In regards to community issues:

In regards to community issues, there should be some clarification. Even though my name is Vinesauce, I am not the leader or representative of the Vinesauce community. I stream video games and that's as far as my influence extends. I have nothing to do with the Vinesauce discord or any other aspect of the community at large, which can encompass areas of the internet I'm not even aware of. I have taken a step back from community affairs years ago and am not in charge of other people.

Also note that even though Vinesauce is a streaming team, I do not represent any of the other streamers or members of the community and they do not represent me. I am unable to moderate everybody and encourage you to talk directly with anybody you have a problem with. I'm also not qualified to handle personal issues and do not have the authority to do so. If there are problems within my twitch chatroom, please reach out to a moderator.

It can be confusing, but despite my name being Vinesauce, I only represent myself and my streams.

For more information about the general Twitch chat rules, please see: