Livestream Studio 5.2.10 (MacOSX) Release Notes

Livestream Studio for Mac is no longer in beta! Update your system to Studio 5.2.10 to access the first production version of Livestream Studio on macOS. This version includes the following new features:

New features:

NEW → Use a web page as a browser source in your livestream within Studio (HTML/JS layer in graphics with transparency)

NEW → Make your broadcasts more interactive by displaying comments from your Facebook or YouTube live videos or VODs

NEW → Integrate pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras using VISCA or NDI protocols

NEW → You can now bring in remote sources directly via RTSP


→ Preview Media sources in Web Control

→ Allow simultaneous streaming to Facebook and Vimeo

→ Optimized Studio layout for lower screen resolutions

→ Allow 720p streaming to Periscope

→ Improved source layout when creating a new project that includes duplex DeckLink devices

→ Improved error message when Stream to File save location is not available

→ Removed age and gender fields from Facebook settings (no longer supported by Facebook)

→ Improved NVIDIA hardware encoder stability

Improved GFX browser source behavior for websites that include video playback

Various improvements for the Application Menu Bar

Bug fixes:

→ Fixed a problem where the media player in and out keyboard shortcuts don't work on some clips

→ Fixed a bug causing incorrect in and out positions for audio files in the media player

→ Fixed a bug causing remote camera source to drop in and out

→ Fixed a bug that showed the wrong preview in the Studio interface for some RTMP sources

→ Fixed a bug with Zixi streaming without bonding

→ Fixed a rare crash in the media player when changing the project format

→ Fixed a problem causing the incorrect "Switching to..." message to show in the Studio interface

→ Fixed a problem with exporting media clips to Dropbox

→ Fixed a bug causing the "Main" transition setting to not change in Simple mode

→ Fixed a bug causing the Auto-Start option to be unexpectedly enabled within the RTMP input

→ Fixed a bug where the Chromakey config would save incorrectly in Studio settings

→ Fixed a bug where moving the project location doesn't work properly

→ Fixed a possible crash caused by the "Reset delay" functionality

→ Fixed a bug with playing back 8-bit audio in the Media player

→ Fixed a rare crash that occurred when changing the layout of a GFX layer in Simple mode

→ Fixed a bug with GFX being stuck when opening an invalid image

→ Fixed a bug causing the inability to launch Studio without an internet connection

→ Fixed minor UI bugs