Mission Statement:

Carter High School’s Wellness Center is committed to ensuring that our staff and students have a safe place to P.R.E.S.S (Physical Restoration through an Emotionally Stable Self) towards social and emotional health.

We value the whole person, the community and equality. In the wellness center we do not judge we are here to listen and commit to the well being of our students, staff and the community. The function of the Wellness Center is to meet the emotional and social needs of our students and staff.


The Wellness Center provides counseling and wellness services that support and assist our students in their intellectual, emotional, psychological, and social development while coping with the challenges of high school and life stressors. Our Wellness Center offers group sessions as well as opportunities for peer mediation and individual counseling as needed in a safe environment where individual and cultural differences are valued and respected. Our services include: peer mediation, bereavement circles, drug and alcohol programs, parent-student concerns, anger management and referrals to outside resources as needed.

The Wellness Center offers:


Peer Mediation:

Student led mediation to assist with problem solving for students.

Group Counseling:

Boys Council and Girls Group where students will be able to learn new perspectives, and experiment with new behaviors in a safe and supported environment

Wellness Workshops:

Carter Lions will be able to participate in workshops that focus on mental, physical and spiritual health. Workshops will  be offered based on student interest and staff availability

We can help with the following concerns:

Adjustments and transitions

Depression and anxiety

Family difficulties

Grief and Loss

LBGTQIA Concerns

Recovering from Trauma

Relationship Problems