Halloween Special

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Opposite of St. Nicholas, Krampus comes for the naughty children on Christmas viewed as a “half-demon, half-goat”. In the movie, Krampus is summoned by the end of a belief in santa by a child that only wanted his family to get along during the holidays. What happens next is a lesson in caring no one would ever forget.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Cookies and Death.”

The fantasy with this Krampus kit is that he will be a massive warrior that will use his size and stature to help control the battlefield and tank for his team. Krampus is accompanied by his 3 members of his gingerbread crew the entire game. These Gingerbread warriors will aid Krampus with this attacks (listed below) but, they can also be consumed by Krampus for health. When one is consumed they will have a reset timer before they respawn for the Krampus player.

Mount- Global Hero- When mount is activated he will take 3 large steps and then jump in the selected direction to come crashing down on the ground.

Q- “Not to Give, but to Take.”

“He and his helpers did not come to give, but to take.”

And that exactly why Krampus has come to the nexus...  To help his team take the lives of the enemy team. This basic ability will allow Krampus to target an enemy minion or spawn and pick it up and place it in his sack. His sack is what he uses as his auto attack in the nexus- so the heavier the sack is the more damage it will do to the enemy. With each swing, however, the smashing of the sack will kill a minion in the sack, reducing its damage for the next swing. The friendly team will gain the XP for the minions death at the moment Krampus swings his bag and kills one. The sack can hold a total of 5 minions at the start of the game. If there are no minions in the area Krampus can choose to place his gingerbread in the sack to help with the weight.

W- “Holiday sweets”

Krampus reaches out with his long thin tongue and hits the selected target silencing them for the duration of the ability, or until they leave the range of the tongue. This ability can also be used on objectives and as long as Krampus has his tongue connected to the objective he will continue to capture it. If Krampus is stunned while using this he will lose his connection.

E- “Killer Cookies”

Using this ability Krampus will command his gingerbread to attack a selected target stunning them and dealing damage. This will use all the gingerbread and depending on how many of the 3 are used deal relative damage. When they connect to the enemy they act in the same was a March of the Murlocs… but only 3 of them.

Heroic 1- “Layaway

Krampus will pull out his gift sack and open up the bag. When the bag is open all the damage is being done by the enemy team will be channeled into the sack and not hit its target. When the channeling is complete Krampus can activate this ability again to place the bag on the ground and all the saved damage will explode in a large area spell that damages all enemy heroes in the area.

Heroic 2- “Hero in the Box”

Krampus can select a hero on the friendly team and put them in a “Jack in the Box” For a short amount of time. While in the box the player will be immune and not able to take damage- They also have increased damage once they exit the box… but the way the get out of the box is different than you think. While in the box they will hear a creepy version of a favorite christmas carol, and will need to click the mouse at the proper time to exit. This will be represented by a red light on the top of the box that's lights up when they time is right. If the hero selects this at the right time they will pop out and have a significant damage increase to use against the enemy.

Specialty Skin: “Bad Santa” Complete with a grocery bag full of beer and his gingerbread men would be stray cats.

Dance: Drunk holiday party dance… changes every time, but always awesome to Krampus.

Kristen’s Choices

Don’t Kramp My Style



Favorite Blizzard Game

        StarCraft (minion set up) or Diablo (sends people to hell)

Favorite Blizzard Character

        Khazra (he loves goats)





Instead of walking, Krampus moves in long, heavy leaps with a distance that can be altered so long as it’s a jump within the move space.


        Sleigh of Bone and Death

Krampus would summon down the twisted take on Santa’s sleigh, complete with headbutting demon rams.



Krampus shoots out a hook. If it hits an enemy, they remain hooked and can be pulled toward Krampus when he decides it’s time to reel them in. In addition, there are angry, evil little gingerbread men that have been outfitted with tiny nail guns holding on to the length of the chain. Any enemy that gets too close takes damage over time.


Snowman’s Land

Krampus places snowmen around the battlefield that look like disturbing caricatures of the enemy Heroes. These act as indestructible terrain for as long as they remain on the battlefield.


The Unseen Beast

Though we never saw it, Krampus’ storm brought with it a snow beast that ate those that dared walk on its ground. The Nexus is no different. Krampus whistles for this beast and, soon, a small path begins making its way toward the nearest enemy Hero. If it grabs them, they are pulled halfway into the ground (essentially rooting them) and take damage over time as they are gnawed on.


Die Spielzeuge (dee schpeel - zoyguh)

Instead of reaping vengeance himself, Krampus decides to open his sack, letting loose an army of angry toys. Each toy attaches itself to one enemy Hero and keeps attacking until it is either killed or the ability ends. If an enemy is lucky enough to be targeted by the stab-bot, only enemy friendlies can kill it since it attaches itself to the back.


Gruss vom Krampus

It is time to judge the unworthy. A pit to hell opens up and Krampus grabs the nearest enemy Hero, dropping them in. Krampus’ allies can also push enemies into this pit. When inside, the enemies take significant DOT damage and their movement is slowed should they try to escape. If they don’t escape and the Hell portal closes, they die.



                Big coat, hunched back, and creepy face.



        The Shuffle

No true demon dances outlandishly, but when the beat takes him, Krampus has been known to shuffle stealthily.