ZipCount Extension for Zoho CRM

ZipCount is an extension that allows Zoho CRM users to easily build their lead database. Use ZipCount to search through millions of Consumer and Business data records using a number of criteria that you specify. Once the leads are purchased, they will automatically be imported into your Zoho CRM as Leads.

Install ZipCount

Installing the extension and creating your ZipCount account is the first step. Once that is done, you will need to connect it to your Zoho CRM by generating a Zoho Access Token.

To Install ZipCount Extension

  1. Click Settings > Setup > Marketplace > All.
  2. Under All Extensions you can view all the available extensions
  3. Using the Search box, enter ZipCount
  4. The details about the extension will be available.
  5. Click Install Now.
  6. You will now see ZipCount listed as one of the modules in the top Zoho CRM navigation menu

Create your ZipCount Account

  1. Click on ZipCount menu item in the top module menu in Zoho CRM
  2. Click on the Create an Account link at the bottom of the LOGIN box
  3. Enter in your Name, Email Address and desired Password

Generate Access Token

There are three options for generating the Access Token needed for ZipCount to communicate with your Zoho CRM. The simplest is to have ZipCount generate one for you. (This is the default setting on this step of the process)

  1. Decide which method you would like to use to generate the Access Token.
  2. Simply follow the prompts provided to guide you along the path you choose.


Search for Leads

ZipCount provides you the ability to search through millions of Business and Consumer data records using criteria that you specify. Once your criteria are selected, and the search executed, a count of available records will be displayed. From there you can decide to proceed and purchase these leads and have them automatically imported to your Zoho CRM.

Consumer and Business Leads

Begin by specifying the geographic area to be included in your search. In this step, we are specifying the location of the consumers or businesses that you’re looking for.

The selection can be done by Zip Code, County or City. You can also base the search on a radius around a specific address.

Once the location is determined, click on the Get Count button.

Your total count will then be displayed.

You may choose to take all leads available, or further Fine Tune Your Selection by selecting from a number of demographic criteria including.

Consumer Filters

Business Filters

Once your selections are made, click on the Get Count button below to preview your new count.

If you‘re happy with the results, click on the Proceed with Filtered Counts button to proceed to mapping the data fields

Mapping Data Fields

ZipCount automatically matches the information available for your leads to the correct fields in your Zoho CRM.

If you desire, you can MODIFY the predefined field mappings by clicking on the MODIFY button. Otherwise, if all looks good, click on the CONFIRM button.

We will then display a summary of the order, price, and an area to enter your credit card for the purchase. * Leads are priced at .12 per lead

Once payment is accepted, please allow 30 minutes for the data to be imported into your Zoho CRM account.

Additional Support

Customer Service is available by either sending an email to , or by using the Contact Us form available within the app.