About Me


Favourite things to include in words + pictures:

Name / nicknames


Foods / desserts

What you want to do when you grow up (career)

Type of house or home or hut or ____ you want to live

Where you want to visit or travel




Toys / games

School subjects and things you like to learn about and study

Secret spots

Day of the week / favourite month / season


Things you like to think about or dream about

Least favourite foods

Cars and vehicles you’d like

States / countries / places you’d like to visit

-Heroes / people who inspire you

-A time in history you’d like to travel to

-Favourite things to do with your family

-Things you like about yourself

-Things you’re really good at

-Things you’d like to be good at

Three words that describe you

One thing most people don’t know about you


-Artists / writers / filmmakers / athletes / leaders you admire

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