobs that frequently never get done.  She has prepared an index to Arthur J. Latton’s c. 1920 history of Taylor County, “Reminiscences and Anecdotes of Taylor County.”  The index can be found at 18532.

Heindl,  Jack  P.,

225 Marjorie Lane,

Medford, WI  54451  

715 748 6877

Jack donated a sizable collection—the Heindl Collection—in memory of his late uncle Frank Haas.   Frank was a native of Rib Lake and died and was buried there in 1958.   Never married, Frank  worked  as the fireman on the  

Camp  9 steam hauler and  took  many of the  photos in  this collection; often Frank  worked  with Cy Claussen at the  latter’s  Big Spirit Lake  home  developing photos  which  Frank took.  As of 9/20/2010 the  Heindl collection  is numbered 13971 thru 14041 but several  negatives awaiting  processing;  hard copy of this collection will  be  filed under,  Heindl, Jack P.

Heldstab, Duane

W10047 Heldstab Rd.

Westboro, WI  54490-9504

Duane is a long-time resident of the Town of Westboro who approached our book sale booth during the 2014 Ice Age Days.  He generously loaned photos, which have been scanned as Image 18332-36.

Henrickson, Linne

5800 Zink Rd.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


On 9-20-2012 with Dan & Keith McCluskey, Harold Fliehs, joined in day-long field search location Camp 14, Camp 16 & Camp 17 of RLLC. See 16395ff.

Herron, Marjorie Ann

804 S.W. 202nd Terrace

Beaverton, OR


Sister of Barbara Fredenburg-great-granddaughter of J.J. Kennedy

Hoffman, William “Bill”

N4517 W. Knox Rd. Brantwood, WI 54513

Bill is a hard-working amateur historian living near the Finnish Cultural Center in rural Brantwood.  The Rib Lake Hist. Soc. scanned in portions of his photo album regarding Greywood, aka Graywood, numbered 18121. Many of the photos in his collection were from Wayne Johnson.

Holtz, Marlene

N5254 Forest Dr.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


In 2014, Marlene was helping to remodel the Zondlo tavern building at the junction of Hwy C & STH 102.  In a cabinet within the bar she found the August 26, 1938 edition of the Rib Lake Herald, an edition which exists in no other location or format.  In short, it was a one-of-a-kind, miraculous discovery.  See image 18316.  

Honnold, Doug & Linda

1318 Forest Ave.

Evanston, IL  60201

N631 Cty. Rd. C

Ogema, WI  54459


847-3288-6901-Evanston home



Donated a copy of the book:  “The Danielson Family from Sweden and Norway to Southern Price County, Wisconsin and Related Families of Magnuson, Nelson and Peterson.

Hurd Windows & Doors

Attn: Scott Albers, Vice President of Operations/Administration

575 S. Whelen Ave.

Medford, WI  54451





Scott Albers and his associate, April Lucas, Director of Marketing, provided an extraordinary arrangement of material dealing with Hurd history in Medford during our meeting on December 5, 2013.  The material is scanned at 17580-17603.

Ice Age Trail Alliance

2110 Main Street

Cross Plains, WI

These are my allies and friends in building the 1000 footpath across the State of Wisconsin that will soon pass within 300 feet of the archives of the Rib Lake Historical Society.  A variety of friends and staff members there have provided maps and other documentation.

Jacobson, David

629 Decker Dr.

West Bend, WI  53090

David’s father was the late Norman “Jake” Jacobson, who in 2/1948 took a number of spectacular photographs of RLLC Camp 28 in its final months of operation, see photos 20923-20923I. In an outstanding act of generosity, David donated the photographs to the Rib Lake Historical Society.  As of 9/10/2017 they are the only photographs of Camp 28 in the possession of the Society.

Jadrich, Mike

21340 Pointe Dr

Rogers, MN  55374



Mike is one of the “three Mike’s” who met in Wisconsin’s north woods and “became fast friends through cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and other recreational activities.” See image #19678. The three Mike’s are preparing a movie on the Timms Hill Trudge.

Jaecks, Bruce & Ruby

15000 Cty. Rd U

Marathon, WI 54448

Ruby is the coordinator for the Lincoln Co. Chapter of the IAT; Bruce is the innovative and hands-on volunteer.  They have contributed a variety of documents regarding the Marinette, Tomahawk & Western Railroad and its depot at Dunfield, Lincoln Co., Wisconsin.

Johnson, Jeanette

613 McIndoe St.

Wausau, WI  54401

Jeanette is an avid and highly successful Knop family member and genealogist.  The photo & document collection contains many items created by her, including 18251.

Johnson, Wayne


Ogema, WI  

Wayne is the grandson of Peter Johnson, the first post master of Graywood, Wisconsin.  He resides on the former Peter Johnson farm on the SE NE Section 24, 34 North, 3 East, Town of Spirit. See map 18119. Wayne has a spectacular collection of historic photos, many of which were scanned in through the William “Bill” album 18121.

As of June 1, 2014, there exists a dispute over the proper spelling of the community, whether Graywood or Greywood. The Rib Lake Hist. Soc. will use both spellings. It will use the spelling provided by the source.

Justice, Mrs. Guy (nee Peterson)

N8916 Grittner St.

Westboro, WI  54490


Attended inaugural slideshow of Rib Lake Historical Society photo presentation at Westboro Public Library in March 2012.  Loaned photographs scanned as #15834-15839. Items returned by Lorraine Killion on Sunday, September 2, 2012.

Kalmon, Stephen Lars

N2838 Winter Sports Rd.

Withee, WI  54498


Steve is the originator of a unique Taylor County history.  He combined into three binders a topical history of the county written by over 50 individuals.  He completed this gigantic project in 2014.

Steve has a deep interest in the glacial period and the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.  The Document & Photo Collection contains a number of items authored by Steve, including a colored map of glacial features at 19342.

Kauer, Bernard “Ben” & Pearl

W1220 Wood Lake Ave.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Loaned photos and items re Mud Lake.

Kenny, Debbie, nee Clendenning

21953 W. Michele Ln.

Antioch, IL 60002



This wonderful, extensive collection focuses on the Clendenning and Donner families of Rib Lake.  Debbie learned of the Rib Lake Historical Society online and generously initiated contact through the public library, which resulted in her donating the original items to the Society.

Killion, Lorraine A.

N8645 CTH C

Rib Lake, WI 54470


Donated RL Herald edition c 1971; also did masterful job in proof reading thousands of page of the Anno Chrono.

Kissinger, Tricia & Karl

1321 S. Alicia Dr.

Appleton, WI 54914



Tricia is the daughter of the late Mike Zielke and the granddaughter of the family that long-operated Zielke’s grocery store on McComb Ave. in the Village of Rib Lake.  Tricia and Karl are dear friends with wonderful values, including a deep appreciation of public non-motorized recreation trails.  Ann and I had a chance meeting with them at the Rusch Preserve about 2000. Three primitive campsites had just been constructed there. The Kissingers came up with a beautiful name for the campsites, “stille Nacht.”  We all know this lilting Christmas carol identified in English: “Silent Night, Holy Night.”

Klimeck, John Sr.

N6040 CTH C

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Donated History of the Town of Chelsea—in 4 parts, published in the Star News c 1950. Author town clerk Knauth

Kobielush, Carol, nee Youngquist

N8464 Old Highway 13 Rd.

Westboro, WI  54490


Sister of the late Walter G. Youngquist, parents born in Sweden

Komarek, Renee L., nee Bleck

754 Kennedy St.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Renee is a grand-daughter of Anna Rusch Bleck and Robert Bleck, Sr.  She is a keen family historian.

Konz, Lawrence “Larry”

2343 W. Prospect Ave.

Appleton, WI 54914



Larry is the grandson of Rib Lake pioneer Stephen A. Konz and the retired president of Konz Wood Products, 616 W. Perkins St, Appleton, WI.  

After Stephen A. Konz left Rib Lake, c. 1915, he went to the Appleton, WI area and established wood-working plants that manufactured a variety of products, including cheese boxes. While box production ceased in 1965, Konz Wood Products has flourished into a highly-successful and diverse company. The photo & document collection includes several of its advertisements.

Kortenkamp, Daniel J., Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor

Dept. of Psychology

UW-Stevens Point 54481




Kriehn, Catherine

740 McComb Ave

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Kroll, Nancy Ann, f/k/a Mrs. Dale Strobach

827 McComb Ave.

Rib Lake, WI  


Nancy comes from a pioneer Rib Lake farm family, the Kroll’s.  Their farm was on the west side of CTH C ½ mile south of Fawn Avenue.  Nancy explained that Kroll is Polish for “rabbit.”

While married to Dale Strobach, she and Dale owned and operated the family market food store on the west side of McComb Avenue immediately south of the vacant lot in the SW corner of Landall and McComb; the vacant lot formerly had been the site of Ma Dodge’s Café.  

While married, the food store was known as Dale’s Supermarket.  Nancy operated the store for several years following the divorce as Nancy’s Family Store.

Nancy has loaned a variety of indispensible photographs to the Society, including a picture of “The Fair,” a department store long situated on the SE corner of Landall and McComb and operated by Phillip Marcus, the only known Jewish merchant to run a business in the Village.

Krolnik, Ms. Marie A. nee Kathrein, a/k/a Mrs Krolnik, Max

828 Lake Shore Drive

Rib Lake, WI  54470

828 Lakeshore  Drive

Rib  Lake,  WI  54470  

715 427 5702                          

#14778.  Laborers at Rib Lake tannery c. 1904.  RPR’s grandfather, Herrmann Emanuel Rusch, then worked there and should be on the photo.  As of 6-28-2011 he cannot be positively identified, although he appears to be in the bottom row, second from left.  RPR 6/28/2011.

In 2012 Ms. Krolnik generously donated to the  RL Library  her stunning collection of  

RL High School commencement materials—scanned copies of which are in the Photo & Document Collection.

Krueger, Kathleen D.

9090 Neill Lake Rd.

Eden Prairie, MN  55347



This highly competent, amateur genealogist authored the 12/21/2006 correspondence to Francis “Frannie” Clendenning, nee Knop.  Letter scanned as 18238 and is followed by additional work by Kathleen demonstrating the origin of a number of Rib Lake pioneer families in or around Plotzig, Rummelsburg, Pomerania.

Krueger-Nickel, Marlene

N1771 Catherine Way

Waupaca, WI  54981



Cousin to William Wallace. As of Dec. 1, 2011, Rusch is awaiting Marlene’s choice of a weekend when she will bring a Krueger album to the Society for scanning.  

Kuehling, Dennis & Carol

PO Box 98

231 E. Cook St.

Unity, WI  54488




Kuse Farm Museum & Nature Preserve

Hildegard Kuse & Loretta Kuse

W6219 Allman Ave.

Medford, WI  54451




Laher, Mrs. Kathy

W4122 CTH O

Medford, WI  54451


Donated c. 1900 United States Leather Co. bank ledger on 5/2012 to Rib Lake Historical Society, LLC.

Lind, Daniel & Jean

W2337 Wood Lake Ave

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Jean Lind, nee Hebda, is an active member of the Taylor County Genealogical Society.  On 9/28/2011 Dan faithfully serves as the Rib Lake Postmaster.  He obtained the information that the Rib Lake Post Office was opened in 1885 “in Kennedy’s store” and Duncan McLennan was its first Postmaster.

Lind, Luann & Darrel

N1169 German Settlement Rd

Ogema, WI  54459

Luann Lind’s letter, 13460A, 4-1-2010, explains circumstances of her discovery of Thomas Brehm letter, 8-20-1909, Doc. 13460.  In May, 2010, she serves as president of the German Settlement Historical Society.

Lucia, Robert L. “Bob”

Box 135

N9018 Lucia Rd.

Westboro, WI  54490


Bob is the reigning historical patriarch of the Westboro area and a dear friend.  He has contributed both written material, for example, Doc. #15257, as well as artifacts, including a 1920 kerosene lantern once used by engineer Curran of the Rib Lake Lumber Co. railroad.  One of the most unique artifacts is a steel arm used in the former switch operated by the RLLC to start the spur line to Camp 8.

Bob’s extensive collection has been scanned in, image #15555ff and returned with thank you.

Lundeen,   Phyllis

3rd  Street,  Wausau  715 427 3773

Daughter of  Clarence  Lundeen—long-time  Soo  Line engineer residing in  Westboro; granddaughter of  Jake Lundeen, pioneer  Westboro Hotel  &  tavern  owner

MacDonald, Allan J.

19560 4th Rd. Kenyon Twp.

RR 5

Alexandria, Ontario, Canada  K0C 1AO


Allan is a direct, blood descendant of the illustrious MacDonald family.  He contacted the Society in July of 2013.  He and his forefathers reside in Glengarry County, Ontario, close to the former J.J. Kennedy home.

Cindy Sommer notes that the spelling of his relatives that worked in Rib Lake during the Kennedy era was “McDonald.”

A mystery has arisen regarding the spelling of the name MacDonald.  The name is spelled McDonald upon occasion.  For example, in July 2013 the Society acquired a publication identifying the names of those receiving patents on real estate in the Rib Lake area.  At least one such patent was for a McDonald.

Madden, John R.


National Park Service

US Dept. of Interior

Ice Age National Scenic Trail

700 Ray-O-Vac Dr., Suite 100

Madison, WI  53711




Magnuson, Donna (Mrs. Lester)

N666 CTH C,

Ogema, WI

767 5734

June, 2009 loaned extensive collection photos and Rib Lake High School yearbooks, #13000ff

Magnuson, Joan and  Herbert

W 2166 Forest Drive,


715 767 5480

7/9/09 gave RPR tie and kind note on Spirit Methodist Church note card

Manion, Lori

Administrator, Rib Lake School District

1236 Kennedy Ave

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Lori has aided the Rib Lake Historical Society in many ways. For example, she has established the policy that anything being offered as a historical gift to the district will be made available for scanning by the Society.

Marcis, Dave & Helen



Box 645

Skyland, NC

Dave & Helen have a delightful summer home on Big Spirit Lake.  They single-handedly saved the Camp 28 Restaurant from financial hard times and are major enthusiastic community supporters.  They loaned the spectacular 3’ panoramic photo of the 1926 RLLC mill and dry yard crew, image 18694, for scanning, as well as other invaluable material.

Marschke, Carl

 On 7/9/2011 RPR photographed Marschke’s boyhood home on old STH 102 VRL now owned by Cameron Thums—son of Doug Thums

Marx, Howard & Mary Lou

W1406 Wood Lake Ave.

Rib Lake, WI 54470


Howard has been very helpful to the Society in facilitating access to the phenomenal historical artifacts of Rib Lake pioneers, Opal Bailey, her father Fred Bailey and her brother Frank, “Beatle,” Bailey.

Mathias, Daniel C.

3016 Popp Ave

Marshfield, WI 54449  

715 384 2367

 cell 920 621 3896

Holds Ph. D. in psychology.  Born in 1925 in Rib Lake to Henry and Elizabeth Mathias; brother to Hattie (Mrs Elmer) Taylor.  Avid local historian; moved from RL in 1944 to enter Army; worked at camp 26.  RPR photographed, mapped and collected dinner plate fragment, tin can and railroad spikes from Camp 26 with Dan 7/10/11.

Mathias, Joyce

101 N. Heritage Circle

Burnsville, MN  55337


Joyce is the daughter of Ed Synott, the last woods superintendent, “walking boss,” of the Rib Lake Lumber Company.  She is a graduate of the Rib Lake High School.

From time to time the Society receives spectacular donations.  On March 1, 2017, Joyce did that by donating professionally taken 1940 photographs of the RLLC woods operations at Camp 24, where caterpillar diesel D-4 tractors were first put to work skidding logs.

Mathias, Glenn  & Darlene

N9465 Spirit Lake  Rd

Rib  Lake, 54470  

427 5767

Son of Henry and brother of Daniel Mathias; home on Big Spirit next to former Elmer and Hattie Taylor cottage.   His father Henry purchased Camp 26 after its closure and Glenn owns that land in 2011 but all old camp buildings are gone; the camp well still stands.

Mauch, Jeff

N630 STH 102

Ogema, WI  54459


Son of Lulu and Jim Mauch, operators of the Spirit Lake Tavern until its destruction by fire October 23, 1997. Photo of tavern and fire is 16,881-16,882.

Tavern was a modern reconstruction of the (Little) Spirit Lake Hotel run by the Mais family and others.

Mayer, Diane E.

7030 N. Poplar Rd.

West Bend, WI 53090





Diane is the granddaughter of Michael Schwartz, Town of Rib Lake Road Boss and good friend of Herman A. Rusch. As of Dec. 1, 2011, Society awaits Diane’s furnishing her photo collection and other material for scanning.

As of 11/11/12, the Diane Mayer collection consists of images 16468-16505.

McCluskey, Joan & Daniel

N5190 Maple Rd.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


As of 4/23/2010, the name McCluskey does not appear in the index to photos and documents.

On 9-20-2012 with Linne Henrickson, Keith McCluskey, Harold Fliehs, joined in day-long field search location Camp 14, Camp 16 & Camp 17 of RLLC. See 16395ff.

McCluskey, Keith

N5084 Maple Rd.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


On 9-20-2012 with Linne Henrickson, Dan McCluskey, Harold Fliehs, joined in day-long field search location Camp 14, Camp 16 & Camp 17 of RLLC. See 16395ff.

McRae, Mr. V.J.

25683 John Rd.

Olmsted Falls, OH  44138

Meier, Albert

N394 Meier Rd.

Ogema, WI  54459-8436


“Al” is one of the patriarchs of the great Meier clan of German Settlement, Price County.  He played a key role in locating the sites of RLLC Camps 5, 10 & 13.

Meier, Kathy  A.


9728 34th Ave. SW

Seattle, WA 98126


I hear from my Hein relatives that the Rib Lake Centennial book is being revised and that Robert Rusch may be looking for pictures.  Didn’t you and Marvin work on something with him recently?  If you have his contact information, would you let him know that I have some photos that might be of interest?  While I don’t have as many items for the Heins/Vlachs/Rib Lake as I do for Meiers/Marheines/Olsens/Spirit, I do have some photos featuring logging and trapping themes in addition to the usual portraits and pictures of farms/houses in the Rib Lake area. Thanks, Kathy.

Meier, Marvin

4901 Blackberry Dr.

Wausau, WI 54401-8435


Meier, The Rev. Michael L.

N894 S. German Settlement Rd. Ogema, WI  54459



Wife is Toni E.

Melaski, Violet “Vi”

306 STH 102

Rib Lake, WI  54470

#16707.  A/k/a Mrs. Robert Melaski, nee Schlais.  Vi’s parents were long-term owners and operators of Schlais Clothing store on the west side of McComb Ave.  Clothing store closed c. 1980 and was remodeled into an apartment owned in 2013 by Robert Frombach, Jr.

Memorial Health Center

An Aspirus Partner

Attn: Stephanie Dray, Marketing Communications Specialist

135 S. Gibson St.

Medford, WI  54451




Stephanie has been wonderful to work with; she promptly supplied a variety of materials for consideration regarding the Arcadia “Taylor County” book project.

The following is a summary provided by Stephanie: About Memorial Health Center: Memorial Health Center, an Aspirus partner, is a nonprofit health care organization that serves Taylor, Price and Clark counties in northcentral Wisconsin.  The hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission, and is a critical access, Level III trauma Care Center.  In addition to the hospital, the organization includes primary care clinic locations in Gilman, Medford, Phillips, Prentice and Rib Lake, a specialists clinic, a retail pharmacy; two therapy centers; a public fitness center; Kidney Care (dialysis center); a continuum of Senior Care Services; and it is a satellite campus location for the Aspirus Heart & Vascular Institute and the Aspirus Joint Replacement Center. www.memhc.org; www.aspirus.org.

Merrill Historical Society

Beatrice A. Lebal, President

102 E. Third St.

Merrill, WI  54452


The Society has an extensive collection of photographs regarding logging.  Michael Weckwerth and RPR chose photographs #14213-216 for inclusion within the photo and document collection.

Mickelson, David M.

Emeritus Professor & Senior Scientist

Dept of Geoscience

University of Wisconsin-Madison

1215 West Dayton St.

Madison, WI  53706




Dr. Mickelson is an expert in glacial geography.  In 2015 he hiked the proposed route of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.  He confirmed that the proposed bifurcation of the trail in the SW NE, Section 13 33 2 East would be at the maximum extent southward of the Wisconsin glacier about 1800 years ago.  One fork of the trail will be on top of a high ridge made up of rock, stone, sand and soil, all of which was of a glacial origin.  The other fork of the trail will be through a hemlock-white cedar wetland at the base of the high ridge; the existence of glacial ice there prevented the deposition of glacial till or other material.

Mid-Wisconsin Bank

Rib Lake Branch

c/o Dawn Schupp

717 McComb Ave.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Collection beginning #13900 including  biographical note on J.J. Kennedy

Minarciny, Mary Lou, nee Zondlo, (Mrs. Steve Minarciny)

N9021 STH 102

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Her collection begins with image 13284, including clipping re Zondlo’s Bar &Ballroom and photographs.  Her parents were Frank and Luci “Lucianne” Zondlo, who co-owned Zondlo’s Bar with George & Vicky Zondlo, beginning in 1937.

Moon, Robert L. & Barbara

PO Box 151

Brodhead, WI  53520



Robert L. Moon is a dear friend of Bob Rusch; for many years he was a deputy for the Taylor County Sheriff’s Dept.  After resigning from the force, he became a licensed private investigator and did a truly stellar job of investigating cases and preparing them for trial at the Rusch & Rusch Law Office.

Barbara Moon is a Rib Lake native, the daughter of Ewald Nelson, whose 3-year accident free pin issued by the Rib Lake Lumber Co. was a spectacularly generous donation to the Rib Lake Historical Society.

Moxon, Judy

W1793 Little Spirit Dr.

Rib Lake, WI  

715 427 3265

Judy is a dear friend and long-time clerk for the Town of Rib Lake.  She has made numerous contributions regarding the history of the Spirit Lake area.

Nagel, Paul

722 E. Fillmore Ave.

Eau Claire, WI  54701

Loaned copy of Memories of Jacob S. Summy.

Nelson, Carl & Lorraine “Dorothy”

Lorraine “Dorothy” is a daughter of Carl Yorde and grew up at the Yorde homestead utilizing former buildings of RLLC Camp 18 in the Town of Corning, Lincoln County, Wisconsin.  Carl Nelson was a long-time employee of Peterson Construction, a company of Medford, and loaned the magnificent photo collection, scanned as 20209 ff.

Nelson, Margaret

916 Fayette Ave.

Rib Lake, WI  54470



Nelson, Stuart “Stu”


Stu Nelson is a renowned railroad historian specializing in the history of the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste Marie Railroad, the Soo Line.  He resides in Minnesota and provided the Society with image #16665, a writing authoritively defining railroad terms, including “way freight.”

Nordgren, Phyllis (Mrs. Gordon)

632 S. 16th Ave.

West Bend, WI  53095


3076 Rustic Road No. 1

Rib Lake, WI 54470


4/7/09 loaned photo collection

Obenhoffer, Dorothy, nee Thums

W4518 Brehm Ave.

Rib Lake, WI 54470


5/20/2009 loaned book full of old photos.

O’Connell, Diane S. & Patrick J.

9259 Norris Drive

Hobart, Indiana 46342




Diane’s maiden name was Witt.  Her parents purchased, about 1945, lots on Big Spirit Lake on the eastern terminus of North Road in the Town of Rib Lake.  An old wood-frame structure stood on the property.  The structure included a sign reading “Leisure Hours.”

The structure was razed in 1974 and replaced with a new cabin.  For many years the Witts drove to Cy Claussen’s home on the east side of the lake, where the Witts parked.  The Witts rented a boat from Cy and boated their baggage to their land; the boating was easier than trying to come down a steep hill between North Road and the cabin.

Olkives, Neal & Isabel

W1971 Wilderness Ave.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


For many years, this couple operated Olkives Lakeview Resort on Big Spirit Lake.  It was a classical resort with a tavern, attached restaurant and game room.  It also featured cabins, one of which was “winterized.”  Their collection of material begins at image 18380.  When they sold the business in the 1990’s, it marked the end of an era of the small family-owned resorts which once dotted nearly every local lake.

Pace, Gene & Joyce E.

3763 S. Bainbridge Dr.

Bloomington, IN 47401

Joyce Elizabeth Pace, nee Cunningham.

Loaned Wis. Central Railroad locomotive photos 15549-15552, which Joyce inherited from her great-uncle, Alfred W. Follett, long-time Wis. Central Railroad engineer.  Al Follett and his wife, Amy, had a summer cottage on South Harper Lake, built in 1921.  Each photo was professionally done and is of archival quality.  Photo 15549 is especially valuable since Wis. Central Historian Roy L. Martin – in his own handwriting – has added explanatory comments on the back of the photo.  

Parks, Mr. & Mrs. Ramon & Marion

831 Kennedy St.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Patrick, Bev & Michael

W3746 W. Rib Rd.

Westboro, WI  54490


With their son, Kyle, owners and operators of Patrick Fur Farm.

Patrick, Rose C.

N. Pearl St.

Rib Lake, WI  54470

3/2009—loaned Camp Carter photos and  ad

Peche, Gloriette

302 East Rd.

Rib Lake, WI  54470-9777


Peterson, James “Jim” Richard

Medford, WI

DOB 4/28/1936.  Jim & Jack Peterson are the grandsons of James George Peterson, 1887-1948, who served as the walking boss for the RLLC in 1934, conducted a variety of jobber camps for the RLLC, logged off Devil’s Island in Lake Superior and was the founder of James Peterson & Sons.  In 2013, the original Peterson firm thrives as an LLC and has spawned a variety of other prosperous companies, such as Peterson Concrete of Medford.  The 4th and 5th generations of Petersons are now working with Jim and Jack.  I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with them on 12/21/2013 and quickly concluded neither will ever retire because they’ve learned how to handle the stress of the job and thrive on it.  

Peterson, John “Jack” M.

Medford, WI  

DOB 12/5/1939.  See James Peterson above.

Peterson, John G

1221 Manitoba Ave.

South Milwaukee, WI 53172-0031


See photos 12096ff

Peterson, Joyce

(Mrs. Edward)


W4876 Cty. Rd. D

Westboro, WI 54490

Caretaker of the Westboro VFW/Conservation Club.  Get permission from her to scan

Peterson, Larry G., W6675 Perkinstown Ave., Medford, 54451, 715 785 7650.            

Zoning Dept.,

Taylor Co. Courthouse

S. 2nd Street

Medford, WI 54451  

748 1485

Resident of Town of Westboro and reports knowledge of locations of old logging dams; on 7/9/11 RPR wrote and requested Larry to map locations.

Peterson, Ruth Marie

Oakwood Village

West Tower

6209 Mineral Pt. Rd.

Madison, WI 53705-4556

Mother of Karen Baumgartner, nee Batzer.

Authored Maps, 7-2009, RLV residents c. 1930 – Doc. #13240

Phillips Area Chamber of Commerce

Jeanna M. Johnson, Ex. Director

305 S. Lake Ave

Phillips, WI  54555




It has been a pleasure to work with Jeanna regarding improved publicity re Timms Hill and the Timms Hill Trail.

Pipkorn, Lillian “Lil” Alberta Pipkorn, a/k/a Mrs. Henry Pipkorn

W4217 CTH D

Westboro, WI 54490


DOB 5-17-1922

Lillian is the vivacious matriarch of the Peterson clan of Westboro.  Her collection was scanned in March 31, 2011, as documents 14682-14712.

Pleus, Shirley & Patrick

W5274 STH 64

Medford, WI  54451


Shirley’s late parents operated a general store in the heart of Westboro.  In 2013 it is occupied by Douglas Thums, d/b/a The Other Corner. See photo 17138.

Plude, Jeanette

1000 Kennedy St.

Rib Lake, WI 54470


A retired school teacher, Jeanette and her husband Larry enjoy retirement, living in the Village of Rib Lake. Jeanette donated image 16522, a newspaper article entitled “Names returned to forgotten children; dignity returned.”

Poirier, Jim & Becky

N153 Little Spirit Dr.

Rib Lake, WI 54470



Jim is the treasurer of the Spirit Lake Improvement Assoc. in 2012.  The Poirier’s loaned the centennial history book of the Spirit Lakes to the Society for scanning.  Jim is enthusiastic about publishing in the Association newsletter a copy of unidentified Spirit Lake photographs and requests that they are sent to him via his email address.

Polacek, Gary & Debra

N1859 Trout Ave

Rib Lake, WI 54470


Gary is the son of the late Mary Ann and Thomas Polacek.  He provided invaluable assistance in organizing the extensive collection of family photos and items beginning at image 18746 of the Document & Photo Collection.  Especially valuable and delightful were his first-hand memories of growing up and witnessing the sweeping changes going on.

Pollard, Matthew “Matt”

Northome, MN


Matt contacted the Society about his great-grandfather, Chris Brandt, a camp foreman for the RLLC.  He furnished photo 17161 for scanning. It is a rare view of a portion of RLLC Camp 24.

Price Co. Forestry and Parks Dept.

Phillips, WI


This agency has done a superlative job in maintaining and improving Timms Hill County Park, including the tower atop Timms Hill.  Copies of the visitors’ guest registry have been scanned and demonstrate the plethora of public positive comments made by visitors from as far away as Norway, the Philippines and Ecuador.  

Quednow, Betty Jane

819 Pearl St.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Betty was the youngest child of Ernst Edward Gerstberger and his spouse, Gertrude, nee Thone.  Betty generously loaned a collection of photos beginning at 18507.  Her late father had the spectacular insight and resolve to save a portion of the farm forest, which in 2014 is “Gerstberger Pines.”

Quednow, Daniel & Robin

207 Camp Phillips Rd.

Wausau, WI  54403


In July, 2009 loaned portion of Lu Hales and Frank & Cecilia Becker collection to Rusch.

Regional Research Center—Wis.  State  Historical  Society

University of Wis. Eau Claire,  

McIntyre Library

105 Garfield Ave,  5th  Floor,

Eau Claire, WI


Contact person “Lark”  715 836 2739; call ahead to get free visitor parking permit 201 2002/3/4 or 715 836 2544;  COLLECTION INCLUDES EARLY TAYLOR CO CLERK OF  COURT RECORDS, E.G. JJK LAWSUITS

Riehle, Rachel

405 S. 10th St

Wausau, WI  54403


Royal, Heidi (nee Brehm).  Portage, WI.

227 East Franklin Street Portage, WI  53901

Thomas Brehm Sr. is Heidi’s great-great grand- dad.   #15225 P

Rib Lake Township

Rib Lake Town Hall


Rib Lake, WI  

Town Chairman Joe Knorn and retiring clerk, Judy Moxon, have helped in many ways.  The town board readily gave me unfettered access to town records.

Rib Lake Village Hall

Pearl St.

Rib Lake, WI


Village President Wayne Tlusty and Clerk Dawn Swenson have always provided cheerful, ready assistance.  I frequently call Dawn, for example, to get a street address for real estate that I only knew by legal description.

Rib Lake Volunteer  Fire Dept.

Rib Lake Fire Hall,

654 McComb Ave,

Rib Lake, WI  54470

715 427  5281

This selfless and courageous group was organized in   1902 as one of the first acts following incorporation of the Village.  Its 60th anniversary photo—with names of the entire volunteer group, is image 15133.

Riggs, Scott & Robin & family

3230 Florida Ave. N

Crystal, MN  55427

Scott office 800 373 3050

Extension 20377



Scott is the Society’s webmaster and has provided highly talented and successful work for the Society, including placing online its photo & document collection.  He will be awarded the Society’s second Lifetime Membership Certificate.

Roiger, Michael A.

N5085 Bens Ln

Medford, WI  54451


Long-time county board member, Mike Roiger loaned the spectacular photo album of Lambert Lamberty to the Society for scanning; it memorializes Lambert’s many successful years as a jobber for the Rib Lake Lumber Co. and begins at 20714.

Roupp, Sue

8843 County Rd C

Rib Lake, WI  54470

Sue is the editor of a free literary journal which she founded in Rib Lake in 2017.  She teaches creative writing at a course that she offers through the Rib Lake Library. Portions of her journal, “Furrows,” are image 20798.  The May 2017 edition of the journal included impressive poems and articles by a variety of Rib Lake area residents.

Ruesch, Brad

Taylor Co. Forestry & Recreation

224 S. Second St.

Medford, WI  54451


Ruesch, Gordon

N 4416 Crane Dr.

Medford  54451  

748 3160

Gordy authored the History of Logging in Taylor County scanned in as a separate folder.

Ruesch, Jon E. & Clea

410 E. Broadway Ave.

Medford, WI  54451


Jon is the former chair of the Town of Browning.  He had saved from the Browning Town Hall a mounted certificate, dated 1934, whereby the Socialist Party created a chapter in the Town of Browning.  He also loaned, for scanning, a magnificent picture of the Modern Woodmen of America in spiffy outfits outside the town hall.  See 17723.

Rusch, Everett A.

W2348 Wood Lake Ave.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Everett is RPR’s oldest brother, a retired electrical engineer and dedicated environmentalist and accomplished railroad historian.  Ev has produced a series of maps on the railroads of northern Wisconsin counties, including Taylor, Lincoln, Price and others.  The map of his home parcel showing the route of the steam hauler ice road to Camp 9 is image 18549.

Rusch, Karen M.

1000 West St.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Karen has assisted the Society in a myriad of ways from its creation.  Perhaps her most unusual assistance came in 2016 when she traveled to Poland.  At the request of the Society’s manager, she sought out and purchased a copy of a modern highway map of the Czech Republic.  The Society’s immediate need for the map was to research the current status of the ancestral village from which the Kauer family of Rib Lake immigrated.  It came as a huge surprise when the map showed a large blank area with no villages, highways, railways, etc.  The area has been turned into a military reservation.  The ancestral village, Dorfles, was no more.

Rusch, Thomas M.

N8816 CTH C

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Tom is the baby brother to Bob Rusch and the senior partner at the Rusch & Rusch Law Office, S.C.

Saracoff, Norman & Barbara

W5490 Walker Rd

Neillsville, WI 54456


Barbara, “Bobbi,” is the daughter of Hattie and Elmer Taylor.  Elmer, for several decades, was a major businessman in the Village of Rib Lake and president of the village board.  Elmer took super 8 movies of the Rib Lake Lumber Co. and narrated them when they were included in the 1981 VHS video of Rib Lake history.  Norman is a graduate of the Valparaiso University Law School and served as family court commissioner and practiced law in Neillsville, Wisconsin.

Sandol, George

Wausau, WI  

Scheller, Edward

N9149 Jaecks Rd.

Tomahawk, WI  54487


Ed Scheller is a retired heavy equipment operator long employed by the Packaging Corporation of America and its predecessor, the Owen-Illinois Corporation at Tomahawk, WI.  He was actively involved in constructing logging roads in the Town of Corning, Lincoln County, WI, and has intimate knowledge of RLLC historic sites there.  In 9/2013, he led the photo expedition of Marvin Meier, Karen Baumgartner and R.P. Rusch to the sites of RLLC Camp 24 and Camp 25; see photographs in the Photo & Document Collection.

Schindler, Susan

710 ZEH Ave

Neenah, WI  54959



RP Rusch received a wonderful surprise when Susan Schindler called out of the blue.  She explained that she had possession of a scrapbook prepared by her mother, Dorothy Kain, nee Gojmerac, with newspaper clippings of many of the service men and women from Taylor County that served in WWII.  She wanted to donate it to the Society and has since done so.  It will be scanned as Document 19432 and is truly a treasure-trove of information.  It has photos and articles on hundreds of service men and on 19432C an undated article that explains to date 39 persons from Taylor County have died in WWII while serving the US Army.  The importance and quality of the information contained within the scrapbook merits that every page be scanned and indexed. But indexing will be limited to listing the full name of the person involved.  Since the index is word searchable, the public may access the entire article directly by way of the web and free of all charge.

Ms. Schindler also indicated that she had “heard good things about the Rib Lake Historical Society” on facebook.

Schnitzer, Donald

Marshfield, WI


“Schnitz” is a good friend and the editor of publications for Wisconsin Forest History Association.

Schreiner, William J. & Laura

505 Lakeshore Dr.

Rib Lake, WI 54470


As of 5/20/2010, Bill Schreiner is the owner and operator of the Rib Lake Roller Mills, 1213 Fayette Ave, 427-3215.  He purchased the operation from his parents, John & Edna Schreiner, who purchased it from Victor Kohn.  This is a spectacular collection of photos, sales brochures and data regarding this long-lived village business, founded about WWI by Thomas Brehm.  Photos 13533 & 13534 show the 1-eyed stuffed calf born on the Edward Christensen farm in Nov. or Dec. of 1936.  As of 5/2010, the stuffed carcass is housed at the Roller Mills – unfortunately – robbed of its glass eye.

Schubert, Herbert & Karen

1115 Landall Ave.

Rib Lake, WI 54470


Karen and Herb revitalized Rib Lake’s commercial district by founding a new fully-stocked hardware store c. 1989.  In the summer of 2014, Herb saved a number of hemlock boards from a house being razed at the southwest corner of Landall and Front Streets. The boards were all ¾” thick, planed on one side and probably sawed about 1898 at J.J. Kennedy’s Rib Lake sawmill.  The boards were in various widths up to 12” wide and manifest the features of what was then a ubiquitous building material in cheaper home.  See image 18402.

Schupp, Dawn M.

Branch Manager

MidWisconsin Bank

707 McComb Ave.

PO Box 248

Rib Lake, WI  54470

800-643-9472 x.8010

Schwoch, Karl A. & Phyllis

PO Box 246

Fall Creek,  WI  54742



Fall Creek Care Center

344 W. Lincoln Ave., Room 32

Fall Creek, 54742


Phyllis was born a Hein and is now known as Mrs. Karl Schwoch.  Her contributions begin at 14202.

In 12/2012 the Schwochs made an additional, stunning donation to the Society.  This included the original 100 year old record books of Charles Schwoch’s blacksmith shop and businesses at Chelsea.  The donation also included the original 1881 and following records for the creation of School District No. 4, Town of Chelsea, including the contract for the construction of the school building, with specific plans, e.g. building must be set on hemlock posts, and include two outhouses.

These materials were recovered from the home of the late Theodore Schwoch, Jr., whose father was on the school board for Highland School.

On August 14, 2015, Phyllis gave the Rib Lake Historical Society the family histories of the Hein, Tetzlaff, Schwoch and Franz family, all pioneers in the Town of Rib Lake. Included were photographs of brother Louis Mohr and Oscar Mohr; they emigrated from the small village of Mocker, Germany, in the province of Silesia.  They sailed the Atlantic with their aunt and uncle, Mr. & Mrs. William Gilge, the parents of Julius Gilge, who married Martha Rusch.

Scott, Raymond H.

421 Vincent St.

Medford, WI  54451


In 2011, Ray is the senior member of the Taylor Co. Bar.  I had the privilege of working with him in creating the Pine Line Recreation Trail from the former Soo Line Railroad right-of-way between Medford & Prentice.  He is the father of the Pine Line.  In 2011, Susan Hanson was cleaning the basement of the Scott home and discovered a 50 year old bottle of soda water produced by the Tlusty Beverage & Bottling Co. of Rib Lake.  See Doc. #14745.

Sjostrom, Gerome & Marilyn

Box 62

Athens, WI 54411


Brought in photos & slides from Athens, WI

Smith, Brian

440 Smithwood Trail

Green Hill, AL 35645



Our Society had the delight of receiving a surprise message from Brian on 2/18/2016.

“I am working on a short written history of the Mocker immigrants who settled in my county – Lauderdale County, Alabama.  There were 8 families who came from Mocker to this county. The first was in 1852-Friedrich Peche and his wife, Renate Lassman Peche.  The others were in a wave in the 1880’s;

Josef Kaske and his wife, Therese, nee Kaske, 1884,

Gottlieb Lichtblau and his wife Caroline, in 1884,

Albert Peche and wife Johanna, nee Lichblau, 1884,

Bartellemaus Adamietz and wife, Magdelena, nee Kaske, 1885,

Josef Peche and wife Antonia, nee Langer, 1885,

Wilhelm Peche and wife, Johanna, nee Klein, 1885

Robert Peche, and wife Magdelina, nee Polke, 1885.”

Our Society will work closely with Brian to share information.

Soo Line Historical & Technical  Society

Attn: Larry Easton

2124 N. Locust St.

Appleton, WI  54914




Soo Line Historical &  Technical Society

39105 Fisherman’s Ln.

Chassel, MI 49916

Star News

Attn: Brian Wilson, Editor

116 S. Wisconsin Ave.

Medford, WI  54451


The Star News and staff have been long-time friends of the Society. They have provided a multitude of aid, including the digital enhancement of a spectacular photograph of McComb Ave., image 16067A.

Stellbrink, Linda

410 Broadway

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Stelling, John E. & Kathy

367 E. Whitefish Rd.

Port Washington, WI   53074



John is the son of Ervin Stelling and Ruth Waldheim.  They have generously loaned material for the photo collection and made a spectacular donation of a “newly discovered,” and one-of-a-kind 1925 edition of The Rib Lake Herald in 2016 to the Rib Lake Historical Society.

Stram, Tiffany

1502 Roosevelt Dr. N

West Bend, WI 53090

Tiffany is a highly-qualified cartographer doing work for the Ice Age Trail Alliance.  She modified a map originally drawn by Drew Hanson to show the Timms Hill Trail, certified in 1990 by the National Park Service as the first National Side Trail.  Her map is image 18412.

Storm, Gerald “Jerry”

916 Oak Ave. N

Onalaska, WI  54650



Jerry is a native of Lincoln County, an academician and author.  With Laura S. Kenefic, he has written “Northern White-Cedar, Arborvitae the Tree of Life and Associates.” Publication is pending as of 8/16/15.  Jerry’s previously written book, “The Headwaters,” is based on lives and events occurring in the Town of Corning during the time the Rib Lake Lumber Company logged there.

Swanke, James, Jr. “Jim”

3020 Shannon Dr.

Edina, MN  55439



Taylor County Clerk’s Office

224 S. Second St.

Medford, WI 54451

County Clerk Bruce Strama and staff have cheerfully provided service in innumerable ways, including allowing unfettered access to county documents.

Taylor Co. Historical Society

Attn:  Roger L. Emmerich, President

845A E. Broadway Ave.

Medford, WI  54451


Taylor County Register of Deeds Office

224 S. Second St.

Medford, WI  54451

It is not an exaggeration to say that this Society could never have done its job without the marvelous support of Marvel Lemke, Register of Deeds, and Sara Nuernberger, Deputy.  They are dear, dear friends.

Taylor County Surveyor’s Office

224 S. Second St.

Medford, WI  54451

County Surveyor Bob Meyer and Deputy John Easterly have helped in many ways.  Note, for example, the template maps developed to locate historical sites and lands covered by stumpage contracts.

Taylor County Tax Lister’s Office

224 S. Second St.

Medford, WI  54451

Tax Lister Betty Blumenstein and Deputy Mary Quante have searched out and photocopied documents on many occasions

Taylor, Hattie, a/k/a Mrs. Elmer Taylor

c/o Barbara & Norman Saracoff

W5290 Walker Rd

Neillsville, WI  54456



Barbara is Hattie’s daughter.  Hattie may be residing at the Neillsville Community Care facility, 1211 Lloyd St, Neillsville, WI 54456.

Thiel, Sarah & Ed

W3676 Little Rib Rd.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Thums, Douglas A.

8864 Bus. Hwy 13

Westboro, WI  54490


Doug is the dominant mover and shaker of modern Westboro, creating, for example, the brand-new pizza parlor “The Other Corner”.  He has loaned invaluable abstracts, including #15242, covering the site of the tannery, cheese factory, and Duncan, Ritchie, Taylor sawmill.

Thums, Gregory “Doc”

1319 Church St.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Thums, Rolland & Susan

W 2549 Rustic  Road #1

Rib  Lake, WI  54470


Loaned abstract of title to Lot 9a Block  A Original Plat of Rib Lake & other valuable  items including RL                                            

Volunteer Fire Department Code of Laws #13939.  Family photos begin at image #15135.

Tlusty, David  E.



5134 Highway 45

Deerbrook, WI  54425

Mapped locations of  old –probably, RLLC ROW crossing STH 64 in 2010, #14929

Tlusty, Wayne

375 Lakeshore Dr.

Rib Lake, WI 54470


$20 bill issued by The First National Bank of Rib Lake, #13441.

 At the time of issuance, private banks were permitted to print currency.

Tortomasi, Jeff & Lynn

658 Waters Edge

Whitewater, WI  53190

Winter address:

5004 N. Thomas Dr, Unit 2111

Panama City, FA 32408-6996



Jeff was the Rib Lake Superintendent of Education for three years in 2008.

Troyk, Judy

Nee Straub, a/k/a Mrs. Howard J. Troyk

W4117 STH 102

Westboro, WI  54490



Judy is a Rib Lake native with deep local roots. Her grandfather was Guy Wallace.

She solved the mystery of the McCaskey safe register box discussed in the Star News article dated June 8, 2017, image #20792.  RPR attempted to summarize her comments in a letter to the Star News on 6/11/2017, image #20792B.  The Society is very grateful to Judy for her kind assistance and support.

Turner, Mike & Debbie

N9047 Scharer Ave

Westboro, WI  54490


715-427-1202 (Debbie only)

Mike & Debbie have been generous supporters of the Rib Lake Historical Society.  Debbie is the daughter of Rib Lake historian Dr. Galen Scharer, Sr.  In October, 2016, they donated much of the former historic photograph collection of Dr. Scharer, as well as “The “McCaskey Safe Register #11598;” it consists of a hinged steel box approximately 3 feet high, 3 feet long and 2 feet thick.  It contains an apparent list of the mill employees of the Rib Lake Lumber Company from c. 1940.  Hinged “pages” were constructed to hold the written payment cards approximately 4x6” on which employees of the RLLC of Delaware were to fill in the dates of their work and the hours they worked by regular pay or overtime pay; the payment card was to be signed by the employee.  A copy of the payment card is #19188K.

Unick, Alfred & Darlene

N8050 CTH C

Rib Lake, WI  54470

715-427-5418              gba@newnorth.net

Darlene’s mother was Hattie M. Knop, nee Stumpf, a/k/a Mrs. Fritz Knop, a/k/a Mrs. Roy Larsen.  Alfred and Darlene have loaned a spectacular collection of material scanned as 18621-18644.

Van Sluys, Reid D.

W61 N327 Washington Ave

Cedarburg, WI 53012-2404



Voogd, Virginia “Ginger”

1300 S. Washington Ave.

Medford, WI  54451



Wahl, Bernard “Bernie” & Mary Wahl

1720 N. Palmetto Av.

Marshfield,  WI 54449

Land: 715 384 0942

Cell: 715 897 3687

This delightful couple are new, wonderful friends, and avid historians.  They have renovated the picturesque Wahl farm, including the 1931 Wahl barn in the Town of Westboro. Bernie is the nephew of Andrew Bernard Wahl, born 12/7/1892 and killed in action at Olsene, Belgium 10/31/1918.  They have loaned a stunning variety of photographs & documents regarding Private Wahl’s death and reburial at Mount Olive Cemetery, beginning with image 15903.

Wallace, William  Guy & Peggy

603 N. 2nd St.

Palmyra, WI  53156


262 495 3314

Bill is the son of  Lester Winston Wallace  and  grandson of Guy Wallace, long-time  lumber grader for  RLLC; Guy  came  to  RL in  1888 and  wrote an excellent history of  RL in the  1930’s including  the  chance  meeting  between JJK and  George Curtis  in  1881.  In 2011 Bill has the negative of the 300 photos of his late aunt Naida Straub.  RPR met Bill at his home 5/16/11.           The delightful “Wm. G.  Wallace” collection is numbered 15018 thru 15056.     Note bene: his story of Rib Lakers moving to Milwaukee to find work and their experiences is especially well written; RPR 7/13/11.

Weber, William & Barbara

1209 7th St. N

Fargo, ND  58102

Bill contributed, in 12/2012, two beautiful Germany language wall hangings he recovered from his ancestors’ North Dakota homestead.

Weckwerth, Mike

N5735 Lange Rd.

Irma, WI  54442




Welton, James A. “Jim”

1050 Chadwick Shore Dr.

Sneads Ferry, NC  28460

Jim worked himself up through many jobs within the Soo Line Railroad corporation, including serving as train master for Central Wisconsin.  I had the privilege of co-authoring with Jim several articles published in the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society.

Westboro VFW/Conservation Club

Attn: Joyce Peterson


W4876 Cty. Rd. D

Westboro, WI 54490

a/k/a  Mrs Ed Peterson

Wilhelms, Isabelle

987 N. Front St.

Rib Lake, WI  54470


Loaned  RLHe & photos  &   Lea real estate sale  papers to  Herringlee—Wimpy Wihelm’s  mother’s family

Williams, Jennifer

5422 New Salem Rd

Marshville, NC 28103



Jennifer was extraordinarily generous in donating to the Society the 1908 diary of Jay C. Maxwell.  Her kind letter of April 1, 2017, concluded, “Thank you, Mr. Rusch, for all the hard work you have done historically for your area. It is so important.”

The Rib Lake referred to within Maxwell’s register is in NE Ontario, Canada.  The pages regarding that Rib Lake will be scanned in to the Document & Photo Collection of the Rib Lake Historical Society.  At the request of Jennifer Williams, the register is being returned to her.

Wilson, Brian

c/o The Star News

111 S. Wisconsin Ave.

Medford, WI  54451


The ever-thoughtful Brian Wilson is a good friend and the editor of the Star News.  Among his contributions was having a digitally improved copy of Rib Lake’s McComb Ave., photo 16067 created.  The improved copy is 16067A.

Wisconsin State Historical Society Library

816 State St.

Madison, WI  53706-1488


608-264-6400-general #

Walbeck, Donna L.  (Mrs Marlin A.)         650 Mill Lane              
Rib Lake, WI 54470   715 427 5843

Loaned abstract of title to Lot 2 of Block A of Subdivision of unplatted part of Black A, Original Plat of the Village of Rib Lake & other lands once part of the mill complex for the Rib Lake Lumber Co.  & John J. Kennedy mill complex------Doc #13821

Walcisak, Jake

Assistant Administrator

Taylor Co. Forestry & Recreation Dept

224 S. Second St

Medford, WI  54451


715-965-0865 (cell)


Jake came to Taylor County in 2015 and immediately brought new ideas: he taught the Rib Lake Ski & Snowshoe Club how to apply for state recreation grants.  He has contacted the historical society on several occasions regarding historic sites on the Taylor County Forest, see image 19521 and following for his excellent colored maps identifying the “slushier” pile formed south of Wood Lake when the Rib Lake Lumber Company used crude earth moving equipment to build its railroad ROW through a hill.  His second map identifies an important railroad log loading site where Wood Lake empties into the Wood River.  His third map covers another historic site within the county forest which is not well understood. A 3 foot deep man made channel stretches for approximately 50 feet up a hill approximately 10 feet high.  Jake took RPR to the sites in November, 2015.  Extensive photographs on each accompanied these maps, now in the Photo & Document collection.

Werner, Ronald “Chow”

N3505 Shattuck St

Medford, WI  54451


Loaned photos of 1950 hunting shack in the county forest, originally built for towerman manning the nearby DNR fire tower.

Wudi, Russell F.,

d/b/a Russ’ Coins                

N 8222 Surek  Road

P.O. Box 426  

Rib Lake  54470  

715 965 4697      

715-427-1009-store Russ’ Coins          

Great grandson of Anton Wudi, pioneer at St. Ann’s.  RPR photographed  Russ 7/11/11 as the  foundation for his new coin store was being poured on the east side of  McComb Ave; it replaces the old Scharer Tavern building razed in June, 2011.  His business card is #15057.  Nota bene: RPR took several series of dig. Photos in May and June of old Scharer building.

Russ did Rib Lake history a great favor by facilitating scanning by the Rib Lake Historical Society of the one-of-a-kind edition of the Rib Lake Herald dated 8/26/1938

Yanacheck, Tim

5734 County Rd. D

Oregon, WI  53575-2524

Tim and I go way back to the good old days when we did trail ultra-marathons.  He contributed the article on Fr. Menard, image 16788.

Yorde, Ida

Aka Mrs. Elmer Yorde

2533 N. 72nd St

Wauwatosa, WI  53213-1205



 Ida contacted the Society with a wonderful letter dated January 10, 2017.  She is an active local historian and a proud member of the Yorde family.

Yorde, Kenneth & Franzine

4335 Midas Ave

Rocklin, CA 95677




In Dec. 2015, Ken, age 76, sent a surprise letter the Society.  He grew up on the family farm in the Town of Corning in the 1940’s and 50’s, his grandfather was Ed Scheu, a famous jobber for the Rib Lake Lumber Company.

The Yorde family farm includes the site of Rib Lake Lumber Co Camp 18 (1920-1925).  Ken reports that his brother Lavern Yorde still owns the camp site, which is ¼ mile north of Joe Snow Road and has GPS coordinates of 45d 10m 03s n, 89d 58m 51s w.  Ken also reports that he clearly remembers the well casing of the Rib Lake camp; ironically the very first newspaper account dealing with Camp 18 is dated 6/25/1920 “R.R. Dresden, the well driller, finished drilling a well at Camp 18 last week.  Same is 87 ½ feet deep, 18 ½ feet being through sold blue granite rock.  One day it took 3 hours to drill 2 inches.  As soon as he gets his machine in from the woods he will drill a well for William Radtke.”

On 9/22/2016 Ken Yorde aided RPR in inspecting and photographing the Camp 18 site.  It is within the SW SW Section 15, Town 31, 4 East, Town of Corning.  The only extant feature of the camp is the well casing of the so-called “engine well,” named because it furnished the locomotives of the RLLC with water.  The well casing is approximately 7 inches in diameter and protrudes from a current hay field about 2 feet.  Ken explained that he was born in 1939 and resided in the former cook shanty of Camp 18 with his family until 1948 when his parents, Carl and Elsie (nee Scheu), moved westward to the next 40, SE SE, Section 16, where they built a new house and barn to continue farming operations.  Ken provided a hand drawn map dated 9/22/2016 showing the extant features of Camp 18 as he saw them as a boy, including the cook house, engine well and a wood frame building around the well, a concrete slab that supported the water tank, three barns that were on the site, one for hay storage, one for the cows to provide milk for the camp, and the horse barn and silo.  There was also a so-called “small well,” which apparently provided water for the camp crew. See image 19949 for the quad map showing the location of Camp 18 and its railroad, 19950-photos taken by RPR on 9/22/2016, and 19951 and following-pictures taken in the 1940’s of the Yorde family and camp structures.

Camp 18 is the only RLLC camp known to have been “reborn” and used following its camp use.

Elsie Yorde was the daughter of Ed Scheu, a Town of Corning farmer and long-time jobber for the RLLC.  He bought the site of Camp 18 and buildings from the RLLC after the company ceased operations there.  He conveyed that land to his daughter and son-in-law, Carl Yorde.

The engine well, in 2016, is within 100 feet of an active gravel pit.  The large quantity of gravel probably explains the large amount of water, which the engine well accessed.

Yorde, Lavern “Slim,” and Marion “Chip”

W10990 Joe Snow Rd

Merrill, WI  54452


12670 E 37th Pl.

Yuma, AZ  85367

This delightful couple live in the Town of Corning, Lincoln County, Wisconsin, that includes the probable site of RLLC Camp 15.  Lavern operates a gravel pit on the former family farm that does contain the confirmed site of RLLC Camp 18.  They have loaned a variety of material to the Society, including image #20306.

Zutavern, John

W3192 North Ave.

Rib Lake, WI  54470