Summary of Incentives - Monument Affiliate Group Members

Immediately After Approval to the Program


You can share code ROLLWITHPHENOM10 for 10% off - use this when you post your link to incentivize conversion.

To increase urgency, you can even self-determine a time frame you want to make code ROLLWITHPHENOM10 available to your fans. (eg. "Folks, I reached out to my friend Tim Bui at Monument, and he allowed me code ROLLWITHPHENOM10 valid until [Insert Date and Time], pick it up now!"

*Remember to remove your post after your pre-determined time.

After 25 conversions

Custom branded Monument URL


(Email Subj Line: Custom branded URL request)

After 50 conversions

Custom 15% discount code

(Email Subj Line: 15% custom code request)

After 100 conversions

5% increase in commissions

Custom 20% discount code

Custom landing page for favorite product

(Email Subj Line: 5% increase request)

*Note 20% commission is the maximum commission tier an affiliate can achieve

Rolling Basis Bonus Opportunities

Be on the lookout for the following:

Product of the Month: Each month, the product of the month will be assigned a 72 hour window where you can CRUSH it.

Referral Bonus: Introduce your network to the program for extra cash!

Referral Bonus opportunities happen one week per quarter.

Have Monument Promote Your Post

Step 1) Publish a post on your website highlighting Monument

Step 2) Submit it here:

Step 3) Wait for Friday mornings for announcements

*One post will be highlighted per week to our 50K+ list, beginning Friday, April 6th.

**Submissions are open now!

Please Note

*New affiliate accounts that do not have a conversion will expire after 30 days. If you are a new affiliate, get your links rockin’ today! :)