Program Manager/Summer Camp Director - Job Description

Reports to the Program Director  


Duties:  The Program Manager/Summer Camp Director is responsible for the planning and execution of summer camp, outdoor education and ropes course programming. The Program Manager/Summer Camp Director will assist the Program Director and other Camp Leadership in the overall administration of camp operations and execution of Camp Stevens Mission and Board policy, including, but not limited to, the following:




Food Service


Facilities and Maintenance


Salary is subject to Diocesan policy and annual review.

Housing, utilities, food and hospital/medical insurance is provided.

The normal workweek is 5 days per week except during the summer camp program when it is 6 days per week.

Additional personnel policies are to be followed as stated in the Camp Stevens Staff Handbook.

The Program Manager needs to be physically fit and able to hike 5 miles at a time over rough terrain, carry loads of up to 50 pounds, provide safety for the rigorous ropes course programs, feel relatively comfortable at heights of up to 50 feet. Clean driving record and ability to qualify to drive camp vehicles is preferred.

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