MS WEEK AT A GLANCE: Jan 28 - Feb 8

Lunch Rotation: 7,6

Our Mission

AES provides a balanced education defined by a joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, arts and service. We enable each student to be an inspired lifelong learner and a responsible, compassionate global citizen.

This Week in the MS: 

Monday, January 28

Day 3 - 2341

Tuesday, January 29

Day 4 - 6785

  • MS Student Photos, 8:00am-4:00pm, MSMPR
  • MESAC send-off 10:00am, HOP
  • Grade 7 SST in MSCR @ 11:50
  • MS GLTL(Grade Level Team Leaders) Meeting, 3:45pm, MSCR

Wednesday, January 30

Day 5 - 3412

  • Early Release

2:45  All MS faculty HOP

  • Jan 30-Feb 3

- MESAC JV Soccer, ABA

- MESAC JV Basketball, DAA

- MESAC Tennis, ACS

-MESAC Wrestling, ASDubai

Thursday, January 31

Day 6 - 7856

Friday, February 1

Day 7 - 4123

  • PowerSchool Academic Update


Feb 5

Director’s Coffee, 8:30am, BCR

PSA Meeting, 9:00-10:30am, BCR

MESAC/ASIAC Recognition Awards, 10:00am, HOP

Feb 13

MESAC Season 2 Recognition Awards, Main Gym

Feb 14

FCD Parent Presentation, 6:00pm, HOP

Feb 15

AES Faculty Variety Show, 6:00pm, Theater

Feb 16

PSA International Fair, 12:00-3:00pm, MS Field

Feb 18-22

MS World Language Week

Feb 19

Grade 8 Parent Night - HS Course Request, 6:00pm, HOP

Feb 21

MS Parent Coffee, 8:30am, HOP

Board Meeting, 5:00pm, BCR

Feb 22

MS Social, 4:00-5:45pm, HOP

Feb 23

MS Leadership Seminar #3, 9:00am, HOP

Feb 24

AES Community Gold Outing

March 1

MS Production, 5:30pm, Theater

March 2

MS Production, 12:00pm, Theater


Power School Reporting Schedule

IMPORTANT: Planning for Professional Learning

To help us in the MS office ensure that the learning continues while you our out of class for professional learning please submit your leave requests and contact Pooja as soon as possible.

Helpful Links:

MS Office Site - For everything you need


Here is the link to the newly launched Office for Teaching and Learning site.  Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Amanda, Shirley and Rosy


Here’s What We Know:

Google Calendars! You can easily add all of your classes to your Google Calendar. See here for the tutorial!

Newsela: A reminder that we have a school log in and account! Check out their text sets. Newsela is great for all subject areas. You can easily sign up all of your classes via Google Classroom. Ask me how!!

Professional Development Opportunities: A list of conferences for technology has been added to the office of teaching and learning website..under Other conferences.


After School Activities

After School Activities Season 3

First day of Season 3 will be on Monday, January 21 and you can find the brochure and descriptions in the below links.


Disciplinary Literacy

Looking for resources to increase your students’ disciplinary literacy? You can probably find some great books  in the library, and if you can’t, you could give me some suggestions for ordering. We’ve moved the entire nonfiction collection. Stop by and ask me to show you the sections relevant to your classes.


Upcoming AMLE Webinars

There are some excellent webinars being offered over the next few months. You can also search through recorded webinars on topics that interest you. Let me know if you need your account login details.

ET Schedule

Semester 2 can be viewed in the MS Private Calendar.

Assembly Request Form

You can use this form to let the MSALT2 students know what teacher announcements you would like to make. Please share this information before Thursday at 3:30pm each week so they have time to plan for the announcements.

Request Form for Tiger Tales/WAG/SWAG

This is where you can submit anything that you would like to be added to the Tiger Tales / WAG / SWAG.

Chaperone Schedule 2018-2019

This link has the final chaperone schedule for SY1819.  We have also sent calendar invites to the chaperones involved in every event for the respective date and time. 


A fabulous week last week for both learning and AQI! Thanks to all those that helped out supporting classes while some staff were in workshops here or off campus. This is an important aspect of good schools, it does require us to be more flexible to ensure learning is minimally impacted, I appreciate everyone's flexibility. We have more opportunities in the coming weeks please keep an eye on the calendar. I will be away on Friday this week, I’ll communicate point people later in the week.


Leonie Broekstra, January 30