Informatics for Community Food Resilience

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2. Notes

Breaking news: Our IRB has been approved -- that means we can start doing the qualitative research study!

The study will allow us to systematically understand the food system challenges and opportunities.

There are two different kinds of participants: farmers and farm supporters.

Farmers have to either be online, intend on going to go online, or have enough product and interest to go online.

There are six categories of farm supporters -- we’d like your input on who exactly we should get interviews with!

Logistics about the study: 

Once you sign up, we will get in touch with you to schedule a time.

We’re going to begin with the Midwest, so if you’re from another region, you may not hear from us for a couple of weeks.

We are flexible to the interviewee’s time -- we understand you are busy!

Please share the call for participation with your community:

Let us know if you need different resources.

Who should we be talking to about resilient food?

Jeannie in Missouri found a broken link for signing up for an interview! Thanks Jeannie! We’ve updated it.

Give us feedback! 

Are the calls, emails, and website helpful? How’s the project moving along from your perspective? Fill out the anonymous feedback survey to let us know!

Open discussion:

How long will the interviews take?

Is there a way to send an email to everybody affiliated with SARE?

Diversity of farmers:

Concern about the length of the interview:

3. Chat:

from Juliet to Everyone:        12:06  PM

Notes for today:

from Juliet to Everyone:        12:16  PM

If it is easier to ask questions here, feel free to do so! I will relay the questions. :)

from Nevin Cohen to Everyone:        12:22  PM

sorry to jump off but I hope to follow up. -- Nevin Cohen, CUNY

from Juliet to Everyone:        12:22  PM

Thanks Nevin!

from Ben to Everyone:        12:22  PM

Have to get on a call but hopefully will be back on soon

from Liz Stites to Everyone:        12:38  PM

again...what were the 2 questions that you wanted feedback on?

from Ankita Raturi to Everyone:        12:38  PM

Who should we talk to about resilient food?

from Ankita Raturi to Everyone:        12:38  PM

E.g., mid-size meat producers,

from Ankita Raturi to Everyone:        12:38  PM

Where should we send calls for participation?

from Ankita Raturi to Everyone:        12:38  PM

E.g., Growing for market mailing list, Migrant Justice (via Ben), Food hubs (NE via Ben)

from Liz Stites to Everyone:        12:39  PM


from Linda R Smith to Everyone:        12:47  PM

can you do 2 one hour slots for the interview; that may be easier for farmers to do

from Juliet to Everyone:        12:49  PM

Slides with interview prompts:

from Juliet to Everyone:        12:59  PM

I have to go, if anybody on hte call wants to continue taking notes that would be great!

from Linda R Smith to Everyone:        1:00  PM

I think you mentioned this before but what about confidentiality. If you want to have a really honest discussion and more realistic data then some of the people you interview may have information that they not want public.  Like working with immigrants or farmers who have workers under the table