Computer Graphics Final Project

Your final project is to build a series of designs around one theme or idea.  You will have freedom of choice as far as what types of images you create as well as the subject or focus of your project.

The goal of this project are:

  1. Showcase and demonstrate the skills that you have acquired and enhanced over the course of this class.
  2. Create a series of designs that support a common theme, subject or focus.   More detail in the example below.

Your can choose any three (or more!) of the following image types:

Poster (at least 11x17 inches OR larger, 150 dpi)

Book cover

Album cover or thumbnail (1000 by 1000 pixels)

Magazine cover

Animated video

Business card (3.5 by 2 inches)

Website banner ad (768 x 90)
Postcard (4 x 6 inches)

Double exposure

Packaging or labeling

OR....what else can you think of?

What you should include in all three of your designs:
-similar colors
-similar images
-the same set of fonts
-a shared logo (if this makes sense)

-thoughtful and authentic demonstrations of your Photoshop skills.

Subject or focus of your project

You choose the focus of your three design.  Ideas include favorite musician, artist, friend, movie, book, clothing, brand, airline, person, etc.  You can also invent your own version of any of the above.  Your choice should be school appropriate.  If you aren’t sure please ask me BEFORE you begin designing.

How it works:

1, Choose three (or more!) designs from the list.

2. Decide on a focus of your designs.

3. Go to and fill out the Final Project form.  

4. Design and build in Photoshop.  This is due at the end of the final exam period.

5. Turn in your work by:
-posting on your digital portfolio

-emailing the Photoshop files (PSD) to

What you can do:

-include multiple demonstrations of what you have learned in this class.  Show off your graphics skills.
-start from scratch (you have to)
-use an existing logo or brand.  Like NIKE.  

-look at examples before your design

-use images from the Internet to build your final designs

-take your own photographs

What you can’t do:

-use an existing final design because that is cheating.  Example: Mr. Milstead I made a set of Star Wars playing cards, poster and movie trailer in 3 three minutes.  How? I stole all of them and none of them are my designs

-recycle your previous work.  Example: taking the first magazine covers that you made and just changing the text and saying “I’m done!”.  Start from scratch.
-take an existing design and change some details and say “I’m done!”

-rush this project.  Your grade will reflect if you hurry this project demonstrate that you don’t care.  


Say I choose to focus on promoting my photography.  I choose to make a business card, poster and business card. It’s important that I use the same fonts, colors and images to show continuity and that all designs belong to the same brand or have the same focus.

Or I am making an original set of promotional materials for the next Jurassic World movie.  I choose to make a poster, postcard and a magazine cover all devoted to the movie.