2020               Distance Learning at BHS               2021

           Updated 11/25/20               

This document was created in response to our most frequently asked DL questions.  We will keep working through new challenges and will do our best to communicate changes as they occur.  Thank you for your continued support and flexibility. Go Bombers!


Students will engage in learning activities in multiple ways, including but not limited to the following:

  • Video lessons and google meets
  • Reflective writing,  journaling, guided note-taking
  • Discussion boards, respond to audio, video, images, media
  • Writing, collaborating, peer editing within Google Docs
  • Virtual labs/simulations; home labs/observations
  • Research, writing, projects


  • Teachers will provide feedback on assignments and assessments.
  • Grades will be updated weekly in Schoology.
  • Final quarter grades will be transferred into Infinite Campus for official transcripts.


  • Most materials for class during Distance Learning will be digital and made available via Schoology.
  • Teachers will inform their students if physical materials need to be picked up from the school. Those items will be staged on tables in the hallway near the BHS office for pick up on Fridays (8am-4pm).
  • Individual materials can be dropped off or picked up throughout the week by appointment with office staff.


Students are encouraged to communicate with teachers via Schoology.  For more precise information, including office hours and google meet times, please refer to the links below (by grade):

Student Attendance

If a student will miss school/class due to an illness, appointment, the parent/guardian must still call the office to report the absence ahead of time.

Students have until 2:45pm to complete a daily learning objective for each class in order to be counted “in attendance” for each class. These daily activities:

  • count much like participation points would in an in-person setting.
  • should be something students can reasonably complete each day in 30 minutes or less.
  • can include a Google Meet hosted by a teacher that counts toward daily attendance.
  • Students who miss a required Google Meet will be
  • marked Absent Excused, if a parent calls in the absence ahead of time (student is ill or has an appointment).
  • marked Absent Unexcused, if the office has not been notified ahead of time.
  • Students who miss a Google Meet are still responsible for material missed and must reach out to their teacher via Schoology or email.

Students may be invited to school individually for labs, CTE work, Special Ed services, assessments, or small group projects.  Students must first check in at the office to be screened and must be supervised while in the building.

If a teacher

is out sick

Teachers who are out sick will communicate with students what needs to be done for class.  Students may be asked to do any of the following:

  • Access coursework from a Sub Folder in their Schoology course
  • Continue working on the current or next available assignment in Schoology.
  • Receive instructions from a substitute teacher who will facilitate lessons.

Attendance on those days:

If a teacher is absent, students must check in using the  BHS Attendance Hotline Form to be counted in attendance for that class.  This is in addition to any work they may be assigned for the day.


Free meals (breakfast and lunch) are available for pick up on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 8:30-9:30am, from the following locations:

  • BHS (district office entrance)
  • Blackhoof
  • Mahtowa
  • Kettle River

If you would like to sign up for meal pick up, please call Jodi at (218) 389-3273 ext 1010 to register.

Contact Info

Call (218) 389-3273

  • General info - ext. 1007
  • Technology - ext. 1127
  • Principal - ext. 1006