Essential Standards Chart:  What is it we expect students to learn?  








Kristine Lowder

Camille Davis

Rexann Edwards

Standard Description

Example Rigor

Prerequisite Skills



When Taught?

Extension Standards

What is the essential standard to be learned?  Describe in student-friendly vocabulary.

What does proficient student work look like?  Provide an example and/or description.

What prior knowledge, skills, and/or vocabulary is/are needed for a student to master this standard?

What assessment(s) will be used to measure student mastery?

When will this standard

be taught?

What will we do when students have learned the essential standard(s)?

K.CC.A.5, 4 (a and b)

I can count a group of things when someone gives me any number from 1 to 20

o o o o o

How many circles are there?

I understand 1-1 correspondence.

I can count to 20 in order

 AMC Assessment

September – February

I can compare numbers 0-20

I can identify numbers 0-20

10   8   15   19

Tel me what number this is.

I understand that the number 1 means one block, etc.

Teacher created

Sept. – Feb.

I can write the numbers 0-20


I can compare two numbers 1-10

6            3

Which number is more? (include using objects and/or pictures)

I can count with 1-1 correspondence

0-10 Benchmark test


I can compare numbers 1-20 without objects or pictures (abstract)

K.CC.A.3 I can write the number that shows how many.  (up to 20)

o o o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o

o o o o o o o o  o o

Write the number that shows how many

I can identify numbers 0-20

I can count with 1-1 correspondence

Benchmark test after 0-5, 0-10, and 0-20

Sept. – Feb.

 I can recognize groups of numbers without counting (subitizing)

K.OA.A.1 I can use what makes sense to me to show that I know how to add.

Manipulate numbers and describe what they did

I can count to tell how many

I can count to 10 in order

Number sense

Vocabulary:  parts, whole

AMC Assessment:  Changing Numbers


I can add numbers using symbols

K.NBT.A.1 I can make and take apart numbers from 11 to 19 by telling how many tens and ones are in the number

Separate the tens and the ones using manipulatives

Number sense

Counting to 20

Teacher created


Place value to 100

K.G.A.2 I can name shapes no matter how big they are or which way they turned

Fluently name shapes when shown

What is a shape?

Buffum/Mattos/Weber, 2011