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Belleville Band Boosters

Student Earnings Policies 2018-19

Band Boosters fundraising purposes:

  1. Primary Focus - To raise funds, as a whole, for the Belleville Band Program for annual operating costs that are not covered with school funds. Estimated annual budget of $40,000, as of 2017-18 School Year. (Supplies and Repairs, Bandcamp, Instruments, Uniforms & Rain Coats, Flags and Color Guard Supplies, Scholarship Earnings/Lessons, Band Room assistants, Guest Instructors, Judges for Band Festival Hosting, Other program investments, Hill Auditorium, Commencements, Marketing events (Ex: 5th grade fittings), Transportation, etc.)
  2. Secondary Focus - To assist students with earning money through individual efforts to help defray personal costs associated with
  1. Band Camp each August
  2. Various trips for Symphony Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band
  3. Private Lessons, for Symphony Band Students. Assistance with private lessons can only be earned upon referral from Band Director.

All Booster-Sponsored Student Earnings Fundraising will result in a portion of earnings to be allocated to the general fund (allocation amounts will vary and could be adjusted from year-to-year). The only fundraising effort that is not subject to this assessment is Candy Sales. How funds are divided and applied are as follows:

  1. Candy Sales - Usually in April/May. This is the only fundraising activity NOT managed by the boosters. The Band Directors administer and manage this effort. All proceeds will be applied to the student’s individual band account, which will be applied to the next band activity (camp or upcoming trip). Families are strongly encouraged to keep track of their candy sales and document their expected proceeds. Boosters do not have this information. Questions can be directed to Mr. Campbell or Mr. Taylor.
  2. Pizza Sales - Historically two per year; Fall Campaign should ideally focus on the General Fund, Spring Campaign may focus on Student Earnings
  3. Scrip (YEAR ROUND) - Students earn 80%, General Fund 20%
  4. Garden Fantasy in December (Holiday Greens) 20-50% General Fund (or 100% to General Fund during non-trip and fund replenishment years).
  5. Advertising in Concert Program Books - Main focus is to raise money for the General Fund, but during trip years, some earnings may be available for business ads but never for personal announcements/ads.
  6. UofM (Sodexo) Concessions and Air Show Concessions
  1. Football (Sept thru November) - 50% of the pro-rata earnings will go to the student account, 50% goes toward the band program’s general fund.
  2. Basketball (November thru February) - 50% of the pro-rata earnings will go to the student account
  3. Other UofM Events not part of our contract - For events that the Boosters Organization is not contracted, (Hockey, gymnastics, softball, track, etc.), Students may request to work these events provided they have worked AT LEAST two contracted (football and/or basketball) events during the current or upcoming school year. For these “other” events, students will earn 80% of the pro-rata earnings toward their student account.

Student Account

Band Boosters will track the Individual Student Earnings each school year.

  1. Statements will be provided
  1. Anytime upon request (via email to
  2. Automatically to all Students With Credit via email within 14-30 days prior to a trip payment deadline
  1. Balance Carried from previous school year will be used in the following order
  1. Band Camp
  2. Current School Year Trip (if applicable)
  3. Designated Other Student (upon request) - Receiving student must match gift amount with personal earnings, if unrelated to giver
  4. General Fund - Senior account overages will be transferred to General Fund, unless a designated student is identified
  1. After each Trip/Event, if the student has an overpayment, that amount will go to the next trip/event, as set forth above. Balance cannot be refunded to the student in the form of cash.
  2. General Fund - for Student Accounts designated toward the general fund, a Tax Statement indicating the value donated to the Boosters’ Fund will be provided after February 1st from the previous calendar year, upon request.

Earnings Adjustments

Band Boosters reserves the right to adjust the earnings of students at UofM Games, based on poor performance and/or arriving late or leaving early.

Band Boosters reserves the right to adjust individual fundraiser earnings/general fund allotment, in order to recoup the general fund balance in preparation for budgetary needs.