What's up Coaches,

The MOF Season 46 season will be kicking off tonight! Please make sure you have your GroupMe app around your phone because we want everyone to start cutting down their roster to 53 before we start advancing the pre-season. We will keep a close eye on it tonight, the time we're looking to start advancing to Week 1 is around 8:30pm EST. Give or take, not confirmed time. But really no later than 9pm EST.

In honor of tonight being the season kickoff we have updated the website!! Please check out the tid-bits below:

Please , if you have not yet, create your MOF Twitter account.  When you first sign up it will ask you for your personal email and personal cell phone number. This will be temporary. Once the account is created, i will take over with a league issued email address and will erase your cell number from the account. Please let someone know once your twitter account is created. When you tweet don't forget to @MOFPS4 so i can retweet it from the main account!!

That is it guys be sure to check GroupMe for up to the minute updates, we wont be sending as many newsletters this season (believe it or not) we will be updating you guys on GroupMe and Twitter mostly.

If anyone is interested in writing a weekly column for the site, let us know!!

MOF Season 46 Rule Changes

The Staff and I have reviewed some rules that needed to be worked on and we have come up with some changes for the upcoming season and edition of Madden. You can always view the full rules here: http://www.mofleagues.com/rules.htm but below is an overview of the changes. Remember once the game is released we might have some other tweaks that will be finalized before the start of Season 46:

  1. Quarter Length Changes & Slider Changes
    New Rule Will Read As Follows: The new quarter length will be 9 minutes with 20 acceleration clock.
    We will be putting the Injury slider down to 23
  2. Free-Agent & Re-signing Contract Limits
    New Rule Will Read As Follows: The maximum length of any contract whether it be free-agent signing, or re-signing your own players will be 4 years. You
    CANNOT exceed a 4 year contract. We will have admins making sure all contracts meet the rule.  If you sign a player for more than 4 years we will go in as admins and amend the contract to read 4 years and keep the same yearly rate. If you break this rule more than 1 time, we will be forcing you to release that player.
  3. Cutting Players During Season 
    New Rule Will Read As Follows: You are
    ONLY allowed to CUT players who are 76 overall and LOWER during season to make room for cap. Any player that is HIGHER than 76 OVERALL must be released during the OFFSEASON (Re-Sign Stage or FA Stage) to prevent collusion and allow for all teams to bid through Free Agency. These overalls will be determined by the players DaddyLeagues rating.
  4. Trade Limits
    The new rule will read as follows: You are allowed 4 trades per full season (Off-Season, Pre-Season, During Season) up until trade deadline.
  5. Removal From League / Statute Of Limitations 
    New Rule Will Read As Follows:  
  1. If you are REMOVED from the league for any reason besides breaking gameplay rules you will be banned from a possible comeback until the new edition of the game under staff consideration. It is possible to re-join the league under a probational period and or with chat privileges revoked.  
  2. If you RESIGN from the league at any point. You can rejoin the league but not in the same season. No exceptions.
  3. Taking a leave of absence during the season cannot last longer than 6 games. If you will be gone for more than 6 games you will need a sub-coach to play your games until you return. Or you will be subject to being replaced.
  4. Any and all returns from coaches who are removed or have resigned will all be on a case by case basis.
  1. Mercy Rule Adjustment 
    New Rule Will Read As Follows: Once you are up by 28 points or more in the 4th quarter with 3 minutes left or less, you are prohibited from scoring any more points. Anything beyond your control is an exception (IE: Safeties), but If your player breaks anything open, whether it be an interception, fumble recovery, run, etc. you must go out of bounds or dive down and run the clock out. If you are in field goal range and its 4th down, punt. You are not permitted to
    SCORE ANY MORE POINTS. We will not tolerate unnecessary scoring.
  2. Team Twitter Expectations
    New Rule Will Read As Follows: Each coach will have control of a created MOF team twitter account for as long as they control that team. We would like to see a consistent activity of tweets from coaches to maintain our full sim experience. Each coach will be asked to tweet at least once each in game week (typically after a game sort of like a press conference) and set up their broadcast to automatically tweet when their game starts. This will give our league a very active feel. At this time Twitter expectations are not MANDATORY but we do ask for everyone to help out initially by creating a team Twitter account. Once you draft your team please create the account like this: ChiefsMOF with the password being interception. Use your personal email for now, and your cell # but once we verify the account we will change everything to exclude your phone number and email address. We do have 4 created so far, FalconsMOF, ChiefsMOF, Cowboys_MOF, and RavensMOF.
  3. Switching Teams Mid-CFM
    New Rule Will Read As Follows: If a coach drops mid-CFM we will hold a raffle for their open team. If you are interested in changing teams, you can put your name inside that raffle. If you win the raffle, you can switch your team. The new coach coming in will get the open team. You can only do this 1 time per CFM edition.
  4. Coach Eligibility For New Edition Team Draft
    New Rule Will Read As Follows: Coaches must start
    AND finish every single season of CFM without any unapproved leave of absences, to be considered in the first 5 groups of the next edition draft. Approved leave of absences include vacations, work leave, and personal reasons. If you leave the league abruptly without an approved leave and come back, you will not be eligible to qualify for a full edition completion.

Kind Regards,

MOF Commissioner

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