Aletheia Bible Fellowship’s Developmental Cadre is an education advocacy program that provides support for parents and individuals of Aletheia Bible Fellowship who need help in pursuing education for themselves or others. This program helps to support the education of individuals of all ages, as well as equipping families to provide educational resources for their children.


The whole Developmental Cadre program is open to all ages and supports anyone seeking education, there is no aging out. There are multiple levels within the Developmental Cadre system.

Cadre Tots


Cadre Jr

Kindergarten-5th grade

Cadre Prep

6th-12th grade

Cadre Prime



Within the Developmental Cadre program there are two paths.

Project Based Learning (PBL):

The Developmental Cadre Staff works with the parents and Student to develop a program that is tailored to best suit their learning style and incorporates their homeschooling subject matter and yearning to develop certain skill paths. An example of this could be writing a children’s book about animals to focus on grammar, zoology, graphic design and production. The staff provides available study space, tutoring, nutritional care, accountability for students and a safe and entrusted environment.

Curriculum Support:

The Developmental Cadre staff provides support for the process in which an individual completes a curriculum that is external, such as Connections Academy, from which they will receive an accredited diploma or certificate. The staff provides available study space, tutoring, nutritional care, accountability for each student and a safe and entrusted environment.


Students and parents of Developmental Cadre are given several other benefits in the natural course of their tenure in the program. Below are some examples.

Outdoor School

One week every year the students of Developmental Cadre go to Ember Watch Outdoor School and immerse themselves in nature and learn and grow in God’s design.

Field Trips

For each topic studied, the students of Cadre Jr. embark on a field trip to gets hands on with what they are learning. Field trips are designed for the Cadre Jr. primarily, however, Developmental Cadre participants are encouraged to come and enjoy the trip or act as chaperones as well.

Healthy Food

Lunch and snack are provided with utmost thought into the health and growth of the students following strict food guidelines. The food provided meets Aletheia Bible Fellowship’s 10 point minimum nutrition standard which focuses on balanced diets, natural ingredients, local and sustainable sources and a proper mindset about food.

Parent Involvement

Parents have full access to the curriculum.  Standards and practices are completely transparent. Every student’s education is thoughtfully planned and supported by the parents and their involvement is the backbone of this program. Parents are encouraged to volunteer as workers and tutors.

Christian Education

The Bible says, ”For no one can lay a foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 3:11)”. Nothing is separated from the foundation of Christ, here at Cadre education will always reflect a complete worldview with Christ at the center.

Physical Space

We have taken into account the needs of your student to provide him or her qq with everything they can use to set themselves up for success in their school day. From high security entry points to a classroom and design lab to a small workout room and worship room, the Developmental Cadre program provides a unique space for education. It gives safety, consideration and opportunities that most homeschooling parents will not have access to without joining a mainstream education institution. The Developmental Cadre meets at

Aletheia Bible Fellowship

4511 SE Main St.

Portland, OR 97215


This program is run by generous donations of those who wish to support it. If you are wanting to give time, supplies or funds, please contact Heidi Parker by calling 503-852-1701.