#313 - The Angry Chicken: “Fade 2 Nicholena”


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Intro:  Welcome to The Angry Chicken!

We’re joined by a special guest today, Nicholena!

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Intro Interview with Nicholena

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Still no single player news? Just wait till Thursday.

In true announcement of announcement fashion Dave Kosak jumped into the Hearthstone subreddit last week to let everyone know that a proper Rise of Shadows single player announcement is coming this week. The announcement should land on Thursday and we can expect a new video from the team detailing how we’ll be battling our way through Dalaran.

Pros on Specialist

Friend of the show Cam Shea talked to Hearthstone pros, Hunterace, justaiyan, Bunnyhoppor, and Ike over on IGN to get their thoughts on the new Specialist format and Grandmasters.



What changes would you like to see made to Hearthstone – to the client – this year?

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While on the subject of Blizz events, Blizzard will not be attending Gamescom this year.

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This weird Khadgar Conjurer Mage


But no dragons. Spell generation!

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Greetings Galled Gallos,

Rise of Shadows has so many card generation effects that I've had a lot of pretty crazy games, but this one takes the cake.

I'm playing Zoolock against a Control Warrior, so I'm not liking my chances. I have a really strong aggressive start and get the opponent down to 12 life, but then I start to run out of steam as they stabilise the board and start armoring up.

Then off the top comes Rafaam. I don't hesitate and slam him down. Oops. I'm rewarded for my efforts by an Electra Stormsurge, a King Mukla, and a Harrison Jones. At least Harry comes in handy as my opponent has a supercollider equipped.

Breaking the supercollider the next turn, off the top of my deck comes ... Azalina Soulthief. Can't get much worse than Mukla I think to myself as I throw her down. I'm rewarded with my opponent's Hakkar, Archivist Elysiana, and Youthful Brewmaster among a slew of other control tools. Looks like we have a game.

Next turn is Emeriss off the top, so why not. Over the next few turns I play out a 6/16 Hecklebot, a Swamp Queen Hagatha and the ensuing horror, a 7/10 rushing Militia Commander, and a Ysera. All handily dealt with by the warrior's endless supply of removal.

Meanwhile my opponent has been armoring up and I've been tapping, so I'm down to 4 health and one card in deck. Fearing the Hakkar I know they have, I play a 14/14 Archivist Elysiana, filling my deck and staving off fatigue, and pass.

The opponent plays a rush minion + execute, hit me in the face for 2, and I'm at 2 life with nothing on the board, staring down a handful of minions on the opponent's side.

But there, in the middle of my hand, gleaming in gold and calling to me, is the hail mary of hail marys, the big guy himself, Deathwing. I drop him down and hit the button. The opponent manages to do a whopping 8 damage to it before conceding.


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