Twisted Branch Trail Run  Sweeping

You are a very important part of our race. We are committed to keeping runners safe, on course and keeping the trail clean!  THANK YOU FOR SWEEPING

As a sweeper your primary responsibilities are

What to bring


Departing Aid Station

Arrive to the aid station early.  Our aid stations always need helping hands.  So if you’re there early, feel free to jump in and help out at the aid station.

Once the closer has left the aid station, you can get your gear ready and head on down the trail!  

You can refer to our live tracking website or ask the timer at your aid station.  Open Split Time 

Several aid stations have cutoffs.  If you’re leg has a cut off, that’s good information.  You may be in a position where you can help the last runner meet the next cutoff!   Cut-Off Times

For those aid stations with cutoffs, you may start your sweeping at the cutoff time.  For example, Bud Valley has a cut off @ 3:30pm.  Any runner that arrives to Bud Valley after that time will not be to continue.  You can begin your sweeping even though the aid station is waiting for those (soon to be pulled from the race) runners.

Please coordinate with the Aid Station captain and timer before you head out onto the trail.

Course Markings

   The race only uses orange ground flags with our logo.  If you see any other flagging, or flagging tape please leave it behind.  

Please take care of our flags!   We know the flags get bent, it happens.  Each winter we spend time fixing all the bends.  We are trying to make our flags last a long time.  

As you arrive at each aid station there will be a cardboard tube that you should place the flags in.  Please don’t forget to do this.

Trail Damage & Trash

Runners drop things, so please pick up any trash you see along the way.  Leaving a clean trail behind is a very important aspect of how we want to be viewed by the trail and hiking communities.  If you find something too big you can always drop it near the side of the road.  Just let us know.  Also, make note of any damage to private property, or trail.

The “Closer”

Each sweeper will have a different experience with the closer.  A few of you may never see anyone.  Others will prefer to stay back and keep their distance.  Some may walk and talk with the closer.  

My suggestion is to make contact or at the very least be capable of making sure they are okay and not under distressed. If they are by themselves, are moving slowly and are walking, it is a good idea to keep them in your sight.  

Runner in distress

If you find a runner that is in need of assistance, engage your support team!  Call the course manager and/or Race director.  If it’s an life threatening emergency, call 911 first.  

Arriving Aid Station

When you arrive to the aid station report anything you found.  Coordinate with the Aid station captain and timer to make sure they have accounted for runners.  

Please don’t forget to put your flags into the storage tube.  If you feel like fixing any major bends, it would be greatly appreciated!  

Don’t forget! 

If you requested a T-Shirt, it can be picked up at your starting Aid Station.

You are also welcomed at the finish line for refreshments and home made food!

Sweeping earns you discounts to future Twisted Branch Runs.  If you’re not interested, you are allowed to gift your discount to a friend!