Dear ECFS Families,

All student medical records and consent forms must be current and submitted prior to the start of the school year.

By June 30, you need to complete requirements in Magnus for your returning student. Many requirements simply require confirmation or your signature. All required forms can be downloaded from your Magnus account and will include a cover sheet with a barcode identifying the student and the requirement. Uploading forms directly to your child’s account is the fastest and most efficient way to be in compliance with requirements. If you need to mail or fax the forms instead, you must include the cover sheet and be aware that processing takes considerably longer. Electronic medical records systems require parents to submit all forms through Magnus— our nurses cannot accept or upload forms.

A short tutorial on the Magnus home page reviews how to submit files, or click here for directions.

Any forms that have expired or will expire soon must submitted again for 2018-19. To sign or submit a requirement marked complete, click edit next to the requirement, clear your answer, and sign or upload a new form.

Items parents must complete in Magnus by June 30:

Physician completed and signed forms that must be uploaded:

Be sure to include the cover page with barcode when returning forms for student identification

Additional Parent-Entered Forms (if applicable):

All enrolled students must have completed health forms uploaded or completed online in Magnus by June 30. Students may not participate in pre-season athletics or attend class trips without completed requirements and uploaded health forms.

Click here to go directly to the Magnus Health website. Click here if you forgot your username or password. To contact Magnus, email or call (877) 461-6831. To view the Magnus Health Privacy and Security page, click here.


Teddy J. O’Rourke

Director of Campus Services