1.        Purpose

In order to promote cultural awareness and understanding and to provide diverse experiences to District students, the Board shall admit foreign exchange students into District schools.

2.        Authority

        8 U.S.C.

        Sec. 1101

The Board shall accept foreign exchange students who meet the established guidelines for admission to District schools.

The Board shall accept exchange students on a J-1 Visa who reside within the District as participants in group-sponsored exchange programs approved by the Board. Exchange students on a J-1 Visa shall not be required to pay tuition.

The Board shall accept privately sponsored exchange students on an F-1 Visa for attendance only in secondary schools upon payment of tuition at the established District rate; tuition payments may not be waived. The period of attendance shall not exceed twelve (12) months.

The Board reserves the right to limit the number of foreign exchange students admitted to the schools.

3.        Definitions

Sponsoring Organizations – a body formed and authorized by law to act in accordance with established guidelines relative to the placement, sponsorship and responsibility for participating students.

Host Parent(s) – resident(s) of the Governor Mifflin School District who has (have) agreed to act as a guardian(s) for the foreign exchange student.

Approved Placement Organization – an established sponsoring agency that has made previous foreign exchange student placements in District schools, with local representatives who serve as liaisons providing necessary support to host parent(s) and the school administration when necessary.

4.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for determining the visa status and eligibility of foreign exchange students applying for admission to District schools.

5.        Guidelines

        Pol. 203

Once admitted, all exchange students shall be subject to all District policies and regulations governing students.

Foreign exchange students sponsored by approved placement organizations shall be allowed to attend Governor Mifflin School District without payment of tuition providing the District guidelines are satisfactorily completed.

Approved Sponsoring Organizations

All approved sponsoring organizations requesting the placement of students in the Governor Mifflin School District are required to maintain a satisfactory rating by the CSIET Advisory List.

The sponsoring organization and/or host family must file a written request with the building administration by July 15th for the waiver of tuition.

New sponsoring organizations' regional and area representatives are required to arrange a personal meeting with the building administration prior to any placements.

The sponsoring organizations are required to submit local reference lists and a list of host family responsibilities, student responsibilities, and student-family responsibilities prior to any placement.

The building administration is to be provided with a list of perspective families and afforded the opportunity to recommend an appropriate placement which considers the needs of all parties involved in the process.

The Board has the right of final approval of all placements.

The sponsoring organization and/or host parent(s) shall submit copies of the following documents/information to the building administration:

  1. A copy of the exchange student's application to the sponsoring organization.

  1. A personal statement from the host parent(s) indicating their agreement to assume responsibility for the exchange student during the term of the student's program.

  1. The academic record of the exchange student.

  1. A certificate of health and documents verifying required vaccinations and immunizations.

  1. Evidence of visa status.

Placement Timelines

June 1


Initial contact by agencies for placement within the District.

June 30


Submission of host family resumé and references for approval by the building administration.

July 15


Submission of student documents to building administration which include personal resumé, transcripts, medical records, family resumé, letters of reference and certification of competency in English. Applicants are required to submit an audio tape prior to admittance to certify competency in English.

Enrollment Guidelines

Each approved exchange program is limited to the placement of one (1) student per year.

A maximum of four (4) exchange students will be allowed to enroll in any one school year.

Student Requirements

All exchange students considered for placement in the District must be in the age range of sixteen (16) to nineteen (19) years of age and eligible for student visa status.

The students must be at a minimum grade level equivalent of grade 11 at Governor Mifflin.

The placement agency will be required to provide tutorial services for students placed in the District who are determined to be English deficient. The organization will cover all costs for the tutorial services.

Students who have completed a secondary education program in their own country are ineligible for enrollment.

Students enrolling at Governor Mifflin must be proficient in English. The District reserves the right to withdraw an offer of enrollment upon misrepresentation of the student's English proficiency.

Approval Process

The building administrator(s) will monitor all requests for consideration of placement of exchange students in the District.

Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements, the building administrator(s) will forward all requests for placement to the Superintendent on a timely basis for consideration by the Board of Education for final approval.

The Governor Mifflin School District reserves the right to reject any and all applications for admission of foreign exchange students. Furthermore, the District reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any exchange student at any point in the school year on the grounds of any of the following:

  1. Misrepresentation of information.

  1. Misconduct – Governor Mifflin Behavioral Code.

  1. Civil or criminal misconduct.

  1. Lack of academic progress/access.

8 U.S.C.

Sec. 1101

Board Policy


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