Nomination Guidelines


Award Description:  The Illinois Valley Central Board of Education is very proud of our educational staff and believes that staff members should be honored for their professional expertise. This award will be aligned to the State of Illinois’ “Those Who Excel” program.

Each year, a staff member may submit a nomination packet.  A maximum of one staff member may be chosen from each of the 4 schools.  Student Support Personnel may submit from any school he/she services.  Honorees will be chosen by representatives of the IVC Board of Education.

Licensed district staff members from the following categories are eligible:

Student Support Personnel – psychologist, social worker, guidance counselor, speech/language therapist, reading specialist

Classroom Teacher – preschool, elementary, junior high/middle school, high school

Early Career Educator – Teachers in their second to fifth years of teaching

The 2018-2019 award will be presented at the end of the school year celebration luncheon.  Recognition includes the following:

  • an award of $250.00 for each honoree
  • the honoree’s picture posted in a prominent place at his/her school
  • the honoree will have the opportunity to serve on the committee to choose the following year’s recipients

Required Nomination Format:

  1. Nomination letter and recommendation letters may be single or double-spaced on letterheads.
  2. All other written pages – Professional Biography, Answers to Questions, etc. – should be double-spaced with ½ inch margins.  Type size should be at least 12 point.
  3. Center the name of each section (for ex. Professional Biography) at the top of the first page of the section. The nominee’s name should be underneath the section name.
  4. Each section of the nomination packet has a maximum length requirement that will be enforced.
  5. Nomination packets, to be completed by the nominee, should be submitted to the appropriate school committee representative by February 27, 2019: Mike Gray - IVC High School; Kelsey Breen - CEC; Hillary Tiller - South; and Natalie Colgan - Mossville.

Nomination Packet

Section 1 – Nominator’s Recommendation

  • Nominations may be made by the following: a colleague, a parent, a high school student, or recent graduate.
  • Recommendation contents guidelines:  Using specific descriptions and examples, succinctly explain what qualities the nominee possesses and what activities have been undertaken on behalf of schools and students that qualify the nominee as deserving of this recognition.
  • Recommendations may be submitted any time up to February 1, 2019, to the appropriate school building's committee member: Mike Gray - IVC High School; Kelsey Breen - CEC; Hillary Tiller - South; and Natalie Colgan - Mossville.

Section 2 – Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required.  This requirement will be completed by the appropriate school building's committee member.    

Letters from IVC administrators will not be considered.

Length:  Maximum of 2 double-spaced pages per letter

Section 3 – Professional Biography

Nominee will describe background and experiences that influenced him/her to become a teacher/educator.  Consider including biographical information, greatest contribution and accomplishments, educational experiences, awards/honors, or other activities.  

Length:  Maximum of 2 double-spaced pages

Section 4:  Response to Questions

The following questions are to be answered by the nominee using specific examples and information.  Responses are to be written in first person.

Length:  Maximum 4 pages.

  1. How do you empower students to become lifelong learners who contribute to a diverse world?  What experiences do you provide for them?
  2. How do you creatively and intentionally deliver aligned curricula and lesson planning to students?
  3. Describe the reward you find in teaching.

Submit nomination packets by February 27, 2019.


Incomplete packets will not be reviewed.

Honorees will be permitted to reapply for the award after 5 years.

Less than 4 awards may be given.

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Uebler at or 309-274-3758.