Old Thorntonians Selection Policy

Objectives of the Selection Policy

1. To select sides in strength order from the 1st team downwards.

2. To maximise the playing strength of the club.

3. To ensure that all players are treated fairly.

4. To encourage movement between the teams (reducing the culture of team squads but speaking to players to avoid individuals bouncing around teams and not feeling part of the team spirit).

Initial Selection

5. All sides may select up to 14 players for a fixture.

6. All players play for the club not a side. Players MUST be willing to play for higher or lower sides as selected.

7. Any player who is dropped from, or called up to, a side will not necessarily start the game for the new side. 

8. Players are expected to keep on top of any subs or fines they owe the club and any player who owes more than £30 will not be eligible for selection. If you have difficulties repaying / queries about what you owe, speak to your manager or DoF.

Team Changes

9. Any player concerned about dropping out due to injury or any other unforeseen circumstances must inform the club oldthorntoniansfc@hotmail.co.uk , DoF or a manager by midnight Thursday, after training.

10. Any player dropping out after selection email is sent out will automatically go in the pool the following weekend (unless circumstances are deemed excuse-worthy).

11. Any player who drops out on the morning of a game will be dropped for next weekend’s matches altogether (unless circumstances are deemed excuse-worthy).

Advice to Players

12. If you feel that the Selection Policy is not being applied correctly then please express your concerns to a manager or DoF.

13. Late drop outs (after selection email goes out) cause considerable disruption to the club and individual sides. Any player repeatedly dropping out late is liable to not be selected.

14. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that they know when and where they should be playing. All players can view the weekly team sheet on the club email. If you are unable to do this please contact the Fixture Secretary (Richard Scott) or DoF to confirm where you are playing.

15. Any player failing to turn up for a side will be suspended from playing for a number of games to be decided by the committee, depending on the situation.

16. Players who do not abide by the above rules will be suspended.


Advice to Managers

17.  Players selected on the team sheet MUST be played ahead of any ‘unselected’ player (i.e. players who were not thought to be available for selection, but are recruited at short notice).

18.  Managers who do not seek to uphold the Selection Policy consistently will be liable to account for their actions before the committee.


19. The first port of call – players to be selected initially from those who Doodle on time

20. Late doodlers automatically go in the pool

21. Late doodlers to be selected for a team only if there are not enough players to make up the 14 and should not start ahead of a player who has doodled on time

22. If a player’s availability changes after doodling, he MUST let either a manager or DoF aware right away – you will not face repercussions by doodling appropriately and your situation changing afterwards but MUST be a call/text, we don’t necessarily check Doodle after 7pm Tuesday.

23. If a player is having difficulty with his doodle, he should contact manager or DoF to doodle on his behalf before the 7pm Tuesday cut-off – no excuses for players who do not do this.

Selection criteria: 3 guiding principles: 1, performances; 2, Commitment; 3, Attitude

24. Performances: clearly ability is an important factor but as we all know but players are susceptible to a dip in form and their ability should not be placed over what they are actually producing on the pitch on a consistent basis

25. Commitment: Doodling appropriately, being available on match days, not getting smashed every week before a game, training regularly. Players who cannot make training must discuss with their manager / DoF has. Suitable excuses such as injuries, work / family commitments etc are fair enough but bear in mind you are more likely to play, the more you are able to train / show commitment.

26. Attitude: Players going beyond what is expected of them on and off the pitch – showing a willingness to help in any capacity, not complaining, channelling frustration in the right way, not spitting dummy out, helping out when ON DUTY at clubhouse etc will show themselves in a positive light and managers will choose players who demonstrate such an attitude above those who do not.