Last week on Tuesday…

My Mum came to New Zealand.  Me and the rest of my family went to the airport to pick her up. There was an unfamiliar person with her. She was Korean too but I had never seen her before. Apparently, she was a homestay person.  She was staying at our house for about 1-2 years. She was the same age as me and became really friendly with both of my sisters while I was a background person in a book. Most of the time, she was annoying.

Me and my family went to McDonalds to welcome back Mum. That was the best part of it. I ate a Mega Mac Combo. It was delicious. My Mum wanted me to eat a lot because she said that  I was way too scrawny and thin for a man. She said that I have to fatten up a lot.

When I watched Netflix at home, she always had to watch it with me because mum said that she needs to watch movies and Pokemon to learn english. I didn’t believe that. It seemed dumb. I mean, you had to watch movies and Pokemon to learn english? What about work books and websites? She can just go on a reading or english website. Why did she have to do all of the fun stuff? I wondered why I couldn’t do the same. I always had to do actual work and Haeun (the homestay person) had to watch movies and Pokemon? It didn’t make sense. But it wasn’t much of a big deal because I am kind of good at these kind of stuff but it was still unfair that one person learns by watching pokemon and the other has to actually work to learn stuff.

As time flew(a few hours), I got used to it and everything was fine after all. The funny thing is that now, there are two Haeun’s in my house and even though there are two people with the same name, they don’t get mixed up when their name is called by our parents.

When we finished studying, we had to go to sleep. Yeaeun had to sleep in my room because Haeun (homestay person) and Haeun (my sister) shared rooms. Then the lights went out. It was dark. I was tired but I couldn’t sleep. I just lay down in bed doing nothing. Eventually I was so bored, so I went out of my room looking for something to do. I went upstairs and found a nut bar. I ate it because it looked yummy. I read my Wings Of Fire book, Escaping Peril.  After I finished reading it, I checked the clock and it was 11:00 pm.

I decided to get back into bed. Once again, I waited another eternity and then I slept. At least I knew I slept, because I woke up and found my mom waking me up saying that I needed to eat breakfast. I didn’t get enough sleep and I was so tired. From that day, I promised my self that I will try to sleep early so I can be ready for the next day and make sure I get enough sleep.

By Daniel