For Immediate Release

May 2, 2018


Senator Kamala D. Harris Endorses Contra Costa County District Attorney

Diana Becton

Martinez CA -- Senator Kamala D. Harris has endorsed Diana Becton for District Attorney in the Contra Costa County race, joining a lengthy list of elected officials, progressive supporters and community members from within the county.

“District Attorney Diana Becton brings unique experience and a fresh perspective to the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office, “ noted Senator Harris. “She is an advocate for victims, a champion for safe and healthy communities, and she will work to ensure transparency and fairness throughout the criminal justice system. Diana Becton will be a great district attorney and a fierce advocate for justice. I am proud to support her in this race.”  Sen Harris said.

District Attorney Becton shares many of Senator Harris’ priorities, including a focus on community safety and the protection of citizen’s rights. Both support innovative reforms to improve our criminal justice system, such as reducing truancy in schools and offering diversion programs to youth offenders.

“I am both honored and excited by Senator Harris’ support for my campaign,” said Becton.  I consider her a thought leader in justice reform. Her innovative work on diversion, open data, and children’s justice has paved the way for law enforcement leaders throughout the country to transform the criminal justice system.”

A former judge, District Attorney Becton was appointed to the position of District Attorney last September. She is the first woman and first African American in 167 years to serve as the District Attorney of Contra Costa County.