What's up coaches!!

Newsletter - June 27, 2019
What's up coaches!

Well the time is here! Madden '20 is right around the corner which means we need to start getting in gear for next edition and next season. As this season winds down to a close we will be revealing the groups every coach will be placed in for the upcoming edition. If you are new to this process, the draft for your teams process will be at the bottom of this newsletter.

So with that said, we are assuming everyone will be coming back for Season 51 and Madden '20. If you have intentions to not come back, please let us know asap! We have created some bullet points for the important dates regarding the new season and new edition of Madden to make it easier to read. If you guys have any questions at all please let us know.    

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know! Here are the current draft lottery chances (everyone starts with 1) until we reveal the order on July 11th.



14.1.1 - Every new release of Madden we will conduct a draft for your team for the upcoming CFM.

14.1.2 - We will position you, randomly inside of 8 groups.

  • 1st group - Veterans that did not make playoffs all of previous edition of Madden
  • 2nd group - Veterans that made playoffs less than 50% of previous edition of Madden
  • 3rd group - Veterans that made playoffs 50%-99% of previous edition of Madden
  • 4th group - Veterans that made playoffs 100% or more of previous edition of Madden
  • 5th group - Veterans that did not play in ALL seasons previous edition of Madden
  • 6th group - Rookies who played in previous edition (Rookie = any coach who has not played 16 regular season games in MOF)
  • 7th group - Returning veterans who did not play in MOF previous edition of Madden
  • 8th group - Rookies who never played in MOF before

14.1.3 - From there we will have a draft lottery. Depending on which number you fall into in your group, you will get a default set number of lottery ball chances. So if you are a rookie coming in, you will be in the 32nd position only receiving 1 lottery ball. If you are in the first group you will get a chance at the 1st position receiving 32 lottery balls. The more lottery ball chances, the better your draft chances will be.

14.1.4 - You will be able to purchase more lottery ball chances through Venmo with all proceeds going towards the league. It will act as a donation, and you can purchase 1 lottery ball for $1. Remember no matter how many chances you purchase, it does NOT guarantee you the #1 pick. It just increases your chances.

14.1.5 - The draft order will be conducted through a lottery system using: http://www.draftpicklottery.com. The more lottery chances you have the better odds you have at a higher draft position.

14.1.6  - You will have a deadline of the day of the draft order release to purchase lottery chances. We will broadcast the draft order release live on YouTube!

14.1.7 - The draft will begin after the draft order is released. Once the draft begins you will have 2 hours once the clock has started, to make your selection. You can make your selection via text, email, or Discord. If you feel like you might miss your deadline, you can always send me your top teams that you would like via email, Discord, or text message. (We will not count the hours from 12am-8am EST)

14.1.8 - If you miss your selection, you have until the end of the draft to make your pick at anytime.

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