Club mission statement


Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a worldwide organization that turns knowledge of human rights violations into global awareness and action. Throughout the year, we organize events such as Urgent Action letters, Write for Rights and 30-Hour Famine to bring awareness of human rights issues and make an impact in the world.

Baking Club

Baking Club brings members together to destress while enjoying a shared hobby, eating delicious baked goods, and giving back to the community. We have baked mass amounts for school events and volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House.

Brain Bee Society

Our aim is to continue the OSA legacy at the annual Brain Bee competition whether it's on a regional, national, or international level. Brain Bee is a neuroscience/medical contest for high school students.

Community Connections

Community Connections aim to provide our members with volunteer opportunities within the community. Our mission is to help the community solve wealth disparity by raising awareness, planning donation events, and volunteering with Boyle Street and some donation centres.


DECA is an international organization that encourages high school students to explore the world of business. Through our OSA chapter, we aim to promote career education and business competitions. We will prepare and inform you about what the business world truly entails. Competitions include: DECA Virtual Business Competition, MacEwan Business Case Competition & Dragon’s Nest Business Competition.

French Club/Club Francophone

French Club aims to not only promote the love of the French language and culture, but also help others to develop their French language skills in a fun, non-judgemental environment!

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

Old Scona’s GSA provides a safe space for students of all sexualities and genders  to hang out, eat lunch together, and discuss issues that are facing OSA and the queer community. We plan anti-bullying and awareness activities and support each other in whatever ways we can. Everyone is welcome!

Guitar Club

Guitar club is for students who want to learn or enhance their guitar skills. We aim to create a positive environment for members to learn the guitar, as well as other band instruments, like bass and drums. Throughout the year, members will be involved in performances that showcase their efforts.

Hip Hop Club

Hip hop club is a welcoming family and every member is bound together by a shared passion for hip hop dancing. Our mission is to provide a supportive learning environment for members to explore different styles of hip hop dance. We will showcase the members' hard work through performances throughout the year.

Humans of OSA

Humans of OSA is dedicated to bringing you the stories of Olympians that will make you laugh, cry and smile.

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Humans of OSA*

Our mission is to defeat the negative stigmatism associated with mental illness and create an open and inclusive environment where self- acceptance, awareness, and support for one another is emphasized.

KEY Club

Key Club provides service and leadership opportunities for emerging young leaders to give back to the community and foster the growth and development of youth.

Multicultural Club

We plan and execute OSA’s annual Multicultural Showcase to celebrate the diversity in our school’s community. The club also engages in discussions about current issues related to multiculturalism and creates initiatives to combat them. Through events and charity work, we further our goal of promoting the acceptance and celebration of different cultures.

OSA Cancer Society

Our mission is to bring together inspired youth to raise awareness for cancer, promote volunteerism, and facilitate medical discovery through collaborations with the student body and the wider community.

OSA Entrepreneurs

OSA Entrepreneurs educates and guides students about the process of developing a legally recognized business. Our mission is to allow students to further their passion and interest in entrepreneurship. Meetings and events consist of opportunities to build a strong network and learn about different aspects of business. 

Right to Play

Right to Play is an international organization that spreads awareness for children's’ rights to involved in physical activities. Throughout the year, we hold many events, mainly intramurals and food sales, as well as the Right to Play Benefit concert, in order to spread awareness for children’s rights to play.

Rotary Interact

Rotary is stated to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. Sponsored by the Rotary on Whyte district, we take on a local and international cause every year to bring events that better our community and the world.

Smile Club

Smile club is our school’s Stollery club, where we do fundraising and volunteering with the Stollery to bring smiles to children’s faces :)

We are also focused on community volunteerism, and have presentations from various volunteer groups and opportunities.

Society for Technical Innovation

SFTI aims to provide OSA students with a plethora of opportunities and skills that will help them to familiarize themselves with modern technologies. Through our club, students will have created and printed multiple 3D designs, fully functioning mobile applications and robotic projects that are capable of competing in competitions.

Writing Club

Writing Club provides a safe space for writers to express their creativity with like-minded people. We plan lessons and tips, games and prompts, information for publishing and competition opportunities, and raise money for the schoolwide OSA Magazine. In addition to publishing and printing the magazine, peer editing is also a branch of Writing Club.

Writing Club

World Issues

World Issues Club provides a platform for expressing our concerns for critical global issues through discussions and meetings, so that this OSA generation may live an informed and aware future as citizens of the world.