SELFISH PARKING: Village Drive Village E-News is sharing this reader’s response to our recent commentary on traffic/walking issues (slightly edited for privacy):

I wanted to weigh in on the selfish parkers. Maybe some information could be disseminated on the fact that there IS a shoulder on all the roads.  Some people have "taken over" the shoulders by growing grass on them and incorporating them into their yards. Accordingly, people think they are not allowed to park there - since it appears they would be parking on someone's lawn, and some homeowners believe the same.  After moving here, one of my neighbors left a note on one of our cars we parked on the shoulder while our driveway was being sealed, directing us not to park in "his yard".  I called VDOT and asked that they come out and reconstruct the shoulders by adding gravel, as was done when they were originally constructed. The VDOT official also informed the neighbor the area was NOT his yard and informed him of the measurements of the shoulder. Unfortunately, with no one maintaining the shoulders on a regular basis it does not take long for them to be overtaken with weeds/grass making them look less like a shoulder and more like someone's unkempt lawn.

Another of my neighbors asked VDOT to come out and re-do the shoulders on their street. They did a small strip on the street adjacent to her yard. Seems as if they will do small areas due to budget constraints but with pressure from certain parties perhaps they would be more helpful. On another street, neighbors had boulders strategically placed so no one could park on the shoulder. VDOT came out and made the people move them, instructing them that where they were placed was NOT their yard.  Others have put up poles to prohibit parking on the shoulder; others have added signs informing people not to park on their "lawn".

I know there may be some that think the lawn going all the way to the asphalt looks better - as I did when we lived here before the shoulders were put in by VDOT.  However, there has to be a shoulder for people to park on so as not to obstruct the streets.  If people parked in the lanes on both sides of the street, the street would be impassable - not viable or safe.

Just wanted to offer a perspective on what is going on in at least some sections of Brentwood Farm. I know there are others who literally just stop their cars and park directly in lanes of traffic (particularly on Village Dr.) and my information will not alleviate that issue. Seems to me that is an issue for the police department.

Thanks for all you do for our neighborhoods.