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I want to celebrate my child’s birthday at school, what can I do?

We love celebrating birthdays at school!  If your child is here for a full day, we prefer to have birthday celebrations at afternoon snack time - between 3 and 3:15 pm.  You can bring store-bought treats, preferably small size if they are on the unhealthy side (donut holes or mini cupcakes), but frozen fruit popsicles or some dipped pretzels might also be a good option!  If this is the case, please be sure that the snacks are nut free!  An even better option might be bringing a non-edible treat such as pencils or stickers!

We will have all the kids sing and you may bring candles to blow out if you’d like.  Our preschool center has a birthday hat for kids to wear while we celebrate.  

I’d like to share invitations for a party to other families - how do I do that?

If you would like us to distribute information for you electronically to all parents, you can send that on to us and we will send it out on KidReports.  If you would like to bring in paper copies, you may distribute them into the parent boxes.

How can I get another parent’s information to arrange a playdate?

We can’t give you contact information for other parents, but we can give your information to other parents!  You can leave them a note in their parent box, or we can send it to them over email us if you email it to us.  Please be sure to include in your email the exact information you want us to share - we are going to copy and paste from your email!  Send the information to:

How do I get a copy of the current menu?

Please ask the director of your site for the most current menu.  We sometimes have to make changes to the menu due to new children’s dietary needs, so asking is the best.  Menus are on a 4 week rotation and you will be given all 4 weeks.  You can be pretty sure we are not changing the menu items to anything outside of the planned week, as we shop for 1 week of groceries at a time, but sometimes we need to make changes by swapping items inside of the week.  If you or your child needs any special menu accommodations, please talk to the director of your site.

Children are welcome to bring their own lunch if our menu does not work for your family.

We always have a vegetarian option and all food served is nut free.  This does not apply to afterschool or camp programs.  Please ask about accommodations if your child is attending these programs and has specific needs.

What are the rules about toys at school?

Though some discretion is given to teachers, in general, we encourage toys to be left at home except on special days (i.e.bring your teddy bear day or show and tell).  However, we understand that comfort items can be needed for kids at drop off and nap times and we can help kids navigate these items being used for the morning transition and then put into cubbies as well as being brought out for nap times and then put back into cubbies.  Please do not bring items from home that your child expects to be able to play with throughout the day.  You can help them understand this policy by explaining that toys often get lost, broken, or fought over when they are brought from home.  The reason this is the case is that if we let one child bring toys, we have to let other kids bring them also and that would be hard to keep track of!

If it is particularly difficult for your child to leave home without a toy, we are usually able to help them separate from it at drop off so you can “keep it in the car” until pick up - if this is a need, please feel free to talk it over with teachers and we will help you make a  plan that works for you, your family, and the school.

What is Friday sack lunch day and are there any special rules?

Please bring a sack lunch for your child on Fridays, we do not cook lunch on these days.  We will still serve snacks!  

How can I help on special events and classroom parties?

We love parent help!  If you would like to help for a special event, stop by the front desk (or often the kitchen if you are asking DURING the event) and ask how you can help.  Usually, we have water pitchers or snack trays we need help managing.  

One of the biggest ways to help during events, is to look for kids who do not have parents attending and help them participate in the activities.  Teachers are often pulled in more directions than normal during these events and we hate for any kids to feel left out!  

It is also appreciated when parents offer to bring in snack or decoration items for events!