WTM 2019 - OCTOBER UPDATE        

40 days. The countdown is on. Hopefully we can count the days better than we counted the mileage on the Toughest South course… WOMP WOMP.

Jam-packed newsletter below with really important updates.  Please read carefully and watch for other updates in the coming weeks. Puzzle pieces may start to emerge at any time…

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World’s Toughest Mudder Competition Rules 2019

WTM Weekend Schedule 

    The Pit: Everything You Want to Know      

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve likely heard that we’ve moved the pit… even further away from parking. (Insert evil laugh)

The 2019 pit area will be up in the main stables area (think 2017 Tough Mudder weekend festival site). A much more compact (and less mushy) Pit than last year. And 120 of the pit spaces will be in the stables themselves (we promise they’re clean and not smelly), each a 10’x10’ space on solid ground with shelter overhead. 

Also-- because you all are savages and pit load-in is always insane, we’re going to be launching… wait for it… PRE-EVENT PIT SELECTION. 

Following America’s Toughest West, we’ll be launching online pit selection, via unique codes sent out in groups to pick your specific pit space via an online portal.  Depending on your group, you’ll have a limited window to select your pit before those spaces are opened to other participants. This will greatly simplify setup and prevent the mad rush you’re all used to on Friday. Plus, you can show up at any time during pit load-in on Friday, check-in and setup in your RESERVED pit with your NAME on it.

October 22nd: Final confirmation of Contender Status sent to all official 2019 Contenders

October 24th: Contender Pit Selection Available

October 28th: 5 Year Legacy Pit Selection Available

October 31st: Holy Grail Pit Selection Available

November 4th: General Pit Selection Available


If you have not selected a pit by November 8th at 11:59PM PT, one will be selected for you. Once you’ve selected a pit online or one has been assigned to you, you will not be able to change that location until you’re on-site on Friday. If you arrive to site and wish to change your pit space, there will be a Pit Concierge desk where you’ll be able to trade into open spaces based on availability.

If you wish to share a pit space (highly encouraged), the participant with the earlier selection status should make the selection, and add other participant names to the registration form upon selection.


To achieve Contender Status in 2019, athletes need to have achieved one of the following:

*Toughest South results mileage adjusted for 5.5 Mile Laps.

You can check your Contender Status here. Those who submitted applications will be notified after the October 18th deadline and added to the list. If you don’t see your name on the list, have already registered for WTM and believe you should have already qualified, please email racedirector@toughmudder.com

If an athlete does not meet the above criteria, they may apply for Contender status here.  Only verified high-level athletes or some TRULY inspirational stories will be considered here. Applications must be in by October 18th, 2019 and we will be very selective on who we let in to this club. 

   Spectator 411

Answering a few questions on spectator types:

Pit Crew: Your support team. Limit of 4 per athlete, they’ll have pit crew bibs and access to the pit area to support you throughout the weekend. $35 per person.

General Admission: Community members who are looking to be a part of the World’s experience. Includes spectator access and Friday / Saturday night camping in a separate area, adjacent to the Pit.  No access to secure Pit Area.  $59 per person.

Spectator: Friends & family who are looking to make a casual appearance. Access to start / course / finish area, but no access to the Pit Area.  $10 per person. (This ticket has historically been only handled on-site in the past, but based on interest, we’re going to launch later this week.)


Why is there a charge for spectators? It’s been a bit of the Wild Wild West in previous years, and we have to be able to ensure that spectators have signed waivers, officially check-in and are covered under our insurance. Plus, we need to provide toilets and other amenities for their use. 


   Awards & Holy Grail    

Holy Grail mileage leaderboard is now live.  If you believe your mileage totals are in error, please contact racedirector@toughmudder.com to revise.

Every year at the Monday Brunch, we honor members of our community who have made outstanding contributions on and off the course.

Community Award Nominations are open now through October 25th, and can be submitted here. 

You don’t have to be a registered WTM participant to submit a nomination or win an award, only a legionnaire with active 2019 participation.

   Coach’s Mid-Course Quick Pit    

If you’ve jammed out to the smooth sounds of our own Coach T. Mudhoney in Mudder Villages throughout the season--- get ready, because he’s coming to WTM.

And will be DJ’ing.

On course.

For 24. Straight. Hours.

Coach is hosting his own mid-course quick pit party zone at roughly the halfway point on course. Your pit crew are welcome to walk out and join the party, and WILL BE ALLOWED to hand you food and beverage items over the barricade at our NEW on-course quick pit. A great moment for you to also tell them what you need when you’re coming back in.

    Share Your Story  

What motivates you through 24 hours of icy, frozen WTM-style suffering? Why have you dedicated your life to this crazy community of mud-loving, wetsuit-peeing, pickle-eating creatures?

We’re looking for the best / funniest / most inspiring stories to highlight and feature in the 2019 WTM documentary and on social media throughout the weekend. Think you have a compelling story to share?  Submit it here.

   The Interns of Pain & Suffering    

You saw what happened when you whined about Devil’s Beard.

And despite your pledge: “I don’t whine, kids whine…”, we’ve seen quite a bit of whining about Everest.

So the evil minds here at TMHQ have been cooking up a ridiculous roster of penalties, bypasses and on-course challenges to challenge you, torture you, and reward you. And we’ve recruited several secret Interns of Pain & Suffering from within the community who’ve designed a few of these themselves.

You just wait.


   Sweet Swag 

We’ve launched a selection of this year’s merch online for pre-order, including two new signature items:

5.11 Tactical Personalized WTM Backpack

Rugged, rip-stop durability and plenty of Velcro real-estate to accommodate your patches.  Order by 10/17 and it will include your name/nickname embroidered on the back, available for pickup on-site at WTM. Show it off onsite and in the mud at 2020 events.

Custom Black Quitled Patagonia WTM Jacket

Stylish, but classic black Patagonia jackets available in both Women’s Radalie, and Men’s Quilted Bomber styles. Customization is offered by showing how many times you’ve done World’s Toughest Mudder. Are you a 2x-9x finisher? This can now be shown off on the custom embroidery. Submit your order before 10/31 and it will be available for pickup onsite at WTM.

For both custom items featured above, they will be available for purchase after those cut off dates, but they will then be shipped to your home instead of for pickup onsite at WTM. 

Additional new WTM merchandise items will launch in the coming weeks and select items will be on-site exclusives only. Stay tuned and bring that empty suitcase.

 Visit www.toughmuddergear.com for to shop and watch out for more WTM merch announcements.


   Community News


**The below updates are not official TMHQ activities or events.  Please reach out to the designated community member for more info.**

Champions for Charity

Travis Langsness and Jay Mazza have put together a GoFundMe to collect donations that will be granted to the charity of choice for podium winners this year. There’s some sweet prizes available to win.  Click here for more info. 

Friday Community Dinner

The must-attend destination for your pre-race carb loading and community reunion.  TMHQ will be in attendance to provide the official pre-race briefing and answer any questions.

Click here to RSVP

Location: Wild Heaven Beer West End

Address: 1010 White St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

When: November 15, 2019 from 5pm - 8pm

What: Cash bar for food/beer

HQ Talk at 6:30pm


Are you on-track to achieve a headband milestone at WTM? Melissa Dugan is helping to coordinate, please see her post in the WTM Community Group on Facebook for more information.

   Medical Update 

We know there’s been quite a bit of discussion about overnight wellness / neuro checks and pit inspections among the vets. We’d like to give a shout out to Molly Kenneth for all of her input and guidance about what’s worked well in the past and what needed some attention.


The plan for this year:


If you check into the finish line medical tent under your own power (i.e. after finishing a lap and not via a cart ride off the course), you’ll be permitted to continue with the race as long as you are cleared by the attending senior medical staff member, regardless of how long you’re in the tent. If you are transported via a cart off the course, you will be disqualified from the mileage standings, but may continue without timing if cleared by the medical staff.

Your health and wellbeing are our number one priority, and we’ve made the above changes based on a wide array of input and learnings from past years. If you’ve got further information or questions, please reach out to racedirector@toughmudder.com

Stay tuned for the next update in Early November and see y’all in Vegas or down undah… or maybe both? Are we ready for time travel at TM?

For more information visit our World’s Toughest Mudder page. 

Happy “International Complaining About Everest” Day,