Tairangi School Procedure Statement


The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. The relevant teacher professional standards will be appended to each teacher’s job description.  The Principal’s professional standards will be appended to the annual performance agreement.  The signing of these documents will indicate that the signatory agrees that these are the expectations of performance.
  2. Ability to meet these professional standards will be determined as part of the school appraisal cycle.  Senior staff and the Principal are responsible for the appraisal of teachers.  The Board of Trustees Chairperson is responsible for the Principal’s appraisal.
    See the Performance Appraisal Policy Statement for further details.
  3. Success in meeting professional standards will form the basis of attestation for teachers’ incremental increases.  The Principal will be responsible for attesting to the professional competence of teachers.  Disputes over non-attestation will be dealt with by the school’s senior management team.

File:profstand3.doc        Procedure Statement – Professional Standards