Wind Turbine Blade Design




  1. Read these instructions completely and ask any questions if you are not clear on what you will be doing.
  2. Your job is to design the most efficient turbine blade hub assembly for capturing the energy from wind.  The factors you can vary are as follows:
  1. Number of blades
  2. Length of blades
  3. Shape of blades
  4. Blade material
  5. Pitch of blades
  1. Using the given generator assembly, tower, and hub (see photo below), you can design and build your best performing turbine design.
  2. Check that your assembly is well tuned, that the gears are properly aligned and the generator spins with as little friction lost in the gearing.  Feel free to tune everything up by making adjustments to the assembly.
  3. Final testing with measurement of power generated is done at the wind tunnel.  Expect to test your turbine, and then make modifications to improve the power output.
  4. Be sure to manage your time carefully as the wind tunnel test rigs will likely be in very high demand near the end of the breakout!