#282 - The Angry Chicken: “We’re going Eureking!”


• Garrett • Jocelyn • Dills

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For a future episode:
Name your favorite card from each expansion!

How did everyone enjoy Days of the Frozen Throne?

Get your 600 gold?

Dills & Garrett streamed Rez Priest last Tuesday

Was fun and hurt my brain. Also, Classic Legendaries

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Dual Class Arena is returning

Next month for Hallow’s End. We really enjoyed this last year.

Didn’t really have time to talk about this what with everything else that was announced (and denounced) last week.

Last week of HGG before BlizzCon


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Cluck the Meta

We’re going to build an off-meta deck on the show!

Dills has suggested Electra Stormsurge, Malygos, and Eureka as the core for the build-around.

Deck Code 


Control Zoo for next week


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My greetings, you hell-raising hens.

I write from the forests of Gilneas, where I witnessed a truly remarkable feat in the twilight of a blue moon. I had left the warmth of the tavern on a monster hunt with a tracker by my side.

We had made consistent progress through the Witchwood when we happened upon a spectre known as the Whisperer. Unsure how the encounter would go, I clutched at the Crystal Gem in my pouch, which granted an extra mana crystal.

Perhaps out of sheer instinct with two mana crystals on our first move, Princess Tess invoked her hero power. But with no spells played yet, she discovered only a Small Rock, which she promptly whipped directly at the wraith for no expense of mana, thinking it a poor start to the ghostly encounter.

But hark! An echo. Something about the phantom returned the tiny stone to the Lady Greymane's hand. Realizing what had happened, my princess threw the pebble again, and it returned to her hand AGAIN.

50 small rocks later, the spirit was slain without making a single move against us.

I know we monster hunters might seem quaint and old-fashioned in an age of mechanical magnetism and goblin doctors, but THIS adventurer with a simple quest to complete has never seen something quite like the tale I've just told you.

With love and horror from the Witchwood,



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Scott W

Hello Annoy-O-Chickens!

I had an idea on how to fix the mid-expansion lull we usually get in.  How about they ditch the idea of the "Year of the _______", and instead, during a mid-expansion cycle, they drop the furthest back expansion from 2 years ago?

This would create a new Meta every 2 months (instead of every 4 currently), and get rid of the jarring devastation of losing 3 whole sets once a year.

Just thought this was a fun idea.


Greetings Un-pureed un-molded un-killed McNuggets!


I’ve noticed lately that when I build my own deck from scratch, usually for a quest or because I finished my 5th Schlitz Ice and want to create a “Screw you Druid” deck, I seem to be matched against others with equally strange decks much more frequently.

For example, to complete the Frozen Throne quest, I built a priest deck using as many Frozen Throne cards as I could.  I needed 4 games to complete the quest and none of my opponents were net decks… in fact one ended up being a mirror match… complete with each of us having a golden Archbishop Benedictus.. good times were had.

However, when I switch over to the net-decks I have, because I’m a soulless fun hating One percenter, I could tell that my matchups now were against other meta net decks.

Do you think that Blizzard has started checking decklists and matching netdeck to netdeck and non to non?

If not, do you think they SHOULD do that?


Here’s a question for your podcast:

When I look at the big websites for a list of top decks in the meta, they often have very different lists. Why are they different and what is the best way to get the correct list of top decks?


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