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14.12.2022 - NEW DEMANDS from Industry & Logistics in
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14.12.2022 - NEW DEMANDS from Industry & Logistics in


Pos. 1) Krones multi-deck pasteurizer (or similar) for soft drinks; purchase only.

Pos. 2) Ingersoll Rand screw air compressor with VFD/VSD. 75 HP; purchase only.

Pos. 3) Clients are looking for new stock/terminal/warehouses in MED ports; pls advise

Pos. 4) Used sunflower oil refinery; purchase only.

Pos. 5) NEW or used; fertilizer production plant; purchase only.

Pos. 6) Veg oil refinery; new build; membrane press filter + sunflower winterization unit; purchase only.

Pos. 7) Complete dairy plant for OUTPUT: milk, drinking yoghourt, set yoghourt and stirred yoghourt; INPUT: Powder milk; purchase only.

Pos. 8)  LDPE and HDPE production lines; OUTPUT; abt 100 000 TpY; purchase only.

Pos. 9) Power plant, abt 500 MW, 50 Hz, 220 VAC; used OK but refurbished; purchase only.

Pos. 10) Power gen set fired with LNG; abt 3 MW, 50 Hz; purchase only.

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You are invited to post your classified business offers / demands to and/or; FAX: 0049.40.7964747