Cable Services - Is There A Monopoly That Keeps Your Bill High?

Almost every middle aged or older person uses cable services. Older people may remember that at one time, anyone could view the programs of his or her choice without paying anything. Of course, the content, as such, was quite different then. The variety of content was also much less.

Most people will also recall how the service charges have been going higher and higher with passage of time. While one would have expected the service charges to go down or at least stay static with the advancements in the electronic entertainment world, his and her hopes have been belied till now.

If one was to look at the reasons as to why the cable service charges are high, one will easily observe that all cable companies, irrespective of where they are operating, enjoy some sort of a monopoly. Structural conditions permit the existence of only a very few competitors in a cable market. So, the consumer is totally at the mercy of his or her cable company. Rather than finding ways to bring down the cable service charges for the consumer, the service providers are often busy fighting amongst themselves for a larger share of the pie.

More often than not, the cable service rates remain ungoverned by any governmental organization. At best, there may be a 'regulated' rate for the most basic package and the cable company will be charging you separately for expanded packages, sports and movie channels. The pleaders for the cable companies are already warning that the charges may go up by as much as five times in the next five to six years.

The only silver lining for the consumers is that while cable service providers may continue operating the way they have been, the following new options are now available to the viewers:

1. Transmission of television content including movies, TV shows and sports through the Internet at lower prices by some service providers. With good transmission quality, they also permit usage of multiple devices on a single connection.

2. Deferred transmission (late by a day) over the Internet by some companies at rates lower than cable service charges.

3. Own your Dish facility for viewing all the television programs by some companies. This may, however, not be suitable for those living in apartments.

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