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Extension Manual

tp3ratings 1.1.2 for typo3

(7.6.x - 8.7.x)

Developer Thomas Ruta

Company R&P IT Consulting        


Ratings for typo3 webpages incl. microdata

install and feel free!


Simply install the Extension

Insert the template to your existing by adding the static template (or manually)

Afterwards you can use the constant editor to configure the extension to your needs

the storage pid is only used for the future features rating other content Elements.

by default it saves the rating in the pid where the plugin is inserted.

then you can insert the Plugin somewhere on the website

Don’t care about the templatefile or storage. The Flexform is going to be replaced in one of the upcomming Versions, where the content Elemtent can be selected...

to have to best results the microdata should be wrapped in the website item

After a rating the user is able to post a review if it is not disabled in the constants

the review and userid is saved in the iplog.

the user can gain access to his reviews as fe_user on the website.  If login while rating the item will be mapped already top him.

Future features:

you can contact me thru an

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