Veteran’s Employment Preference

Pursuant to Chapter 657 of the Texas Government Code, UCS Global Americas, LLC is proud to provide preference in employment to:

Individuals who qualify for veteran’s employment preference are entitled to a preference in employment with or appointment to the Organization over other applicants for the same positions who do not have greater qualifications.   

Who is a “veteran”?

Section 2308.251 of the Texas Government Code defines a veteran as a person who:

How does the veteran’s employment preference impact the hiring process?

Eligible applicants who meet the minimum qualifications for a position will be shown preference in multiple aspects of the hiring process:

Does the veteran’s employment preference guarantee that I will be interviewed or hired?

No, it does not. For an eligible individual to be interviewed, the individual must meet the same required qualifications for the position as every other applicant. If the individual does not meet the required qualifications, then the individual will not be interviewed. 

For an eligible applicant to be hired, the applicant must be the best qualified applicant for the position as determined by the hiring manager. If the applicant is not the best applicant for the position, then s/he will not be hired. 

How do I apply for jobs using veteran’s employment preference?

Eligible applicants should apply for positions through the appropriate UCS Global Americas, LLC website:

Applicants will be asked questions as part of the application process that will be used to determine their eligibility for the veteran’s hiring preference. Applicants that are determined to be eligible will have a special designator attached to their applicant profile.  

What resources are available to help me find a job, write my resume, and prepare for my interview?

There are many organizations that can help veterans and their family members find and prepare for meaningful employment. Links to many of those organizations can be found on the Texas Veterans Portal webpage.

Who can I contact for more information about the Veteran’s Employment Preference?

Please contact our veterans’ employment liaison, Darren St. Romain at