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Introducing a Unique TV Channel Franchise!

A Spectacular Opportunity for a license purchaser to Launch an already approved Pre-prepared Television Channel


      True Enterprise is to create an Opportunity where one previously didn't exist

  A Unique    International Television Channel Franchise is now available


             "Unique" Because?  The Brand is a Positive light Entertainment Channel only,that will play-out Program content that is free from  stress inducing soundtracks,and violent content,which makes it a suitable haven for viewers who are seeking a positive stress reducing comfort zone to retreat to.

  The Channel will also focus on the more exulted selections from the Performing Arts category including,featuring Films Drama,Comedy,Stage Acts,Documentaries,Music & the Arts; and will avoid the play-out themes of Violence,Horror,Angst,& disturbing content.


The Channels Program Content will naturally create a like-minded Haven for an attuned audience to gather!



                  Industry Differentials:   There are only three routes to enter the Broadcasting Industry.

1. Purchase a TV Station:   A costly & complicated business. Negotiations alone can take at least 8 to 14 Months,and then the Purchasers have to plough through  the backlog of files & records before enabled to catch up with the day to day running of affairs. A TV Station owns its own Master Control Studio and Satellite Up-link or Cable delivery equipment.

2. Create a TV Channel:  Even more difficult. The Brand will take at least 3 Years to develop and implement,then a Broadcast Management Firm will be contracted to Uplink the Channel to the Channels Network.

3. Purchase a Brand TV Channel Franchise:  Ours is exclusively the only one available on the International Market,and the Franchise has all contracts pre-negotiated with approvals to cue to Broadcast,within a minimum of only 16 Weeks from the application to Cue to launch acceptance. From Introduction to launch 24 weeks.                                        

The Franchise is sold to a qualified buyer,on a low risk schedule,meaning that the Franchise fee may be deferred until actual Advertising revenue is incoming.  The Channel will begin earning Advertising bookings deposit incomes 12 - 13 weeks before the actual Launch date.                                                                              

    There are No other comparisons to One World Television or alternatives to enter the Broadcasting Industry on such a low entry level startup budget. Moreover the new Operator will be entering an elite Channels Network where the Advertising Industry are already there,geared up to allocate their thousands of Advert spots to the Channels whose Program Content fit their Campaigns.

One World Television Channel Franchise is delivered with a comprehensively advanced Operations Manual which includes  business Management Modules within its Own Private online Cloud System. The Franchise is also served by a One Year's Consultation agreement,which includes a delivery service,in which the Program Content is sourced by the Channels Program Planner.  Furthermore a Professional Broadcast Operator Firm

& Post Production Studio can be contracted to Manage approximately 75% of all the operations workload.

 The Franchise Model goes the extra mile to ensure a successful & smooth running operation by providing a core Operations team at the Franchise Owner's expense. The team is composed of a Traffic Manager,Producer, Program Planner,who will manage all work schedules except marketing,Sales & Administration & Accounting.

4. What Advantage has a Franchise Operation have over a Merger,Joint Venture or other type of operative?


In North America,Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures face approvals by government entities including the U.S. Department of Justice, the FTC and the FCC. Some transactions, like the Joint Venture between Comcast and GE for NBCUniversal and Comcast sale of wireless spectrum to Verizon Wireless, require detailed Public Interest Statements and other filings. There has never been a Television Channel Franchise deployed in the United States of America before and therefore there exists no legislative limiting regulations.


Prospectors are Invited to book an Introductory Webinar

This is an exclusive invitation to learn about a ready to adopt Business Model that has already achieved a prioritized approval to go ahead and launch on the European SKY network,once a license has been applied for.


Our Operations Manual contains a timeline schedule of all procedures necessary to launch the Channel,and many Business Management tools that will empower the Operations Manual with a sophisticated well thought out immediate advantage,for the start-up operation.

One Years Consultation is also provided,and herein lies the World's only available Franchise Business Model with first Year forecasts set at approximately from £6,300.000.000 net per annum,broadcasting on 4 Channel's networks,based on a maximum 7 day running schedule,broadcasting on Sky. Net Profits would be 30% of that amount.

 [Annual licensing fees will cost 1% per annum]


                                                       Television is the World's 4th largest Earner!

When Advertising rates are relative to the number of Channel viewers, it is possible for advertising Income to increase up to four times or more per program,depending on the content,therefore a Program such as "The Big Bang Theory can earn the Channel an amazing £3.780.000 during a 30 minute transmission.

 That would cost an Advertiser a minimum of £178.181 per 30 second Advert,yet bare in mind that the highest rate paid for Advertising in the U.K  was £500.000 per 30 second advert,during the "Britain's Got Talent"series early in 2014.

We will introduce a Prospect to the Broadcast Management & Satellite Up-link Provider Firm,take You through the "Operations Manual" Portal,Website,Contracts,Employee Handbook and Program Schedules,and Introduce You to the Client Managers who will be Serving The Television Channel until the client can be absolutely convinced that the Project is on schedule to be launched within a minimum of 16 weeks from purchase.

However the "Purchase qualification" is dependent upon the buyer being able to recruit a Channel Management Team,however the Franchise owner will provide a core team of four professionals to operate the Channel.

Holding the World's only available International TV Channel Franchise, "One World Television"

   The Franchise Agents "5 Star Film Company Ltd"  are ready to present an absolutely Bonanza Offer to Qualifying Buyer.

The Beauty of Television Broadcasting is that a network of Channels is coordinated with the Advertising Agencies who provide the revenue,by cooperating with a sales house to funnel the advertisements into a collective pool,so as soon as a New Channel is approved to launch,the Advertisers have a huge pool of thousands of Adverts ready to engage the Channels.

As we are eager for the Franchiser to have every advantage and minimal risk with the Venture,we can even enable the Purchase fee to be deferred until solid Advertising Revenue is incoming.  





Introducing a Unique TV Channel. A Spectacular Opportunity to Launch an already approved Pre-prepared Television Channel




Let's consider what One Film Company and one Film Company only did to make them the World's Wealthiest.  

It was 20th Century Fox who created the Subsidiary “Fox Television” that launched the Film Company's First Television Channel.

The Fox Channel branched out to make 20th Century Fox a multi-Billionaire Firm that it is today,rivalled in the American Television Industry today only by NBC,CBS and Sony with their 123 Film & Record Company subsidiaries.

Why other Film Companies didn't follow suite beggars belief,for one Fox Station alone less its News Channels is still earning $ per annum,that is 92 times more than 20th Century Fox were making in the Movie Production Business prior to breaking into Television Broadcasting.

All the evidence goes to show that the elite Industry of Television Broadcasting is almost sold & sewn up, to be operated by Cartels,subsidiaries and bought by the same Mogul Buyers,of which most are faceless Corporations.

 The only exception to this is the breakthrough by small independent Companies,who have created Shopping and Porn Channels,so with stakes so high one would wonder why so few outsiders have done so.

The Author has no doubt that the sheer complexity of creating a Channel Brand from scratch without enough insider knowledge & adequate research data,is almost an impossibility,and the time effort involved is immense,so those in the know tend to make their wealth from within the established industry and then allow themselves to be Career Head hunted by the Mogul owned Stations themselves,rather than breaking out their creativity and striving to create new Channels that spearhead individualistic freedom from the multilateral standard blueprint of conformity.

Our Franchise has been created as a product that has evolved from research and problem analysis as a resolve to bridge the gap,which is in fact an absence of an outsider inroad into the Broadcasting Industry,yet Our objective is give the Film Production Industry itself a boost,in the full awareness that in America only Fox deploy nearly enough of their huge revenues back into the Film Industry to sponsor new Productions to be manifest,amidst the  disappointing trend that Industry Moguls tend to demonstrate, which is to hoard profits and deliberately cut back yearly on Content expenditure by recycling the very few new Films that they do purchase as many times as they feel that they can.

Our Franchise therefore is the only one available within the entire Industry,and surely represents a presently constructed bridge of "right of entry" into every Broadcasting Territory door to enable a Firm to launch a Television Channel within less than 6 Months.

This endeavour is surely the greatest opportunity for a shrewd Operator or wiser Film Company to cross that Bridge and to likewise follow the "Fox Corporation" into the Mega-Bucks big Player League.

Here is an excerpt from a Memo that came in from the email.

Interestingly enough,-it- seems- -that the FOX Broadcasting Group now want to reward the ex VP of Production at Twentieth Century Fox with a Promotion to President of the Fox Broadcasting Corporation.

This is a case of late justice for one of the original instigators who originally suggested that the Film Production Company break into TV Broadcasting,who has now been given recognition for catalysing them nearly into the Trillionaire league.


Fox Reorders Television Group Executives

Joe Earley is elevated to chief operating officer, Fox Television Group, while David Madden is named president, entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Co.

By Staff

TVNewsCheck , August 14, 2014 3:02 PM EDT

Fox Television Group Chairmen and CEOs Gary Newman and Dana Walden announced today that they have promoted Joe Earley to chief operating officer for Fox Television Group (FTG) and appointed David Madden president of entertainment for Fox Broadcasting Co. (Fox).

Earley will report to Walden and Newman, joining them in the executive suite of the newly-formed television group, and will be charged with maximizing opportunities for the shows produced by 20th Century Fox Television for Fox. In his new role, Earley will partner with the studio’s development, production, business affairs, marketing and finance leads on strategic initiatives, and will oversee the development of international co-productions, as well as publicity and talent relations at the studio. He will also continue to have direct oversight of marketing and communications, digital, multi-platform programming, research, talent relations, scheduling and audience strategy at the network.

“We are unbelievably excited for Joe to join us in the Fox Television Group as we work to more closely align our network and studio businesses,” said Newman and Walden. “He is an exceptionally valuable leader within our company, with a unique ability to see the big picture, and we’re really looking forward to having him spearhead initiatives that take full advantage of the incredible opportunities across our series.”

As president of entertainment for Fox, Madden will assume responsibility for scripted programming and development, alternative entertainment and casting at the network. He will also report to Newman and Walden.

“David is an incredible creative executive with an impeccable eye for talent who is respected tremendously by the creative community, his network and agency partners, and his colleagues alike. Over his nearly 15-year tenure at Fox Television Studios, David helped transform FTVS into one of the premier brands in cable programming, and we are elated to bring his stellar expertise and reputation to the FOX network,” said Walden and Newman.

Both Earley and Madden will transition into their new roles immediately. A replacement for Madden at FTVS will be named soon.

Previously, Earley served as COO of Fox Broadcasting Co. He has risen through the executive ranks over his 20 years at Fox, holding positions including president of marketing and communications and executive vice president of publicity, corporate communications and creative services. He joined the network in 1994 as a senior publicist after spending several years in media relations at HBO, and began his entertainment career in production and development with producer Gale Anne Hurd.

David Madden joins the Fox network from Fox Television Studios, where as president, he oversaw all of the studio’s scripted and unscripted programming, as well as FTVS’ finance, operations and marketing divisions.

Prior to joining FTVS, Madden was a producer and partner with the Paramount Pictures-based Cort/Madden Co., with more than 20 films to his credit. Before Paramount, Madden held roles as a producer and partner with Interscope Communications and VP of production at Twentieth Century Fox. Madden has also served as a feature writer and director.


In America, the FCC regulations rule against the easy acquisitioning of TV Stations,via regulations relating to Joint Sales Agreements & Multi-ownership limits, because of the increased practice of Stations being baited by the Media buyers within the Industry,to give up their Corporate control over ownership by overseas interests.

A reason for the present volatile market of sales & resales of Stations may be that's it's economically convenient for the Board Directors to accept over generous incentive offers to relinquish ownership,then to wait for the next purchase offer to appear,as stations are want to being sold on a voracious U.S Market at present.

Our Cited Franchise is particularly advantageous for the International Market as a viable alternative to a Station,as it enables independent contractors to purchase the Operations lease to ownership,ie licensing rights,to circulate the Television Channel Worldwide,and to operate up to 8 Brand Channels Worldwide. Moreover We escape FCC regulations against multi-ownership,as the Franchise license is fully owned by the Franchisee,yet the payment schedule for the full ownership is scheduled over a 22 year term,and therefore the model is one of a kind.

Furthermore,a Station purchaser will inherit all the ingrained internal politics,history and data of a seasoned Station,which is an immensity of data and files that will take considerable time to analyse and to learn amidst the day to day monitoring of the acquisition. Experience will prove that to engage and launch a pre-prepared Brand Model Channel is the fastest most economical and most efficient way to go by far.

We can enable the Franchisee to contract within a fraction of the time that stubborn FCC regulations are insisting on,in order for their due diligence having been passed by their control,which has consistently happenstance in the U.S.A  to have infuriated many Media Station Buyers Statewide

                                       A Qualified Media Buyer could fit the following description.

Be confident to be able to recruit a Professional Administration Management team within 3 Months,or be prepared to leave a 10% deposit in order to reserve the Franchise for a further 6 Months. In the event of Multi-interests, the Franchiser will favour a Film Production Company.

The buyer Ideally would be able to recruit Professionals within 10 weeks. The Franchisees full team matrix for broadcasting 40 hours per week could include.

A Press Officer, A Media Analyst, A Sales Manager & Marketing Team, A Website administrator, Accounts Manager, Office Administration team.

  The Franchise shall be available on a first to qualify,and highest bid offer  basis

If multi interest parties submit bids,whilst the starting bid will begin at £199,000 which will is approximately the lowest cost that can afford the Channel to launch.


                     Channel Management structure & Controls.


The One World Television Channel Franchise

is designated to be Operated by a Professional Broadcast Management Firm.

The Purchaser need only be responsible for the following Management Roles.

Ad-Sales,Web-Site Presentation,Accounts,Compliance,Purchasing, Invoicing.  

 A Qualified Franchisee will certainly not be short of Operations support from the Parent Franchisor Company.


PBT-UK-Playbox CIAB Brochure.pdf


PBT-EdgeBox_03-2011 (1).pdf

 Provys brochure 2012.pdf 

Cloud OnAir Presentation (1).pptx*      


The Franchisee chooses the Channel Management Products.

                                                     The Synopsis.

                                                                                                                                  One World Television Corp


                         One World Television  

The Owner discovered that TV Advertising was the World's 4th most lucrative earner,and that a single 30 secs Advert on the American Idols Program will sell for around $365k.

He learned that the Industry is an Insider's operative comprised of Conglomerates Moguls,so that is what inspired him to  built the first outsiders bridge into the International Broadcasting Industry.

The One World Television Channel then became the World's first International Television Channel Franchise, consequently the three years of research & development & striving to bring this model to the ready to cue to launch stage has been nothing short of a hard slog, bringing to fruition an entirely unique and unprecedented Broadcasting Franchise.

The Channel recently won the Acquisitions International [A1) Award for Broadcasting Media Innovation,so we are thankful that the Judges recognized the spectacular Model. The due diligence schedule will introduce the prospector to every Contact Manager who will be involved with the operation,these include the Broadcast Operator Firm,Content supplier at the BBC,and the Channels Network Provider at SKY,all whom have pre-approved the One World Television Channel,which has arrived at the advanced stage with 12 weeks of Programs already scheduled,and is ready to cue to launch once an investor has come on board.

 A Franchise Partner can now enter a historic destiny making role to Operate a landmark Brand Television Channel that is now ready to launch for a qualified Operator within 5 Months. 5 Star Film Company have spent the last 4 years developing the First International Television Channel Franchise,with their Brand "One World Television"which has an ethical policy not to play out negative themes such as Horror,Crime and excessively violent content. With the accent on positive light entertainment,educational programs,drama Comedy,Music Movies and the Performing Arts in general,the Channel could easily find a niche with Viewers who are looking for light entertainment to destress with at the weekends.

 As a Franchise the Channel is ready for a Franchisee to engage,as 12 weeks of Programs have already been scheduled,and all pre approvals have been granted to cue to launch on the European SKY Channels Network. A BBC Content registration is engaged and a Contract is in place with a London Professional Broadcast Operator 5 Star Film Company will provide a Traffic Manager, Program Planner and Producer,a Franchise Employee Handbook, a Channel Management Product,as well as 10 hours of Free Consultation per week for one year,in order to assist in the entire cue to launch process.

The Franchisee will be required to provide a Website Admin,accountant and 3 program schedulers. Startup costs will be less than £200.000.

Therefore the Franchise fee is open to bids (now amended) to commence at£199,000

There is an option to allow SKY to supply the Adverts,this will establish a surety of income at a cost of 0.4% although SKY say they will not pay out in advance. The One World Television Channel has already trod the path of approvals to cue to launch and is now ready to accept International Franchisees inquiries from the Film Industry,as the Channel can demonstrate that it can provide the greatest solution that exists in order to enable funding source for all a Film Companies future Productions.

An online Operations Manual tour is available by appointment.

 The Prospector approach protocol:

Upon formal approach,a confidentiality agreement will be signed,and a Skype Screen sharing appointment scheduled.

 The Prospector will then be allowed access to an online cloud based Operations Manual & Business Plan,where all future cue to launch progress instructions are published.

If the Prospector wishes to proceed,then a 4 weeks due diligence cycle is entered into, whereas the Prospector is introduced to the Professional Broadcast Operator Firm in London who will be Managing the Satellite uplink & Channel Play out.

An appointment will be arranged where the Prospector can tour the Master Control Studios where the Channel will be Operated.

The Contractor Operator can even Schedule the Programs. Then the Prospector will be introduced to the SKY Channels Network Operator,Contract Manager,to enable verification that the One World Television Channel has already been pre-approved to apply to Cue to launch,once the license application has been successful.

 Then the prospector is allowed access to the BBC Content account,where they can inspect all the programs that have been scheduled,before inspecting the actual Program Schedule on the Play out calendar.

 After the 4 weeks due diligence cycle the Prospector will definitely know if they can proceed and launch the Channel. The next Stage will be the Contract Signing protocol,after which the license application,and SKY cue to launch application process will commence,the process will take another 4 weeks to gain application accepted status.


You will need to sign the confidentiality agreement and upload the file to the application form.

 Once Signed,then an online Conference allowing internet access to the Operations Manual Portal will be scheduled,at the Franchise Procurement Protocol Site.    

 Please take the steps below and submit the form at the green link below before,registering to gain access to the "Operations Manual" Portal.

  1. Sign the Confidentiality Agreement 

  1. Application Form

      3. Operations Manual Portal 



                                      ONE WORLD TELEVISION CHANNEL FRANCHISE  TERMS SHEET.

                                                                      (30% & 80% equity based)



WHEREAS, Seller is the owner of  the One World Television Channel Franchise and certain Intellectual Property identified in detail in the Franchise Contract Agreement, attached to this Agreement; and WHEREAS, Buyer, wishes to  lease the entire Franchise rights, title, and interest in the identified Intellectual Property & Business Franchise and exploit such property through the establishment of a Television Broadcasting Channel,titled "ONE WORLD TELEVISION" NOW, the parties intent to be legally contracted for no longer than a term of 6 years,unless terminated by mutual consent or by gross  misconduct of management or by maintaining practices of unlawful acts,and agree as follows:



                     In consideration of the license granted to The Licensee [  Franchise  Owner    [   Laird A Salmon  ] here under,

                     The Licensee agrees to pay to  [5 Star  Film Company Ltd ]


  1. A Franchise license fee representing the winning bid amount  of [ £                    ] or £199,000 should there be no other bidders,to 5 Star Film Company in receipt of the Franchise Administration fee. 5 Star Film Company Ltd.  shall agree to provide the Television Channel Franchisee,the paid for employment services of a Traffic Manager,a Channel Producer,a TV Presenter,and Program Planner.


             2.   The Licensor  shall deploy the core Management team from 5 Star Film Company Ltd as its  Administration Agents to supervise and Traffic Manage the operation of the Television Channel, and the Franchise  fees shall become due and payable by The Licensee to   5 Star Film Company Ltd.  within 10 days days after the signing date of this Agreement.


            3.       5 Star Film Company Ltd. shall have the right, at any time, to give The Licensee written notice of  5 Star Film Company Ltd.  intention to examine the Licensee’s books and records with respect to Statements. Such examination shall  be commenced within 2 months after the date of such notice, at 5 Star Film Company Ltd. cost and expense, by any C.P.A. designated by 5 Star Film Company Ltd. during the Licensee’s usual business hours at the place where The Licensee maintains its books and records.


        4.    The Licensee  shall not be entitled to sub-license the Franchise agreement to other Operator party,and they must                               organise the business in accordance with the priorities that  5 Star Film Company Ltd. are stipulating that shall condition & regulate the Franchise in accordance to the blueprint of the Channel's brand..

         7.      Both The Licensor 5 Star Film Company Ltd & the Franchise Licensee shall be responsible for keeping the following accounts.

                   1. Assigned Accounts receivable. 2. General Ledger Accounts. 3.  Accounts Payable. 4. Bank statements & reports.

                   5. Expense  Invoices.


             [1]  In the event of a Franchise resale, writing permission must first be applied for and granted preceding its resale,all assets must be accounted for accurately in all of the Accounts,and the financial reports shall be included in  each Financial Statement each month without fail and delivered to the Franchise owner within 4 weeks of the sale.

               2.   An Accounts Manager or Compliance Manager must be Employed at Director or Managerial Level,and assigned with the responsibility to keep & deliver these reports & accounts accurately.

               3.   The The Franchise Licensee and or their Directors partners are allowed to earn a personal salary with no limitations imposed by the Franchise Business Owners.

               4.   The Channel Franchisees are liable to pay 30% of the Channel's costs,including and limited to ofcom fees,barb fees,broadcasting fees,Program Content,and VAT. The calculated 30% equity,less expenses of the calculated net profits per fortnight will be credited to the licensed Franchisee registered bank account. Commencing at year 2,the equity earning rates and cost concurrently will rise to 80%

All other running costs,office expenses salaries and Company Corporation Tax, shall be the paid from the Franchisees personal revenue,and be declared with their quarterly accounts.      .                          .          .                    

5. The Franchise equity fee shall be transferred fortnightly or whenever Advertising revenue is incoming. The revenue shall include a financial report detailing the advertising spots sold,purchaser and shall include invoices and crm details.


Equity Rates 1st Channel:

The Franchise Equity rate shall be due at a rate of 30% (for year one)rising to 80% on going, of all solid net profit income earnings from advertising  per annum.

The equity rate shall apply to the Channel by allowance to launch on any Network Nationally.


Equity rate: Subsequence Channel's.

The Franchisee may apply for a license to apply to launch on subsequent Channel's.

There will be a fee of £5,000,000 for this,then the equity earning rate will rise to 80% of all revenue earnings from advertising alone.                                                                                                

     Exclusive Intellectual Property Rights Reserved:

All Parties assigned to this Contract,their directors,staff,and contractee agree to indemnify one another from all liabilities that might arise from character assassination indiscretions,disputes,harassment,misconduct,and shall not engage in any court suits or take legal action against one another that may bring about publicity that could cause the besmirching of the Television Channels reputation or honour.

Should any future Court suits arise,then by the terms of this contract,the Franchise Agreement shall henceforth be terminated,and the Television Channel business shall be considered forfeit and shall be regained by the owner.


  The never before deployed speciality characteristics of the Television Channel Brand pertaining to the Trademark  Program; named, "ONE WORLD TELEVISION"  shall be selected as reserved pertaining to Intellectual Property Copyright Law.

The terms of the Franchise deemed necessary to protect the specific Channel brand,require that the Franchisor select  the Program Content,whilst all  selected Content be subject to approval by the Channel's Program Planner,in order to ensure that compliance to ofcom regulations is always attained.

The Owner “5 Star Film Company Ltd shall agree to cover expenses arising from the salaries of the Core Broadcast operators who are deployed to manage the channel.



All other conditions are covered in the “One World Television” Handbook which is a comprehensive regulatory document governing protocols and professional conduct. The only exemptions shall be the paragraphs relating to benefits,maternity leave and any specific items that is in consideration to not be relevant to the franchisee according to goodwill.

The Employee Handbook

Franchisee duties:

 The Franchisee roles are minimal as the Channel will be Professionally Managed; main role will be Administration,as a Program Planner and Traffic Manager have already been assigned.

 However tasks may also include Website Management ,Publicity,Program Scheduling, Marketing Promotion & Accounting as the basis of the Business.

Please don't hesitate to contact,if Your Company is ready to make a bonanza leap onto the World's only outsiders bridge into the Broadcasting Industry.

                                         Serious Business enquiries may be applied for here.

Learn how Your Company can

launch a Quality Television Channel

within a minimum of 24 Weeks

0r if with recruitment needs,from 5-6 Months.

For detailed information,please send a copy of the completed confidentiality agreement,then Book an exploratory discussion via the Appointments Form!


[Sales] Skype: star_films ]   https://www.vcita.com/v/5starfilmco     

An exceptionally rare opportunity to enter the World's 4th largest earning Industry.

       A Diligence response awaits; at your behest!