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Room turnover & quick checkout
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Room turnover & quick checkout

Room turnover:

Wait until the patient leaves the OR before disconnecting/disposing of anesthesia circuit in case the patient has an airway emergency, such as a laryngospasm or needs to be re-intubated.

Throw away and change used circuit, ambu bag, face mask. Change towel on anesthesia machine.

Wipe down machine, monitors and surfaces.

Check soda lime (purple = ask provider if it needs to be changed, which is based on the FiCO2), and leave an extra soda lime cannister in the room.

Set-up airway equipment (regardless of GETA vs MAC). A MAC can change into a general at any time.

Quick checkout:

Day: replace items used, keep PAR level.

Evening: set-up room so it is fully ready for the next day.


Circuit integrity test

Surface:         Blades and handle


Airways:Oral: green, yellow, red


Top:                 Towels and Entropy strips

Side:                Suction: Fully functional, turned off on anesthesia machine only!



Soda lime

EKG, BP cuff and Pulse ox neatly, untangled over


EKG leads


Hand cleaner

Gloves - non-sterile

IV fluids

IV tubing

Fluid warmer insert and blood tubing



Fluid warmer

Bair hugger with blankets: upper and lower

Two IV poles with drape clamps

Two arm boards