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A goal oriented problem solver; 20 years of managerial and independent professional experience in digital ads-operations, e-commerce analysis and performance marketing. A professional with happy clients and employers; an individual with my house paid off, and 10 years advance of my age in financial security (a divorced bachelor with an agreeable credit-score). Those are the factors from my working life I am most pleased with. Seeking either direct H1B employer or intra-company transfer to the USA side to attain American Citizenship.

My Contact Information is —

MAIL POST: 2212 - 11214 80th St. NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5B 4X5, Canada

TELE: 416-433-0685. EMAIL: anhtu@iimtoday.ca

HOMEPAGE: https://anhtuphuchoangblog.wordpress.com/

Practicing in My Community —

I apply my skill and my passion to help social institutions in my community. As a phone-operator for the Distress Centre of Peel, I would later put together their official homepage and received my first volunteer award for it; this small operation has been acquired by a health-network. I am currently the internet-marketing advisor for the Tibet Committee of Canada and the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy; which involves me in international human rights political movements.

I am also, though not practicing, volunteer for the National Maps Corps USGS.

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Performance Marketing


Internet Marketing Manager

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