HOW TO GET GROCERIES.  Village Drive Village strongly recommends that our older members and neighbors should stay home to avoid exposure to the novel coronavirus.

  1.  Currently the best bet seems to be the convenient Wegmans app which allows you to order items for delivery or drive-through pick-up. The problem is that currently there may be no delivery and a delay of nearly a week for pick-up. However, you can edit your order until the last few hours before your pick-up or delivery “slot.” So plan ahead, order now, add other items later.
  2. Silver Members can contact to make arrangements with our younger volunteers to run errands for groceries or other necessities. We can also help you over the phone to set up the Wegmans app or to use Instacart to order from other stores.
  3. One of our neighbors, Jean Naka, will send one of her sons, Jeremy and Matthew Naka, to shop and deliver groceries. Even though they are not official Village Drive Village volunteers, they are also willing to help with other tasks for older neighbors--smoke alarm batteries, urgent yard work, etc. For shopping, you will need to coordinate the finances with Jean; some stores at check-out may allow Jean’s sons to phone you so you can give your credit card number to the cashier; for other stores you may need to reimburse the Nakas with a check when they deliver the groceries. Cash? Maybe, but that involves extra contact and extra risk. To make arrangements, call Jean Naka. Contact for her phone number
  4. Move to Texas, where the H-E-B groceries have a special phone number reserved for people aged 60+ to order groceries for pick-up or delivery. Well, we can hope that some of our local stores will wise up and make it easier for seniors, especially those not tech-savvy, to get what we need.
  5. NEW: We are not posting grocery hours reserved for elderly shoppers because we have been advised that elderly people should stay home and avoid potential contagion even at these slightly-more-limited exposures. Please order groceries to be delivered if you are older or otherwise at risk.
  6. NEW: Watch this to know how to handle groceries when you get them:
  7. Please contact or post on the Village Drive Village facebook group if you know of other ideas for getting groceries and other necessities.