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Eclipse Glasses
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Looking at the Future through Eclipse Glasses

First Presbyterian Church of Fulton is looking to the future, and helping others do the same.  The church is a registered Glasses Collection Center for Astronomers Without Borders.  This non-profit group will inspect donated eclipse glasses and send those that are still safe for use to schools in South America and Asia when eclipses cross those continents in 2019.


“The eclipse glasses that gave us such an incredible view of the total solar eclipse in Fulton and Callaway County won’t be safe to use seven years from now when the next eclipse is visible in the United States.  This is a way to help others and not let these resources go to waste,” said Rev. Aaron White, pastor of First Presbyterian.


The church has already collected a few dozen glasses and hopes to add many more in the coming weeks.  A donation basket is set up in the church lobby at 718 Court Street in downtown Fulton.  Glasses can be donated until the end of October.


“Getting to see the eclipse was a meaningful experience for many people in our community, and we want other people, especially children, to be able to have that same experience,” Rev. White added.


To learn more about the ministries of First Presbyterian Church, call Rev. Aaron White at (573) 642-5541.  To learn more about Astronomers Without Borders, visit the group’s website at